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  1. I am so happy to have stumbled upon your site. I have also been dealing with urethral burning, burning right before urinating and occassional spasms after 2 back to back uti’s 8 months ago. I have had several urine cultures and all come back negative for infection. I had one dr tell me she suspected IC and to just change what I eat and deal with it?! And just recently a doctor tell me he believes it to be yeast, not IC, and has me on a 2 month dose of Diflucan. I am 1 week in to taking this and do not feel a difference and was questioning if I should continue. After reading your website I am hoping it will start to help. In the meantime I am going to implement the minerals as you have suggested to see if I can get any relief, as my urine is acidic. I have been so depressed and anxious because of my symptoms, but this gives me a glimmer of hope! Thank you!

    • Hi Camille. I would take the Diflucan for the full course, and kudos to your doctor for prescribing an anti-fungal drug. So many people could be helped if more doctors would do that. The minerals will give some relief but are not a cure. You can also take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a small glass of water and drink it.

      Good luck and do let us know whether the Diflucan works for you : )


    • Camille, I’m in the same boat at you. Horrible swelling and soreness in the urethra. All urine cultures have come back negative for bacteria but do show some hematuria. I was referred to a urologist who thinks I have interstitial cystitis that’s attacking the urethra. He gave me Elmiron which helps a little but I’m still in pain. I recently got my doctor to prescribe me Nystatin ( 3 week dose ) after reading Teresa’s post ( thank you Teresa !). I’m really hoping this works as this is having a huge impact on my quality of life ( sex is out of the question ) and it hurts to sit or bend over. Fingers crossed it’s all related to yeast and I’m better in a few weeks !! Side note – making your urine alkaline definitely helped me …I purchased Basentabs which have the following ingredients:

      1 tablet (560mg) contains:

      Calcium Carbonate 201.7 mg
      Sodium bicarbonate 160 mg
      Magnesium Carbonate 120 mg
      Sodium phosphate, dibasic 20 mg
      Potassium bicarbonate 20 mg
      Zinc 0.25 mg

    • To the best of my knowledge, drinking one or two cups of coffee will not significantly alter urine pH. However if you drink enough coffee to become dehydrated (coffee is a diuretic), then this would make the urine more concentrated and could intensify it’s pH (usually towards more acidic).

  2. Hi! Maybe someone can shed some light on the problem I have been having for almost 12 weeks now, rather a long story. Iam 63 English and live on Corfu in Greece. I get by with the language pretty good until it comes to anything medical and then need to rely on my brother in law as none of the doctors I have seen speak English.

    It all began with a discomfort around the clitoris and urethral area which I just thought was because I had been wearing some new pj bottoms,which were tight in the crutch.I discarded them. The symptoms persisted and I felt like I needed to urinate more frequently than normal so thought I might have cystisis coming on, but wheras I should have seen a doctor I hung on as wasnt just sure what it was. My sister gave me some of her pills but nothing improved so I went to the local Dr after but a urine test showed nothing. I was told to go to the clinic for a deeper urine test and if nothing showed to see a gyneocologist. It was almost the weekend and Greeks are very hypocondriatic so my brother in law panicked and the urine test was skipped and he took me straight to a Gyneo. I had an ultra sound asked my symptoms and told it was cystisis and given Noracin antibiotics with a seven day course.There was no improvement once the course was finished. I waited to see if anything changed for about four days after and then my niece complained of the same symptoms. She was taken to Gyneo I saw but he and other Gyneos were all closed so in the end she saw a normal practioner. My brother in law mentioned me and he said I should have had a ten day course…….he prescribed same antibiotics to my niece but an extra box as well to cover her for ten days and then rest of the pills were for me. My niece cleared up, I didn’t.

    My brother in law then turned up with Augmentin so I tried those…and still no improvement , then he saw chemist and they said it could be a fungus causing the problem so I got pills and cream…… No improvement again. And it goes on… evening my brother in law brought a just retired Gyneo from Corfu hospital to see me at home.(we live in a rural area BTW!!) I was examined internally and externally and he could see nothing wrong and prescribed hormones and sedatives. No improvement whatsoever. Then my sister started with the same complaint and same symptoms! She went to the doctor and given antibiotics and later the same day I was taken and another urine test done…which showed positive and was told it was a uti and given stronger anti biotics! My sister cleared up but I didn’t. Then back to the first gyneo I saw, had another ultra sound, another internal, and external and was told there was nothing seriously wrong and told to finish the remainder of the antibiotics. The following day my brother in law saw the second gyneo by accident, he had been pondering and decided I may have an inflamed urethtra (urethritis?) Was told to stop the antibiotics and take five days of Neurofen anti inflammatories.

    I don’t know if I am coming or going, feel like throwing all the meds and creams and what ever else out! Nothing is working and I’m being shunted about from one doctor to another.

    The agitation I feel is most bothersome when I walk about, when I lay down symptoms ease. The irritation moves about as well,worse on the clitoris,and around urethtra, bearable if it moves to the side.Hot water bottle eases it but have now retorted to ice. Just don’t know where to go from here! My everyday life is affected and am beginning to sink into depression now.

    Any advice or information greatly appreciated!!!!

    • Hello Ann. Sorry to hear of all you have been through. If your symptoms include a burning sensation in the urethra, then it would be worth your while to test your urine pH to see if acid urine contributes to your pain. You need to buy urine test paper with a range of 4 to 8. Pass a small strip of test paper through your urine stream as you are peeing and compare the colour to the chart. If acid urine is a factor then you can make your urine more alkaline by taking mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this website.

      It is possible that you have a fungal infection. Even though you have been treated for this, in my experience it requires an extended course of three weeks of an anti-fungal drug (like Nystatin). A short course of treatment is not always enough.

      Another possibility is a condition called clitorodynia. I do not know much about it, but you can Google it to find out more.

      There are a few other things you can try listed on the main page of this website. One easy thing is to take a half teaspoon of baking soda (you want sodium bicarbonate, not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drink it. If this helps then acid urine is at least part of the problem.

      I hope you find something here that helps Ann. Good luck.


  3. I am a female university student and always been is good health, never had any lower region issues before and I am not sexually active. On November 13 2018, I noticed after going pee that there was a burning/stinging pain and it almost felt like I still needed to use the bathroom even though I knew I did not have to go. I began taking cranberry juice, (I think this made my symptoms worse but I wasn’t sure at the time) then went to the doctors the following week. He tested my urine but said there was no sign of infections but the cranberry juice may be masking the signs of infections so he prescribed me antibiotics anyway for 5 days. I stopped taking cranberry juice and any other acidic drink and stuck to water. After finishing the antibiotics my discomfort did not go away at all. I would feel a burning sensation right after going pee sometime before or even during that would sting for a couple hours in my urethra. My urethra felt like it was inflamed and because of the sting and inflammation it felt like I still need to go pee but my bladder was empty. I would still be going pee a normal amount a day 4-7 times and my urine flow was about normal. Two weeks went by from the first doctor and I went to a new female doctor and described my symptoms. She tested my urine culture, said I was dehydrated but there was no sign of infection. She told me that my bladder could be inflamed and that it would just take time to go away. Another two weeks went by and my symptoms where still the same, it was the worst feeling ever. I was becoming depressed and crying everyday, I felt like I couldn’t go outside because I had that constant feeling down there. I began thinking it was IC but I don’t sever abdominal pain and I’m also not going pee 60 times like the symptoms say. I research urethra syndrome and my symptoms where similar ( Slight pressure in abdomen, “urge” to urinate) but it said nothing about the burning pain which is my major symptom. I have no idea what to do but I just want RELIEF. I came across your blog and its giving me so much hope. Where your symptoms similar to mine? I’ve also been a low card high protein diet for a couple months for weight loss so I’m thinking that could possibly be a contributor. I plan on changing me diet and talking to my doctor about the supplements you suggested and Nystatin. How long did you take these supplements for? Did you still take them with Nystatin? Also, did you still take the supplements after Nystatin or were you symptoms completely normal without the need of supplement or diet. Do you think I could take Nystatin without the need for supplement? Thank you!

    • Hi Shae. My major symptom was burning pain in the urethra. Your case is very similar to mine. I took mineral supplements to eliminate my urethral pain successfully for over three years (which is when I found out about Nystatin). I continued to take the minerals with the Nystatin and for some time afterwards (they are good for you anyway). I still take a calcium/magnesium supplement to this day but I don’t need it for urethral pain, since the Nystatin was a complete cure for me. I take it because an analysis of my diet showed I need to supplement calcium and magnesium. I no longer have any symptoms ever, regardless of what I eat or what supplements I take or do not take.

      You certainly can take Nystatin without any minerals – it won’t affect the outcome. But the minerals may reduce your symptoms until the Nystatin takes effect. For me it took 3 weeks of Nystatin before my symptoms stopped.

      I will also mention that a high protein diet will make your body more acidic, including your urine. Scientific studies have shown that an alkaline body boosts your immune system thus preventing disease.

      I hope this helps Shae. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

      Theresa : )

    • Hi, my symptoms are very similar to yours. In 2013 one morning after I pee I felt burning down there, I didn’t think about it too much cause I was prone to UTI’s from childhood. I started to drink lots of water. But this time was different. I continue to feel burning AFTER urination. Went to a doctor, urine culture showed no bacteria but high leukocytes. So he assumed it could be Std and referred me to gyno but he gave me antibioticals still. She examined and run some tests and said nothing wrong. I then went to another doc this time urine showed slight bacteria and he gave me antibiotic shots. You guessed it right. Didn’t help. That time pain was so bad that I was crying and so depressed that I thought I would live like this from then on. Over time pain subsidied. I sometimes had it but with drinking water, I managed it. Last week it started again. Like the old times. Pain after urination, slight burning that never goes away in my urethral area. I found this page and started to think maybe candida is the reason. I never had yeast infections, unusual discharge etc.

      • Hello Meri

        There are several things you can try listed on the home page of this website. Good luck and I hope you find relief as soon as possible!


      • Meri,

        I had very similar symptoms in 2013 also and went to a urologist, had a cytoscopy done (which thankfully showed no issues), and eventually the pain subsided after three months. A few kidney stones were found, but they were small and not thought to be the cause of my pain. Just like you, mine started again last week–after a 6 week hiatus. It’s the same as you, pain after urination, slight burning that never goes away, I feel like I need to urinate constantly. I made an appointment with a urogyno, but first available isn’t until the end of March. And I am not even convinced I’ll leave the appointment with any answers. It is very mentally challenging, this pain, on top of the physical challenges. I am happy that I stumbled upon this site, Theresa. Thank you for creating it, it’s giving me a little hope. My pH was measured last week at the gyno (to check for a UTI, which was negative), and it was at 6. So, perhaps the acidity is causing issues. It’s just weird that there was a six year hiatus from this pain. But, in the six weeks or so until my appointment, I will definitely be trying some of your recommendations.

        Meri, best wishes to you. Please know that you aren’t alone, I am suffering from very similar symptoms at this very moment.

    • I take d-mannose for my symptoms as well as full leaf aloe water mixed with regular filtered water. I also take garlic and candida gone every day. I take Diflucan every 5 days. My symptoms are in the urethra. After 4 years of this I finally found at least some relief. The aloe Vera water has helped the most with symptoms. When I have to work I sometimes take AZO to numb my urinary tract. I find that the more dehydrated I am, the worst my symptoms are.

  4. Hi Theresa,

    I hope you are well.

    I live in the UK, near Liverpool and I came across your video this afternoon on YouTube when I was doing some research into my burning pain after urinating. I have included below the history of my pain and really hope you have the time to read this!! I am feeling quite lost at the minute and I’m really looking for someone who understands and can help me!!

    About 8/9 years ago (I was in my early 20’s) I had a number of water infections that never seemed to really go away properly even after a number of different types of antibiotics. Although the severe burning pain and frequent urge to urinate went away, I was left with a constant burning which felt as though it was in my urethra. This caused me to feel really anxious and depressed and I rarely left the house apart from going to work. After months of struggling, I was given a cystoscopy which showed some inflammation at the base of my bladder and the doctor also said that they stretched my urethra slightly, although I can’t remember why he did this? He then subscribed amitriptyline and ibuprofen for the pain. After I returned a few weeks later, he suggested trying acupuncture to relieve the symptoms. This worked well and after several months of one session a week, I was pain free and was ‘back to normal’. A this point I also stopped taking the medication that I had been subscribed.

    Although the burning pain had gone, I seemed to need to go to the bathroom more than other people. I also found that if I hadn’t drank enough fluids during the day, I would begin to feel a burning in my urethra and it would hurt to urinate. When these symptoms flared up, I would drink a couple of pints of water and then the burning would disappear. I managed my symptoms like this successfully until earlier this year when I had another UTI. Thankfully the antibiotics worked and I was again pain free.

    A couple of weeks ago, I had another UTI and after 2 courses of antibiotics found that although the symptoms of the infection had almost gone, I was still left with some discomfort/burning after urinating. Sometimes I feel just general discomfort in my urethra that I can’t describe other than to say that I am aware of ‘something’ down there, other times it’s like a feeling of needing to urinate or sometimes a random sharp, shooting/stabbing pain that feels like it’s in my vagina.

    I spoke with my doctor last week and he said that sometimes after an infection there can be some sensitivity to certain chemicals which can cause burning so advised that I try a powder which makes urine more alkaline. I tried that for a day but wasn’t sure it was helping so stopped. I have increased my water intake to 1.5-2 litres per day and during the day when I am drinking plenty and my mind is busy at work, the burning seems to be almost not even there, however, of an evening and in the morning, after urinating, the burning comes back and lasts for 10-15 minutes. Also, I sometimes feel that I’m not emptying my bladder fully and sometimes have to go 2 or 3 times in close succession. I was advised by a friend to try a herbal UTI tonic which is supposed to rebalance PH levels in urine (Contains- Fennel, Petroselenium, Hibiscus, Apium seed, Tree bark, Cranberry pre & pro biotics plus enzymes, in a apple cider base) I have only used this for 4 days so can’t be sure that it’s working yet.

    I am considering trying the acupuncture again but when I saw your video I wondered whether I had found something that could explain my problems. I have just purchased some of the PH urine testing strips as you suggested in your video (because I am drinking so much water, my urine is very pale- does that automatically make it more alkaline or can it still be acidic even if it’s pale in colour and does staying hydrated create a more alkaline urine?) I am going to test my urine each time I go and use your 1-4 burning rating system.

    I would welcome any advice, guidance or support you can offer!!

    Thanks so much for reading.

    Amy Ashton

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    • Hi Amy. It sounds like you are doing all you can to resolve your symptoms – and that is the key to success – to keep trying new remedies. Everything I can tell you is well laid out on the main page of this website. There are many options for you to try listed there. For short term relief you can try taking a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. Drinking a lot of water can make your urine more alkaline if the water you drink is not too acidic (tap water varies from acid to alkaline). However drinking a lot of water for a long period of time can deplete your body of the much-needed electrolyte minerals of calcium, magnesium, sodium and potassium, so it is not a good long-term strategy.

      It is commonly known that antibiotic treatment (for UTIs) can cause fungal infections. Many doctors will prescribe an anti-fungal drug to be taken at the end of any course of antibiotics.

      I hope something here is helpful for you Amy. Good luck.


    • Hi Amy,

      I’m replying because I too am from Liverpool and fighting an ongoing battle with this nightmare in my 20s!
      Currently on nitro for infection after being told no infection for 7 months but when I am told I am infection free – I have basically the same symptoms as yourself.
      Recently feel like I had some progress using Oil of Oregano oil paired with Biofilm Defence but next thing I know I had flank pain of nightmares.
      Would be really keen to hear more about your acupuncture and what urology department you’ve been seen by.
      I had a cystoscopy in June at St Helens hospital which showed as “normal”, only now got my follow up appointment through for 12 Dec.

      I hope you will read this,


  5. I would like to write a comment on my experience for others who experience this: YOUR CHRONIC UTI MAY NOT BE “CHRONIC UTI” –> please read below

    I am 29- had 1 UTI in my life prior to this. had a new partner back in february and had back to back UTI’s even without being sexually active. The frustration, crying, irritation is and was unbearable!!! I would get a UTI, then yeast, treat yeast and my UTI would then come back. I just didn’t understand it. All STD testing was negative, swabs were negative for yeast or bacteria most of the time but after all antibiotics yeast would come back at times.

    I went to specialists and finally with all my research found that “Chronic UTI” may not be a chronic uti after all.

    just a background (TMI sure but necessary for all you ladies out there: I never wiped the proper way, showered once a day at night or am, was clean but not overly clean and never paid down there any mind due to not having issues).
    I went from that to showering 2-3 times a day, antibacterial medical grade wipes, probiotics, taking ellura daily, taking D-mannose liquid form, high doses of Vitamin D etc. but didn’t;t matter- UTI’s kept coming back

    I finally decided to do some research- My urethra started to get inflamed, irritated and swollen. Crying with burning I couldn’t handle it anymore. I went from emergency appt to urologist to a trip to the emergency room and everyone I spoke to did the same thing- urine culture and talk to me about hygiene etc as well as possible pelvic floor PT for a “nervous bladder”. I wouldn’t take this as an answer

    Finally I did research on Mycoplasma and Ureaplasma. These are rare but known bacteria’s that can live and infect the urethra causing Urethritis. and are Sexually transmitted usually, although not classified as a “std”. I am currently being tested for it (pending results)- I started Z-pak which is the first line medication for it… low and behold guess what- My uti so far has not returned. urethra went from BURNING to CRAZY SEVERE ITCHING in the matter of 3 hours after taking Z-pak. I used some lidocaine and ice packs given to me from the ER to help with the discomfort- day 3 on the Z-pak swelling has gone down, redness has gone down, itching has decreased 50% from yesterday- I am able to walk without irritation today. –

    I just want to make all you aware that this is something that often goes misdiagnosed-
    urethritis can be from STD’s, mycoplasma, ureaplasma, yeast (more rare), herpes virus (more rare), and non bacterial in nature as well.
    please be aware of this and know that this can be a cause of your chronic UTI as well and being treated just for UTI will not do it.
    this is something worth being tested for (either by urine or a direct urethral swab).

    Another note: I am a nurse practitioner who works in OBGYN- so I am very aware of my anatomy and fortunately but unfortunately at times know too much. I hope this can help you all and I am happy to discuss any questions you may have.

    • Hi Amber,
      My post is right below yours, describing my condition. Today, I managed to get complete reports from the Public Hospital in Geneva where I first went when I experienced the pain. The culture report says the following:
      1.0E4 Escherichia coli
      >=1.0E4 Ureaplasma urealyticum
      ABS (Absence) Mycoplasma hominis
      When I was given the medicine, the culture was only half done and the medicine was only given for E.coli. After 14 months, I still suffer from pain after urinating and was wondering if yours lasted long and what were your test results. Anything you can tell me about it would be helpful.
      Hi Theresa,
      I have also started taking the mineral supplements except for potassium as I could not get it in the store where I bought the other two. I have also been keeping a track of acid and alkaline nature of my urine through pH strips and indeed when my pH is 6 or less than 6, I have the pain. My urologist refused to give me nystatin and I would really want to give it a go. Everyone is saying that it might be IC, I was wondering if any doctors diagnosed you with IC in your time of suffering from the urethral syndrome.

      • Hi Shreya. I was never diagnosed with IC. I do not know a lot about it but I believe those with IC have abdominal pain which I did not have. Now that you know that acid urine contributes to your pain, you can easily manage it through the mineral supplements. It is not a cure but it will take away your pain once you figure out how much minerals you need. I encourage you to try another doctor for the anti-fungal medicine. I got it from my family doctor. The Nystatin did cure me – absolutely and beyond any doubt. Try showing the doctor the letters from Bill and Christine (you can find them on the Main page of this website).

        Good luck Shreya.

        Theresa : )

  6. Hi everyone,
    I am a 22 year old female, living in Switzerland. I got a UTI last year on sept 8 after having sex with my partner. I tried to treat it with antibiotics but it came back, I tried again but didn’t work. I saw a doctor who gave me furadantin (100 mg twice a day) but no effect. After my culture they found E. coli and prescribes me Fosfomycin 3g but again all these medicines only cured the immediate infection. What I did wrong was that I was having sex while on the treatment. I saw a gynaecologist and she did a culture which was negative. There was no more bacteria in my urine but it would still burn when I would urinate, all this happened over three months. For the next two months I let my body heal itself but it did not and it would burn most of the time I would urinate, although not always. I saw a urologist who gave me medicines for overactive bladder after listening to my case and these worked for 3 weeks but there was a relapse. Now I had uncomfortable pain in my vaginal/urethral area for 2-3 hours and would go away if I drank a lot of water and urinated several times. This continued until I saw another doctor who gave me antibiotics- Fosfomycin again for 3 months but it would only give me diarrhea, so I stopped after 1 month. There was of course no effect. He prescribed more antibiotics which didn’t work. My bladder cystoscopy was normal and urodynamics had a bit of disturbance in my urethral area. What worked was herbal medicine (by an Indian brand Himalaya and the medicine is called Punarnava) along with the combination of Mirabegron 50mg. For a month I was pain free but as soon as I stopped the mirabegron it again started paining. Now it’s been more than a year, i am still suffering from pain and burning towards the end of my urination at least 50% of the time i urinate. My frequency is more than the normal people. 7-8 times a day and once at night mostly. I also experience itching around my vulva region. I am really desperate to feel normal again, my doctor says I might have Interstitial Cytitis which is not curable. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Hi Shreya. It is quite possible that you have a fungal infection, especially after taking so many antibiotics. You may get relief from taking a course of treatment for a vaginal infection. And also you can try the anti-fungal drug Nystatin, which requires a doctor’s prescription. It may also help you to get some pH test paper and test your urine pH. If it is acid then you will get some relief by taking mineral supplements of calcium, magnesium and potassium as outlined on the home page of this website. You can also try taking a quarter or half teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it – this will make your urine more alkaline within an hour.

      There are other good suggestions on the main page of this website. I hope something here gives you relief. Let us know how you make out.


      • Hi Theresa,
        Thank you for this reply and suggestions. Is it possible to have a fungal infection for a long time? As long as mine? (about a year? I am sure it started with recurring UTI and then maybe could have changed to a fungal infection). I will let you know how it goes, have a visit with the doctor next week.

        • Hi Shreya. Yes it is possible to have a fungal infection for a very long time – mine lasted 30+ years. Good luck and let us know how your doctor visit goes : )

  7. Did u get prescribed the Nystatin or did u purchase it over the counter? Trying to find it online but I only see powder or oinment? Not sure what to buy but I’ve been struggling for 6 years since I was about 22 and would do anything to cure it! 100 doctor visit it seems like and no help!

    • I took oral Nystatin (syrup) which requires a prescription here in Canada. There are many other things you can try which also relieve the pain of urethral syndrome. Check out the main page of this site.

      Good luck!


  8. Theresa,
    Hi there! I made an entire list of things that could contribute to my issue going on. I’m 20 years old and I’m 5’7 and I’m very overweight at 207 pounds mostly due to PCOS. Not sure if that helps at all but I just wanted to give as much information as possible. I so appreciate your help.
    This has been going on for months. Most of this comes and goes and some days it is much worse than others…

    1. Painful urination (uti type of burning)
    2. Severe Bloating
    3. Sharp Pains in my ovaries
    4. Moderate lower back pain
    5. Burning/ discomfort at urethra
    6. Foul discharge (sometimes)
    7. Foul smelling vagina
    8. Discomfort inside the vagina all day long (similar to a UTI discomfort)
    9. When I lay down and breath in, my ovaries and abdomen hurt and feel weird
    10. My uterus (or bladder I don’t know) feels heavy especially when i am walking. It actually feels like it is moving at times and that is a new symptom I have developed in the past week

    Those are the vaginal symptoms that I can think of that I have experienced for the last probably 4 months.
    I’ve gone to the doctor and my urine was tested and they said it was normal.
    I also just had blood work done and it was normal.

    Medications I’m on:
    Metformin & Spiralactone (which I know is a diaretic)

    This past week I was very sick and had to miss and entire week of school. I felt extremely lethargic, dizzy, hot flashes, my appetite changed, heart would race at times. Doctor didn’t really know what was wrong. Told me to rest and take Tylenol. And to not take my metformin and spiralactone. Also I have experienced constipation this week. That is not usual for me.

    I have PCOS and possibly endometriosis.

    -I get uti’s pretty easily so I know how to prevent them. I don’t ever take baths anymore, I wear cotton underwear, I wipe front to back and I take regular showers. I had cranberry juice and I started drinking more than normal before I got my latest urine test this week so I wonder if that messed something up. I felt like drinking more made it worse. Maybe this is what caused me to get so sick this past week.

    I’m not sure what’s going on but if it’s not figured out soon enough I might just rip my entire uterus out including my ovaries and cut off my back. I feel very depressed, hopeless, and ridden with sadness and frustration. my PCOS has caused so many issues for me and I think everyone can agree that on top of it all this is the last thing I need. Please help!

    • Hi Chloe. I am so sorry to hear of all you are going through. With all the medical diagnoses you have, yours is a very complicated case – beyond the scope of my experience. If you have not seen a urologist or gynecologist I highly recommend that you do.

      If your urethra is inflamed, then acid urine may be contributing to your pain. You can try all the suggestions on the main page of this website, starting with taking a half teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it. This will make your urine alkaline within an hour. If it relieves the burning in your urethra, then acid urine is likely a part of the problem and you can take the mineral supplements as outlined on this website to maintain alkaline urine. I also suggest you buy some pH test strips and test your urine pH. Look for test paper that ranges from 5 to 8 on the pH scale.

      A course of treatment for a vaginal yeast infection may also help you.

      I hope you find something here that helps, Chloe.


    • Hi Zul. Sometimes when the pain was severe I experienced chills, similar to when you have the flu. I don’t remember having cold hands or feet.

      I hope you find something here that helps you.

      Theresa : )

  9. Hi Theresa,

    Great page! Thanks for keeping a little hub of useful information. I am a male and was recently diagnostics with chronic nonbacterial prostatitis and urethral syndrome with it. It got me very down initially, had to fight my way out of a depression because I am only 29.

    I will try the different cures recommended, including the Nystatin for 21 days. I am prone to skin fungal infections so perhaps it got into my urethra. Out of curiosity, when you’ve had urine tests, did they usually find white blood cells or no? They did not find white blood cells in my case, so I am wondering if the fungal infection would show them or not.


    • Hi Jake. I was never given any details of my urine tests. I was only told that everything was normal. So I do not know if white blood cells show up with a fungal infection. If you find out, do let us know. I will also mention that a high carbohydrate diet feeds fungal infections. Perhaps a low-carb diet will help you. There is a ton of information online about low-carb eating styles and recipes.

      Good luck in your search Jake.

      Theresa : )

  10. Three separate times in the last 6 months I have woken up with the symptoms of a UTI, although I have never had one as an adult.( I am almost 35 years old/female.)
    —My symptoms: peeing razor blades, feeling pressure in urethra like it would fall out, burning and frequent urges. Each time happening in the morning when I woke—–
    The first two times I had the symptoms I went to CVS Minute Clinic which gave me antibiotic (Macro) for a UTI, without sending the urine off to a lab. The third time, I actually went to a Urgent Care and they initially tested the urine, finding white blood cells, gave me Cipro, and told me to take that until the lab testing came back confirming what kind of bacteria they would find.
    Well, lab tests concluded I did not have a UTI, there was no bacteria, yet initial testing found white blood cells. So I think I took antibiotics 3 times in the last 6 months and I didn’t even have a UTI.
    I drink wine daily, and coffee, tomatoes, plums. Wine has never irritated my bladder, but maybe combining it with spicy food is starting to be a problem. I also have urine retention, and I have trouble emptying my bladder completely. After thinking about each episode, and what I did/ate prior to each, I realized I had mixed two types of alcohol and ate extremely spicy food (chili paste on noodles) 2 days before the episodes. The symptoms sound similar to Urethral Syndrome, but it seems like the pain in urethra would have happened the day after eating spicy and drinking alcohol, not a delayed response 2 days later. Does anyone have knowledge or experiences with how diet affects urethra and if it can have a delayed effect?

    ((I would also like to take this opportunity to warn the many people here with bladder issues, to NOT to take the antibiotic CIPRO, unless you’ve tried every antibiotic and you are on death’s door. I was prescribed Cipro, and before taking it I researched it and demanded a different antibiotic, it has horrific side effects. It really is an atomic bomb of an antibiotic and commonly prescribed for bladder issues.)) My doctor was not aware that it is the only antibiotic with TWO black label warnings from FDA.

    • To the best of my knowledge, diet alone will not cause pain in the urethra except possibly if someone was on an extremely high protein diet for an extended period of time. A healthy urethra can handle acidic urine. But in the presence of an infection, even slightly acid urine can be very painful. Lab tests do not test for all types of infections, especially fungal infections.

      The main page of this website has several ideas you can try to relieve your pain. I hope one of them works for you Anna. Let us know how you make out.


  11. Hi Theresa,
    First of all, I would like to express my utmost appreciation and gratitude for your compassion and effort in maintaining such a very helpful website! People like you are becoming a rarity nowadays!
    I am legally blind and I have Hypothyroidism due to an autoimmune disease.
    I have been suffering with urethral irritation and pain for about 5 years now, and I tested negative for bacterial infections and all STDs. I came across your website and read about the possibility of a fungal infection and convinced my doctor in the US to prescribe me Nystatin, and today I took my last dose. I am so glad to say that my pain level has considerably decreased, but I still have that irritation feeling. The best way I can describe that feeling is that I kind of feel my urethra all the time as if the tissue is still irritated. My brain sometimes interprets that feeling as a need to urinate but I now understand that the tissue of the urethra is red and irritated because that’s how it showed up in the Cystoscopy that I did several months ago.
    I was wondering:
    Did you suffer from a similar feeling of constant irritation in the urethra?
    When did your symptoms disappear completely? Was it on the last day you finished the Nystatin or did it take a few days or weeks?
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Sylvia. I used to feel the constant irritation in my urethra before I learned how to make my urine alkaline through the use of mineral supplements as outlined on this website. Mineral supplements of calcium, magnesium, and potassium and occasional drinks of sodium bicarbonate mixed with water, took away that irritation for me. I was careful to monitor my urine pH with test strips so that it did not get too alkaline, because that is not good either. I tried to maintain a urine pH between 6.5 and 7.5, ideally right at 7. I managed to stay pain-free for a few years that way until I took the Nystatin. After three weeks on Nystatin, I was cured and the symptoms have not come back in (I think it has been) 3 years.

      I needed the full 3 weeks on Nystatin. I remember having symptoms in the second week of treatment, so 2 weeks would not have been long enough. When I finished the Nystatin I never had the irritation again, even when my urine is acid. Some people may need more than 3 weeks of treatment. It may also help to use a vaginal anti-fungal treatment, but check with your doctor first.

      I hope this helps, Sylvia. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

      Theresa : )

    • Hi Sylvia and Theresa,

      First of all, thank you so much for starting this page, Theresa! It is the first thing I’ve read that has given me hope.

      My symptoms seems to be most similar to yours, Sylvia, in that I don’t have the debilitating pain or the feeling of peeing razor blades that most others are describing. I have an almost constant irritation of my urethra and a pressure to urinate even when I have an empty bladder. I do have a burning, but not as extreme as others are describing. Sometimes I notice my body temperature heats up when I feel the most irritation. It gets to the point where I have a difficult time sleeping, and sometimes it even wakes me out of my sleep. I have had this for about ten years and the doctors can’t seem to to find a solution. One doctor told me he believes I have IC and told me to monitor what I ate. But when I look up IC, the symptoms described seem to be much more extreme than my case.

      I have been monitoring my urine’s ph and it is acidic most of the time. It is always acidic when I have irritation. As for my diet, I am vegan, so from what I’ve been reading, it is already mostly alkaline, right? I do think that tomatoes make my irritation flare up.

      I am wondering Sylvia, did Nystatin cure your symptoms after all, or did you find another solution? I do hope you were able to find relief.

      Theresa, do you think Nystatin could help in my case? Have you heard of similar cases to mine? I am also curious about mineral supplements. How did you know that your body needed them?

      Thanks again for all of your help!


      • Hi Ruth;

        The acid/alkaline balance of your urine is a reflection of the acidity level in your body tissues – urine is the water that has been taken out of the cells of the body, filtered through the kidneys, and deposited in the bladder. The acid/alkaline level is impacted by your breathing, perspiration and diet. Being a vegan does not always mean that your diet is alkaline. All forms of protein (animal and vegetable) are acid-forming, as are the minerals chloride and phosphorous. Tomatoes are alkaline-forming in the body even though they contain acid. This is because they are high in minerals that make your body more alkaline. The ‘FOOD CHARTS’ page on this website gives a detailed chart of various foods and whether they are acid-forming or alkaline-forming when digested. It is based on the following scientific article:
        “Potential renal acid load of foods and its influence on urine pH”, Thomas Remer, PhD and Friedrich Manz, MD in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 1995; 95:791-797.

        To put it briefly, the minerals potassium, sodium, calcium and magnesium make the body more alkaline. Proteins and the minerals phosphorous and chloride make the body more acid. Foods that have more alkaline components than acid ones will therefore make the body more alkaline and vice versa. Foods that contain equal amounts of both acid-forming and alkaline-forming components will be neutral.

        It was this article that helped me understand how to use diet and mineral supplements to maintain alkaline urine, as explained on the home page of this website.

        Ruth, it seems to me that your experience is very similar to mine, and therefore it is quite possible that an extended course of anti-fungal drug therapy will give you a complete cure as it did for me.

        Good luck and please let us know how you make out.

        Theresa : )

        • Thank you so much for you quick reply, Theresa!

          I have made an appointment with my doctor to ask for Nystatin. I will definitely let you know how it goes. ❤️

  12. Hello,

    My name is Ashley. I am 26 years old. I will try to keep this as short as possible, since it is a long story.

    I had sex in April with my partner of 3 years (love him dearly). After, a strange onset of events happened. I am prone to getting UTI’s after sex so I take a precautionary dose of Keflex (250mg) after. However, I forgot to this time.

    I started having symptoms of a UTI, with back pain. The difference was there was no urine odor (like I normally have with UTI’s). I said to myself, maybe I am just imagining this. So I let it go for the weekend.

    That Monday, I went to a Minute Clinic to get my urine tested. There was no bacteria, but white blood cells were present (which are an indication of infection). She gave me a 7 day dose of Bactrim. Did not help.

    Went to a gyno, she thought it was yeast- gave me a Flucanzole. Helped a bit, but did not help with my urethral pain.

    Started to get burning all around my vulva. NOT BURNING WHEN I PEED, but burning everywhere else down there.

    Finally I went to a great gyno and he saw “white patches” and we did a biopsy. I am still waiting on the results of that test, but he believes it might be Lichen Sclerosus. He also did a physical exam all around my urethra, and it was ALL irritated around it. I believe he poked something right next (or underneath) to it that was SO HORRIBLE.

    Anyway, I have been doing research on this a lot. I have been to many urologists they are pointing me in the way of IC. I understand that I could have IC, I really do- I just don’t think I have it.

    The reasons why: I have a urethral pain that is at the BOTTOM of my urethra mainly. If I move a certain way a sharp pain with go up my urethra. My bladder is sensitive, but I believe it’s because my urethra is either inflamed or something is wrong.

    I recently did another urine test and it came back with Enterococcus Bacteria, which is basically ‘shit.’ I did a dose of Amoxicillin, which I felt really great on. However, shortly after I started having my symptoms again.

    My symptoms include:
    – Pain in Urethra (consists of sharp acute pain)
    – Muscle Pain in Pelvic
    – Some discomfort when urinating
    – Occasional frequency
    – Sometimes tingling around my pee hole

    NOTE: I do not go to the bathroom more than 7 times a day (even on my bad frequency days).

    My symptoms come and go, not very consistent.
    I cannot link any pain to my diet.

    I am eating a lot of vegetables that are high in alkaline, and eating a lot less acidic foods. I drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.

    Another thing to note that I am certain I have a hormonal imbalance. Why? I recently have accumulated a cyst on each ovary, which plays a part in my pain around my bladder and why my bladder maybe more sensitive.

    I also notice some dark hairs on my upper lip (which I have waxed).

    I believe hormones could be grouped into ALL of my pain because certain part of the bladder are estrogen dependent, if you guys didn’t know. The bladder floor and the bottom of the urethra needs estrogen.

    I am going to a urologist again to get my urine tested. I hope she finds something, because at least then there could be a solution.

    What helps me is just 1 Ibuprofen a day, but I do not want to mask the symptoms, I want to fix the source of the problem.

    I would appreciate anything anyone could give me, if they have the same issue.

    I have been tested for all STD’s and all of that nonsense as well. I have not done a scope, I feel like that’s quite invasive but if my pain gets worse then I might have to at least see what is going on in there.

    Another reason why I don’t think it’s IC- my diet seems to not improve my symptoms at all.

    • Hi Ashley. So sorry to hear of all you have been through. It sounds like you are going to all the right specialists.

      I encourage you to try the pH test paper and see if there is a connection between your pain levels and your urine pH. This is simple and inexpensive to do.

      If your urine tests acid (pH less than 7), try taking a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it.

      Also read the home page of this website – it gives some other good things for you to try.

      Good luck; I hope you find a solution as soon as possible!

    • Hi, Ashley.
      It sounds like you have nonrelaxing pelvic floor dysfunction (tight pelvic floor).
      Some common names for pelvic floor dysfunction are:

      Chronic Pelvic Pain
      Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
      Levator Ani Syndrome
      Coccydynia or Coccygodynia (Tail Bone Pain)/Chronic Rectal Pain
      Chronic Proctaglia
      Prostatitis/Non Bacterial Prostatitis
      Prostatodynia (Prostadynia)
      Interstitial Cystitis
      With pelvic floor dysfunction, patients look quite normal and conventional medical imagery and blood test results are typically unremarkable. Thus, patients are often told there is nothing wrong with them by doctors who have little understanding of pain in pelvic floor muscles.
      (Most of our patients have at least two or more symptoms)


  13. I need help, I don’t know what’s wrong with me and not having a dr makes it even harder.

    Symptoms come and go but when they come they are horrific. Agonizing pain like when a kidney stone is passing (but no symptoms of a stone) Suddenly I will have an urge to urinate and barely make it to the washroom, sometimes I don’t. For the smallest amount of urine and it’s 10/10 on pain scale that lasts for hours and sometimes days. When I go to walk-in clinic I never have an infection but sometimes crystals which was never explained what that means.

    I’m at my breaking point and cannot, absolutely cannot deal anymore, it used to be occasional but now it’s coming every few days. Especially after orgasm (sorry not sparing details just need suggestions/help I’m desperate)

    • Hi Jaimie;

      It sounds like your symptoms are severe – more than what is normally experienced with a UTI. You need to see a urologist. I recommend you go to an emergency hospital.

      I don’t know anything about urinary crystals but a quick search online reveals that they can cause severe pain when urinating and lingering pain afterwards. I found this information which gives some helpful home remedies you can try until you get to see a doctor:

      But please see a doctor as soon as you can. Try different ones if you have to, until you find one who will properly address your issue – they should not leave your extreme pain untreated. I hope you get relief soon Jaime.


    • Hi, Jamie.
      It sounds like you have nonrelaxing pelvic floor dysfunction (tight pelvic floor).
      this condition is mistakingly diagnosed as:

      Chronic Pelvic Pain
      Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome
      Levator Ani Syndrome
      Coccydynia or Coccygodynia (Tail Bone Pain)/Chronic Rectal Pain
      Chronic Proctaglia
      Prostatitis/Non Bacterial Prostatitis
      Prostatodynia (Prostadynia)
      Interstitial Cystitis
      With pelvic floor dysfunction, patients look quite normal and conventional medical imagery and blood test results are typically unremarkable. Thus, patients are often told there is nothing wrong with them by doctors who have little understanding of pain in pelvic floor muscles.
      (Most of our patients have at least two or more symptoms)


      You need to learn how to relax pelvic floor muscles.

  14. Dear Theresa,
    I cannot tell you how grateful I am to find this community you have created because it has given me some hope at a time when I am really struggling.
    After my second severe UTI within 2 months I started needing to pee all the time for a week, then for another week had a painful ache in my bladder, and now for the last month I have had a tingling/throbbing ache in my urethra and lower bladder, however no sharp pain or burning while peeing. I have been to 2 doctors already who have done urine tests that show there is no infection.
    I am an 18 year old girl working overseas on a gap year and the constant pain and discomfort had me consider going home multiple times, but this page has given me some hope.
    What steps do you think I should take now?
    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Ebonie;

      There are a number of potential causes for your symptoms. You need to see a urologist who can properly advise you.

      For temporary relief you can try taking a 1/4 or a half teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it. This will make your urine more alkaline very quickly (usually within an hour). If this works, then you may have a fungal infection, which does not show up on most lab tests.

      I have summarised all the best things to try on the home page of this website. I hope you find relief as soon as possible! Do let us know how you make out.


  15. My wife (77) had a prolapse but was not incontinent .Her doctor recommended a bladder sling and the procedure went smoothly however she has had eight UTIs since needing antibiotics each time.That was and is scary since we constantly worry about C-Diff.After seeing three doctors one recommended Hipprex after the UTI was cleared up.That worked for several weeks however she now gets a burning on the exterior skin as a side effect yet no one seems to show that as a side effect of Hipprex.Now the surgeon recommended that she use a e-string for estrogen plus a exterior cream.That settled it down however it should only be used for a few days.It is scaqry that it constantly returns yet her bladder using a cystoscope shows it is clear.
    Any suggestions?

    • Hi G.R. I am so sorry to hear of all that your wife has been through with this condition. I am not sure if you mean that her exterior burning keeps recurring or the UTIs keep recurring. I am not a doctor so I’m not sure if I can be of much help.

      It would be easy to test her urine pH using test strips. If her pain is worse when her urine is more acid, then she could control the pain by maintaining alkaline urine as outlined on this website.

      Is it possible that she has an allergy to the Hipprex? Perhaps your doctor can shed some light on that.

      I would ask the doctor about a possible fungal infection, especially since she has taken so many antibiotics – this can trigger a fungal infection which can cause a burning effect.

      I hope this helps.

      Theresa : )

  16. Painful UTI like symptoms but negative uti test could also mean spasms in the urethra. I have these and when my stress level is high or my iron is low it seems to trigger it. What helps is iron supplements and also a topical ointment clobetasal worked for me. I also took an anxiety medication and that helped.

      • Hi,

        Thanks for your help I have got hold of two bottles of nystatin to give what you have said a go but are you sure it’s 5ml 3 times a day you had and not 0.5ml 3 times a day? As a bottle is only 30ml so I would need 11 bottles to complete the course!

          • Hey, I agree with Jack. I have also bought the sam bottle and it contains 24 ml of suspension. The recommended dosage is 1ml/three or four times a day. Maybe you had a different bottle or form of nystatin? I’m really not sure your doctor would’ve agreed you took 5times more than recommended dosage? Coul you link us the picture of your medicine?

          • Hi Ivana. I recommend that you follow the dosage given by your doctor and pharmacist.

            I no longer have the bottles I used since I started that treatment in December of 2015 (2 1/2 years ago), but I did keep the information sheet given to me by the pharmacy. It does not give the dosage but it does give the description as follows:
            PMS-NYSTATIN ORAL, NYSTATIN 100000 U/ML PMS. (That’s a 1 with 5 zeros or 100,000)

            Perhaps your version has a different concentration? Anyway, I would follow your doctor’s instructions. I hope it works for you!


  17. Hi Theresa,
    I had a Hysteroscopy done in March and two days later I developed a severe UTI (peeing blood). The emergency doc prescribed Cipro (antibiotic) for 10 days. While the UTI cleared up, I was still going to the bathroom frequently. My doctor has done a bunch of tests on me, all of which have come back negative. I noticed when I was on my period last month that my symptoms were greatly alleviated. I felt pretty much normal. However, when my period went away, my symptoms came back. I suspect this is a fungal infection in my urethra. My doc gave me Azithromycin recently, but it didn’t help. Do you think this might be fungal?

    • Hi Mel. I’d like to first say that I am not a doctor, so I really can’t give medical advice. Since your doctor has done a bunch of tests that came back negative, and yet you are still having UTI-like symptoms, then it is possible that you have a fungal infection in your urethra. Your symptoms may also be related to your period which can also indicate fungal infection (the vagina naturally harbors fungi), although this could be just a coincidence. You could try a course of vaginal treatment for candida yeast and see if that helps.

      One of the potential side effects of a hysteroscopy is damage to the urinary tract, so that is also possible. If you have not consulted with a urologist, then that might be helpful.

      If you do have a fungal infection, then making your urine more alkaline should alleviate the symptoms. Try taking a quarter or a half teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it. Within an hour your urine should be alkaline and the pain should be mostly (or completely) gone. If this works, then a fungal infection is quite possible.

      I hope this helps. Let us know how you make out : )

  18. Hi Theresa!
    I want to ask you when you were on nilstat did you get relief straight away? I have been on it for 9 days now and I have not had any relief yet and I am also on a alkaline diet. My urine is still acidic so I’m working on changing a few things. I just want to know if I’m on the right track. Thank you

    • Hi Marissa. When I was taking the Nystatin I already had my symptoms under control by taking mineral supplements. I was never able to maintain alkaline urine through diet alone. There is also a lot of conflicting information on what foods are alkalizing. My FOOD CHARTS page gives a breakdown of acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods based on their mineral and protein content.

      You can quickly make your urine alkaline by taking a 1/4 or a half teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it.

      I did experience some symptoms while on the Nystatin, around the 14-day point (I must have forgotten to take my minerals), and this was discouraging. But I kept taking it for the three weeks and I did get a complete cure.

      I hope this helps Marissa.

  19. Hi Theresa,
    I was wondering if your urethra pain reacted to alcohol, not strong pain, but rather feeling the area and knowing its active?

    Thanks for your reply

    • Hi Svenja. I have never been one to drink much alcohol so I can’t say for certain what effect it has. But I can say that alcohol is a diuretic which makes you dehydrated (that is why you get more thirsty afterwards). This makes your urine more concentrated which can intensify any symptoms that may be caused by acid urine.

      The best way for you to tell, is by carefully monitoring your symptoms both with and without alcohol and see if you see a pattern.

      I hope this helps, Svenja. Good luck.

  20. Hi Theresa, I’ve had burning, stinging and painful urethra symptoms with no sign of infection for 10 years now.
    I have seen so many specialists and doctors for help and they all have been putting me on all sorts of medications from anti depressants, anti spasms, pain killers, tablets that help from getting reoccurring UTI and that did not help. At one stage a doctor said that it is psychological and I found that to be an ultimate insult. I have done 2 MRI’s one on my lower backing thinking it might have been a pinched nerve and another for my pelvis , thinking it might be pudendal nerve entrapment and both came out fine, I just felt that I had to do my own research and diagnosing because no one knew how to help me. I had just seen another urogynaecologist today and once again I got prescribed a medication that would hopefully help, but after reading up on the medication I just didn’t feel right about filling out the script. Then I had come across your youtube video as well as this website and I am so happy that I have something new to try that is treating the cause and not the symptoms. I am so excited to start this whole new plan as I feel confident in seeing good results. As I was watching your video I was thinking of so many things that I can change for the better and then thinking back on my good days my urine was always in a good ph level. I am so grateful that you have shared your information because it gives me so much hope as you have been in my situation and you know exactly how it felt and now your cured. I just can’t wait for the day that I am pain free. Thank you so much Theresa for all your knowledge and I will keep you posted on how I go 🙂

    • Hi Marissa and thank you for writing in. So many others have written to me that maintaining alkaline urine has significantly reduced their pain. And thanks to others who have shared their successes, we now know that antifungal drugs like Nystatin can be a complete cure for some people. There are many other good options to try which I have summarized on the main page of this site.

      I hope something here works for you too Marissa. Good luck and let us know how you make out : )


  21. Hello Theresa

    Thank you so much for creating this website and helping others, you are an angel!
    I’ve been suffering with urethral pain for the last 5 weeks, all the tests came back negative.
    In one of the posts you have mentioned that ” Potassium citrate or carbonate is only sold in 99 mg tablets (or less). I have read that this is because a large dose taken on an empty stomach with inadequate water could irritate the stomach lining (because it is so alkaline).” , I have found this product that is a pure powder – what are your thoughts on this??

    Thanks so much!


    • Hi Anna. I am surprised that this bulk powder is sold to consumers given the regulations that limit potassium tablets. I can’t see any harm in taking this in small doses of 300 mg or less (the equivalent of 3 tablets), as long as it is taken with food. This is necessary to protect your stomach. If you do have this in your home, make sure that others cannot access it (anyone who may not know about the dangers of taking too much).

      And do keep in mind that it is a regulated substance that can affect your heart. You may want to consult your doctor to be fully informed.

      Thanks for writing in and I hope you find some relief. Do let us know how you make out : )

  22. I hear you! I had the same problem. I had burning urination and it made my life miserable. My doctor prescribed medication that just made me sick so now I just stick to natural supplements, that work. I now use the Lady Soma Cranberry Concentrate and I’ve taken this everyday (sometimes twice a day) for over 3 years. It’s incredible how much it helps with the burning urination causes.

    • Hi Lois. I tried cranberry juice and it did nothing for me. It is also high in carbohydrates, so if anyone does want to try it, I would not overdo it. I also prefer to not recommend specific brands on this website as much as possible.

  23. Hello Theresa,

    I have been getting burning in my urethra for the last year and a half. It all started with an intense burning at work and once I went pee it got SO much worse. I guzzled water thinking my urine must be acidic from dehydration and by the time I got to my docs it was back to normal. He tested my urine and said it showed 100% fine. This happened to me about 5 times. I would be fine for months then BAM an hr of burning and back to normal.

    In July 2017 it happened but did not go away and the culture came back showing ecoli uti. I took the antibiotics and felt great.

    In August 2017 I felt it coming back, dipstick was fine but I took the antibiotics anyway and felt great within a couple of days.

    In November back again, same as August (no infection on the dipstick) took antibi and felt great.

    Now it’s January and I just finished another round of antibiotics for a positive uti ecoli infection.

    I am beyond paranoid and so sick of this happening. My Dr said the next step will be to take antibiotics every day.

    Do you think its possible I have urethral syndrome even though the antibiotics seem to help me?

    • Hi Nicole. Urethral Syndrome is pain in the urethra in the absence of any signs of infection. That means that urine cultures show no bacteria or infection. You are one of the lucky ones in that your symptoms can be explained, treated with antibiotics and cured. So, based on your information you do not have urethral syndrome, and that is a good thing.

      I do not know what causes recurring e-coli infections, but that is what I would research if I were in your shoes. The only thing that comes to mind is the advice that was given to me, to always wipe from front to back after using the toilet, and you have probably already heard that one.

      I am sorry I cannot be more helpful. I hope you find a solution as soon as possible : )

      • Hi Nicole,
        I hope you don’t mind me butting in but I really think you should try taking D-Mannose. It’s a simple sugar that clings to your bladder walls. When you take it, then guzzle water about 45 minutes later, the simple sugar attaches to the ecoli and gets washed out of your bladder. Many women find relief from constant Uti’s from this. You can get it in a powder form (1 teaspoon in a little water before sex and then again after). Or you can buy it in pill form (3 pills before and after). If you are not sexually active, you can just take them morning and night for preventative. Hope this helps and good luck!

  24. Hi, I just wanted to give you an update if that helps anyone to get the correct diagnose and treatment.

    I wrote here about a year ago trying to get help with my symptoms, discomfort in the urethra, pain in the external urethral area and constant urge to pee. Tried every supplement, antibiotic, diet etc. and had million urine and other tests came back negative. Went to about 20 doctors during that time without getting any proper diagnose.

    Now I have FINALLY been diagnosed properly by a specialist with clitorodynia, like vulvodynia but the pain and discomfort is in the clitoris/urethral area only. It is so close to my urethra so the pain/discomfort is effecting to that as well. Just started with a nerve pain medication (Gabapentin) and I’m glad to say that they are finally helping me and I’m symptom free! So, if anyone is having similar symptoms or pain/discomfort/urge to pee more or less 24/7 in their urethra area, it may be vulvodynia/clitorodynia. It just took a really long road for me to find a correct specialist in this area to actually know what was wrong with me and get the right meds. All the best!

    • Thanks so much for this information Maria! This can help those who do not get relief from the minerals or antifungal drugs.

      It’s wonderful that you found the cause of your pain, and treatment. Thanks again : )


    • I developed vulvodynia a month ago. Was symptom free for almost 11 years. Had a hysterectomy in 2007. Took a whole year until a doctor who knew this condition. Gabapentin and estrogen patch finally helped. Now I have such pain. My urethra is the most severe pain. Was taking pain medications for back pain and arthritis. Dr. Finally weaned me off after 5 years. Now this came back. The pain Meds might have suppressed my symptoms. Now on amitryptiline and cymbalta with bacoflem for muscle relaxing. A week now and I fell somewhat better. The only pain seems to be urethra. My dr. Thinks fibromyalgia may be my main issue. My whole body feels so throbby at night.hoping all the Meds finally get me free of pain. Totally consumed with pain. Want to go back to a free pain day. I know it will happen.

      • Hi Sandra. You might be interested in Maria’s comment which I will copy here (I also put it on the main page of this website):

        Now I have FINALLY been diagnosed properly by a specialist with clitorodynia, like vulvodynia but the pain and discomfort is in the clitoris/urethral area only. It is so close to my urethra so the pain/discomfort is effecting to that as well. Just started with a nerve pain medication (Gabapentin) and I’m glad to say that they are finally helping me and I’m symptom free! So, if anyone is having similar symptoms or pain/discomfort/urge to pee more or less 24/7 in their urethra area, it may be vulvodynia/clitorodynia. It just took a really long road for me to find a correct specialist in this area to actually know what was wrong with me and get the right meds. All the best!

        I hope you find relief soon Sandra : )

    • Thank you. I want to ask you what symtoms did you have?
      Since last year i get this feeling to strain urine amd then it burns but the burning is not actually burning urine but the urethra i guess and the external area…i
      have trouble passing pee like it wont come in a flow but slowly in a weak stream and needs to be strained out?
      My urine dr and culture always come negative.
      Some days are so good i feel its cured and gone but then it returns.. It feels like my area is swollen or something…. I have anxiety due to this but no one understands and keeps telling me to take antidepressants… Even the docs!

      • I can’t speak for Maria, but my symptom was a burning pain in the urethra which would come and go for no apparent reason. It could happen before, during or after urinating and it could last for many hours, even days. I never felt any restriction in the flow of urine, and I did not have swelling.

        I hope you find something here that helps.


  25. Hi!

    Urethral pain for 1.5 years

    Tip of penis very sensitive and red

    Taken every antibiotic known to man

    Did pelvic floor therapy

    Did a pudendal nerve block

    Nothing helps

    Any tips?


    • Hi Johnny. I encourage you to get some pH test paper, test your urine pH by swiping a piece of the paper through your urine as you pee. See if acid urine is contributing to your pain. If so, you can make your urine more alkaline easily by taking mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this website. High protein diets contribute to very acid urine, so this is more common than you might think.

      Another possibility is that you have a yeast infection in your urethra. Yeast infections do not respond to normal antibiotics – you need an anti-fungal drug to treat this (Diflucan or Nystatin). In my experience (and many others) yeast infections do not show up on lab tests. Also, antibiotics tend to create or worsen yeast overgrowth. The typical North American diet also contributes to yeast overgrowth (high carbohydrates from sugar and starch). A diet that is low in carbohydrate, moderate in fat and moderate protein will help greatly. I recommend the Atkins diet.

      For immediate relief you can try taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it.

      You can also try a drug called Pyridium which makes the urethra numb.

      And there are many other suggestions made by others throughout this comments section.

      I hope you find something here that helps you. Good luck and let us know how you make out : )

      • Hello Theresa. I truly believe this is the answer to all my pain. Makes perfect sense to me. If I need script I’ll go to my urologist and show her your site. She’s as clueless as I am at this point. When it got to the point that she was talking anti depressants I said forget it I’ll just live with it. I have. For almost 3 years. I foolishly took too many Ambien at a bad time in my life and when I woke up I had the most terrible pain urinating. It became less painful but never better and I did all the tests and tube in my bladder and no answers. I’ve always believed the Ambien overdose burned my urethra. No doctor has agreed but one day I’m totally normal and after Ambien overdose I’m cursed for life almost every time I urinate. Now I see the relation between foods and intensity of pain. I’m no longer on any prescription meds but if I drink or eat acidic foods there is clear increase in pain. I just found this tonight I never thought of acidic urine burning me. Where do I get Nystatin? Do I need prescription in US? I’m looking online everywhere and can’t get a solid answer yet.

        • Hi Veronica. Nystatin requires a prescription here in Canada. I would assume it’s the same in the USA. I encourage you to get the pH test paper to see if acid urine is related to your pain levels. If so, you can manage (and eliminate) the pain by taking mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this website. It is also possible that you have a fungal/yeast infection in the urethra, which can be treated with an extended course (3 weeks) of Nystatin or a course of Diflucan (Diflucan probably requires less than three weeks, but I really do not know the proper dosage or duration).

          For immediate relief you can try taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. Also the drug Pyridium will make your urethra numb so you cannot feel the pain.

          I hope you find something here that gives you relief, Veronica. Good luck, Happy Holidays, and do let us know how you make out.

  26. Hi Theresa,
    I’m am very happy that I came across your site. With a mixed bag of emotions reading everyone’s stories on here, I am relieved but also saddened that so many people are going through this. I have not been formerly diagnosed with Urethral Syndrome but I am pretty sure that is what I have from so many utis and yeast infections in the past. I get pain and burning randomly on my urethra but it comes and goes. I feel very low at times because of all my issues but I am really lucky to a boyfriend and family that is so understanding. It helps reading that it’s not only me that’s been dyealing with all of these urethral or vaginal issues.

    My background:
    My health problems started when I was 17 (currently 28). I had really bad vaginal soreness to the point where I could not sit or walk without discomfort, and when I started to become sexually actively, it hurt every time and just assumed that was normal. I also had burning urination at the end of a pee but subsided seconds after, which I again didn’t worry too much about. I Saw my Family doctor and he prescribed me yeast infection medication but that didn’t work, so he started to prescribe me so many different creams and suppositories over a timespan of a year (I couldnt even tell you what they all were) and they did nothing and probably made things worse. He then said he thought I had lichen sclerosis (autoimmune disease that effects the vulva skin and eventually closes the vagina opening. imagine hearing that at 17-18 years old!). soon after this I then started to get recurring uti’s. I went to see my family doc again and he prescribed me antibiotics. It happened again and more antibiotics and then again and again. I would have utis every month. The infections then began to not react to the antibiotics. He tried a different one called cipro and I had a very bad reaction to it, where I could barely walk for a week and to this day still have issues with my Achilles’ tendons. Around this time I saw a gynaecologist and she told me I did not have lichen sclerosis just a bad yeast infection so she prescribed me flagystatin which helped my yeast issues but not utis. At this point I saw a naturopath. She got me to stop the recurring utis and yeast infections within a few months and I had been good for over a year! (Hooray) until recently…. and this Is where I need your opinion…

    Had my first uti in over a year on September 28, 2017, tried treating it naturally like always with D-Mannose, berberine and uva usi. Relieved uti symptoms a bit and then I started to get excruciating burning down there, to the point where I couldn’t tell if it was the uti or a yeast infection. I was in agony so i ended up taking an antibiotic I have on standby just incase, thinking it was a severe uti. But burning everywhere still persisted. Went to my doctor and he prescribed me flagystatin for 7 days. It worked and relief. The excessive burning came back about a week and a half later. Did a 7 day course of monistat, that helped too. This past week the burning has come back and I can’t sit for long periods, so my doc gave me another prescription of flagystatin along with swabs to figure out if it’s yeast (I hope it shows up because I know it must be causing all this pain) and a urine test to rule out infection. Since starting that suppository, Ive been getting urethral pain and spasms again but overall burning subsiding.

    Do you think the discharge from the suppository (it has nystatin in it) is causing urethral irritation and spasms because it’s “doing something”? Do you know if the suppository with nystatin is effective in your solution or does it have to be oral? I may ask for nystatin pills to be prescribed next.

    Also, I’d like to try your supplement regiment and test my ph. And see if there is a correlation and improvement. Do you live in Canada? If so, where can you find the PH strips here in Canada?

    Sorry for the long msg!


    • Urine tests came back with: NEGATIVE, No significant growth ;organisms recovered in low numbers.

      Still having urethral spasms/pain, so should I be worried that they still found organisms?

      • In the 30+ years that I had symptoms from urethral syndrome, many urine tests were taken and they ALL came back negative. A negative test probably means that you do not have a classic UTI that would normally be treated with antibiotics. However it does not mean that you don’t have a fungal infection, in my personal experience. I assume that the low numbers would be considered in the normal range but you should clarify that with your doctor.

        You may get relief from taking a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. You can also try the drug Pyridium which makes the urethra numb.

        I hope you get relief as soon as possible!

    • Hi Michelle. I am sorry to hear of all you have been through. I also got my first symptoms at the age of 17.

      I do not know if your suppository could give you burning symptoms, but I do know that having a yeast infection in your urethra can cause burning pain. With all the vaginal yeast infections you have had, it seems likely that this could migrate to your urethra. To the best of my knowledge a vaginal yeast medication suppository would treat the infection in the vagina but not the urethra. To treat the urethra the Nystatin would need to be in pill form or liquid by mouth.

      I buy the pH test paper online from (in the USA ). I have no affiliation with any retailers. You can do a Google search and find them also. Yes I live in Canada (Nova Scotia) but I have not been able to find test paper locally.

      If you have not looked into an anti-fungal diet, that might be a good option for you. Basically sugars and starches feed yeast. A low carbohydrate diet such as the Atkins diet has been scientifically proven to have many health benefits. I adopted this diet a year ago and have noticed improved energy and alertness. I lost some extra weight very easily and am very happy to be at my ideal weight.

      I think it also helps to wear loose comfortable clothing that breathes and does not bind or cause sweating. At night try wearing a long t-shirt or night-dress rather than pajamas.

      I hope you find something here that helps Michelle! Do let us know how you make out : )

    • Hi Michelle,
      I have the same issues. What seems to work is stopping caffein. Rinsing after every pee. Because of all the burning, I was unconsciously tightening my pelvic floor muscles which believe it or not caused burning in the vulva and urethra. I went to see a pelvic floor physio therapist and she showed me how to relax the muscles with excercise, massage the tight muscles and that has helped with the burning. Also she said the PH in the vagina is off so to insert the suppository called purvocare into the vagina. Also if you are taking birth control pills that can mess up your hormones and cause this condition so stop the pills and see if in few months everything levels off.

  27. First and foremost, I just want to say THANK YOU, thank you so much! For the first time in 12 years, I feel like I’m not alone in this, and even if nothing physically improves for me, I’ll still consider that an incredible bonus!

    As with pretty much everyone else, I’ll try to keep my very long story short.

    I’m a 33 year old female from the UK. I started getting UTI-like symptoms about 12 years ago, when I first started having sex with my boyfriend (now husband). I had had sex before without these symptoms, but the doctors and nurses seemed to think that it was UTIs directly related to sex, and I was repeatedly told the same things ‘urinate straight after sex’, ‘use more lubricant’, ‘wipe from front to back after going to the toilet’. None of which made any difference at all.

    And so began 12 years of UTI symptoms, on and off. Specifically my symptoms are waxing and waning discomfort and itching, sometimes just the urethra, sometimes it feels like my bladder itself is itching. A sense of pressure, and a fairly constant feeling as if I need to urinate. This is almost always worst first thing in the morning, and I’m often woken up in the small hours by the discomfort, sometimes making it impossible to get back to sleep after I’d urinated. I’ve had many MANY tests for infection over the years, sometimes it HAS been infection, but most of the time there is no infection present. The only way I’m now able to tell the difference is when my lower back starts to hurt – this only seems to happen when I do have a UTI. I have been seen by three different urologists over the years, and have ended up with all three suggesting a ‘rigid cystoscopy’ with a urethral dilation. This seems to be the only thing that has ever consistently given me any relief. There have been times when I have had years between ‘flare ups’ and I think the problem has finally been solved, only to have it come back again.

    Over time I found certain things helped when I had a flare-up: sitting on a hot water bottle, sitting in a warm bath, drinking litres of water and taking anti-inflammatories and painkillers. The last urologist suggested taking a low dose of amitriptyline for nerve pain, which seems to help slightly, but not really enough to make any real difference.

    One thing that has been constant throughout these 12 years is a lingering suspicion that I may have thrush. This is due to some thick discharge that seems to come and go with my cycle, and a strange almost sherberty smell with my urine, which is often cloudy. I have been diagnosed with having thrush a couple of times over the years, but the majority of the time, when I mention it to the doctor, but explain that I have no vaginal itching, no ‘cottage cheese-like’ discharge and no redness or swelling of the vagina, they told me it wouldn’t be thrush.

    Following my third cystoscopy and dilation about three years ago, I seemed to have no symptoms at all, and thought that I was fixed. A month or so ago, I developed a UTI, went to the doctor and was given a course of antibiotics which didn’t seem to do the trick, so I was given a stronger, longer dose of a different kind (not Trimethoprim which sends me into anaphylaxis!) the UTI went away, but the symptoms didn’t. The doctor swiftly referred me back to the urologist – but as anyone in the UK knows, this can take a long time to come through, and I’m unlikely to see anyone until January/February.

    Very early yesterday morning, after I’d been woken up by the burning sensation, and got up so I didn’t disturb my husband, I googled ‘urethral syndrome’ in desperation and came across this website. Reading these comments made me cry with relief, that finally, after 12 years, I wasn’t alone. The more I read though, the more I found that applied to me and I was genuinely excited. After work, I tried the soda and water trick, and within an hour my discomfort had gone. I tested my urine (I already had sticks that I had used in the past to test for white blood cells in my urine, when I thought it might be a low-lying bacterial infection) and then went back through my photos that I’d taken when I’d been testing) and every time I’d been in pain, my pH levels had been 5 or less.

    So this morning, I printed off your homepage, and went back to my doctor. We discussed it and she said that she was only too happy to prescribe me with Nystatin at the dosage you suggested, to see if it would help. However, when we looked into it, the bottles in the UK appear to be 30ml, so I would need 11 bottles over the 21 days (which would cost me a fortune). Instead, she suggested giving me a 21-day course of Fluconazole (or Diflucan, I think?) which she said would be just as – if not more – effective as the Nystatin.

    I’m tentatively hopeful that this might help me – and will come back and update after I have finished the course.

    More than anything, I just want to say thank you so much for this site – I only wish I’d seen it sooner!


    • Hi Alex. Your experience certainly resonates! I think it helps to know that this is an actual medical condition that is more common than most people realize, including doctors. I am so happy that you got relief from the baking soda water. The fact that you see a relationship between your urine pH and your pain is also very helpful. At the very least you now have the knowledge to manage your pain with the diet and mineral supplements I have outlined on this website. I stayed pain-free for years this way before I took the Nystatin. And I really hope that the anti-fungal drug works for you too.

      Thanks so much for writing in Alex! I wish you all the best and look forward to hearing how you make out with the Diflucan.

      • Hi Theresa,

        I just wanted to update, as I’ve discovered something about my pain/discomfort that may be useful to others. I’m now 11 days into my 21 day course, and haven’t noticed any improvement (although I’m not expecting any yet.) I’ve been using my urine sticks to keep a track of my ph levels, because I notice that a few mornings a week, I am woken up in even more discomfort than ever, and urinating much more painful, regardless of what my ph levels are. I’ve discovered that when this happens, I have nitrites present in my urine. This is also accompanied by a strange smell to the urine. Having looked online, the only cause suggested for this is an infection, yet I’ve been consistently told that I have no infection. I’m now taking photographs of my urine strips, so that when I go to my urology appointment at the end of December, I can show them the results.

        I realise it’s not very helpful, but I thought it’s important to say something in case anyone else is suffering from a similar thing. In the meantime, I’ll just keep taking the tablets and hope for the best!


        • Actually this could be very helpful Alex. I don’t know anything about nitrites in urine but it gives a whole other path of investigation/research. Thanks for the update and I am crossing my fingers for you hoping you get a good result!

  28. Hi Theresa-

    I am writing on behalf of my wife who has had urethral pain since February of this year. The pain began when she was pregnant; ten days later she miscarried (our 2nd consecutive m/c). This mystery pain has remained and is described, quite simply, as a constant urge to urinate, even with an empty bladder. For the most part this pain has remained at a consistent level, though pain is worse in the moments post-urination.

    To date she has been treated by seven doctors and two physical therapists. All tests unremarkable: blood, urine, CT scan, urodynamic, cystoscopy, etc. She has undergone just about every treatment that relates to pelvic pain: hydrodistension, instillations (Elmiron & DSMO), exploratory laproscopy, urethral dilation, physical therapy, and electrostimulation (TENS, IF, PTNS). She has been prescribed 20+ medications to try, ranging from antibiotics, muscle relaxers, pain relievers, NSAIDs, nerve pain meds, OAB meds, topical pain creams, etc.

    Throughout this journey there have only been a handful of things that have helped her: the urethral dilation provided her with the most relief but it only lasted for about a week. She had the procedure done a second time but the relief could not be replicated. Physical therapy has helped some but has since leveled-off. Lastly, she gets some relief from her TENS machine, which she uses daily for approximately 12 hours.

    After finding your site we have tried a few new things: first, we started testing her PH levels, which have been around 4 – 5. She also began taking Nystatin 10 days ago. Thank you for the suggestions!

    My questions to you are as follows:

    1.) When you were experiencing the pain, did you try any narcotic pain medication or muscle relaxers? If so, did they provide you with any level of relief? Nothing has helped my wife with the pain, which I find unusual given the type & class of medications tried (dilaudid, percocet, baclofan, peridium, diazapam).

    2.) Had any of your treatments include being catheterized? If so, were these procedures especially painful given the source of pain being the urethra itself? My wife doesn’t report any pain (other than what would be normal) when being catheterized. If pain is from urethra you would think it might be inflamed.

    3.) Did you ever get any relief from following a strict IC-like diet? My wife began an impressively strict diet in February but there hasn’t been any perceived improvement as a result.

    4.) Was your pain ever exterior, such as at the opening of the urethra?

    Thank you in advance. Your dedication and compassion to helping others is admirable.

    • Hi Mike. My condolences to you and your wife on the miscarriages.

      Before I answer your questions I would like to say that a urine pH of 4 or 5 is extremely acid. The pH scale is logarithmic which means that each increase in value represents a ten-fold increase. In other words a pH of 5 is ten times more acid than a pH of 6. And level 4 is ten times more acid again. I encourage your wife to take mineral supplements of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium, and eat only small portions of protein until the pH goes back into the normal range of 6.0 to 7.5. Eating lots of vegetables and a moderate amount of fruit (I say moderate because fruit is high in sugar) will also help. It is not healthy to have such acid urine. She can also take a half-teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drink it. This will make the urine more alkaline within an hour or two.

      To answer your questions:
      1. I never tried a narcotic. One specialist advised me to take Ibuprofen or Advil (just the over-the-counter ones) which I tried but it had no effect. I did get relief from Pyridium, which makes the urethra numb.
      2. I had one test administered by a Urologist that involved catheterization. It was a voiding test to see if the bladder emptied completely. They inserted a catheter but I don’t recall it being painful.
      3. I never tried the IC diet and honestly I am not very familiar with it. But the alkaline-forming diet that I outline on this website definitely helped me, and has helped some other people who have written in to tell me. It is important to note that foods that make your body more alkaline may in fact be acid foods, like lemons and grapefruits. This is because it is the minerals, vitamins and proteins and other nutrients in the food that get absorbed into the cells of your body and everything else passes through the digestive tract. Calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium make the body tissues more alkaline. Protein and chloride make the body tissues more acid. In brief, fruits and vegetables make your body more alkaline. Meats, eggs and fish make your body more acid. Dairy and salt are neutral (dairy is high in calcium but also high in protein). Complete charts of many foods are available on this website.
      4. My pain was in the entire urethra, from one end to the other, but I would not say it was external. The pain was on the inside of the urethra, and it was a burning pain that could last for hours or even days. It ranged in severity from a mild tingling to a severe burning and stabbing pain that made it difficult to think or stand up.

      Like your wife, I also got a temporary relief from the dilations (cystoscopies).

      I hope this information is helpful. Please give us an update when you get a chance : )

      • Hi Theresa-

        Thank you for your reply! I think one of the most frustrating aspects of this experience has been in trying to figure out the root cause of my wife’s discomfort. I guess the one follow-up question I have for you is whether the discomfort you felt was ‘abnormal,’ in the sense that it wasn’t the typical feeling you would have if you had to pee really badly? The reason I ask is because that has been my wife’s sole symptom.

        Happy Holidays,


        • Hi Mike. Urgency was not one of my symptoms. My main symptom was a burning pain in the urethra and when it got severe there was also a stabbing pain. Although, sometimes the burning would make it seem as if I needed to pee. I encourage you to keep researching as you have been doing and do let us know what you find because many people here also have the urgency issue.

          Happy Holidays to you both too !

    • Hi Mike! My name is Viera and I’m 27. Medical intern. I have almost the same issue that your wife, I’ve been like this for 10 years. I can’t stand up from the toilet cause I never feel relief, that’s a little different I guess. I can be sit down 3 hours in a row. I wanted to ask you, cause it has been some time since you write your post, if you have some news. And how she uses her TENS, which parameters and where to put the electrodes. I’d be so thankful if you can answer me.

      Big hug from Chile,


  29. Hi Theresa,

    Thank you so much for all of your information and helping so many people with their histories of urethral syndrome!! I am so grateful to have found a free and accessible support page with people going through this. I feel like we have options and its awesome hearing success stories!

    I would like to give you my brief history, what I have done so far;

    Around 5th October 2017 – I had an irritation maybe in urethra – or in bladder. Hard to explain, I had a discomfort and slight pain/burning in that region and it felt connected to my urine – this burning sensation was felt at a pain level of 3 out of 10 and it was kind of constant – no worse when I urinated. My husband says that I ‘pee’ a lot, I would say I go roughly 10ish times a day (depending how much I drink). Gynaecologist suggests from my symptoms that I may have urethritis – which she suggested to treat with probiotics and ural (bicarb drink to neutralise urine). No doctor has prescribed any antibiotics nor suggested any this time around because nothing has come up on any tests.

    A brief history of a similar experience in my past – which I have a feeling could be connected – In April 2015 – after intercourse something didn’t feel right. I had similar symptoms to UTI – no intense pain but constant discomfort in urethra. It felt like constant pressure and urge to pee. Worse at night and felt it as bladder filled. All tests came back negative (UTI, pap, ultrasound, swabs) and I was put on 2 courses of antibiotics which didn’t have any effect and didn’t help me heal.

    One antibiotic, trimethoprim caused tinnitus (ringing in ears) to really flare up and become really loud for a few months, it is still there currently but only slightly. It has since calmed down but still there. I abstained from sex during this period and a female doc questioned if it was interstitial cystitis (but my most recent gyno suggested it could have been urethritis). The female doc in 2015 put me on antihistamines and a local anaesthetic gel for the urethra. The antihistamines cleared it up and it seemed to heal. For this reason, I repeated this treatment and took an antihistamine for a week. I saw my GP 8th October, who said that she recommends having antihistamine and anti-inflammatory to see if it clears it up due to the ‘nerve sensations’ the anti-inflammatory may help relieve that. All tests above were repeated and all came back clear.

    After taking antihistamines and ibuprofen, surprisingly it didn’t really take away symptoms. I was always at a pain level of 1 using the scale that you created out of 0-4 (so not bad). Antihistamines appeared to work and then stop after 2-3 days as urine felt acid.

    Naturopath advised to have cranberry juice – although I was a little worried about that after taking cranberry tablets and it has seemed to make it worse. Now I understand from this amazing website that taking cranberry or acidic foods can make urine more acidic which will exacerbate the symptoms of tingling/burning.

    I asked doctor about these supplements you mentioned below to take to relieve it; she said they may cause kidney stones and so wouldn’t prescribe.

    * 1000 mg of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate
    * 500 mg of magnesium oxide or magnesium malate or magnesium citrate
    * 1000 mg of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate”

    On the 11/10/17 my naturopath has given me probiotics, P2 detox, fish oil and Vit B supplement. None which helped symptoms and I have come off most of them. My symptoms have progressed slightly for the better and now all I really feel is burning urine sensation -generally at the end of urination. Sometimes I feel a slight tingling/burning sensation after urination – and sometimes I do not feel pain at all (when I drink lots of water).

    I have been rejected by a few doctors for Nystatin prescription. I have found one doctor to prescribe it for me. Would you think if I am only experiencing the burning sensation and not pain in my urethra anymore – do you think I should still take nystatin?

    Thank you so much for your help in advance! 🙂


    • Hi Tiffany. Thanks for your detailed report. Of the many things you have tried, some of them may help others. I have never heard of taking antihistamines for urethral pain, so that is an interesting option.

      I would like to clarify that the acid in food does not directly contribute to acid urine. The acid in food (for example citric acid in oranges and lemons) will affect the mouth, throat, stomach and digestive system but does not directly circulate into the bloodstream and cells of the body. Urine is water that is taken out of the cells of the body, processed by the kidneys and deposited into the bladder. The pH (acid level) of urine reflects the pH of the tissues it came from. I have read that scientific studies show that when body cells have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, the immune system can function optimally. Acid tissues weaken the immune system. Therefore maintaining pH neutral/alkaline urine is good for you.

      The minerals calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium create a more alkaline pH balance. Eating protein and chloride contribute to acidity. So, it’s really all about the minerals and protein. Lemons and oranges are high in potassium and low in protein and chloride, and therefore help make your body and urine more alkaline.

      I have been taking these mineral supplements for years now and have never experienced kidney stones. For me, the health benefits of taking these minerals outweighs the small risk of stones.

      To answer your question, if the burning sensation you feel is in your urethra, then something is causing it. If it is very mild burning it is possible that acid urine alone could be causing it, in which case the Nystatin will not help. If anyone’s urine is very acid over a long period of time, they can experience a mild tingling/burning. To test this you can measure your urine pH for a week or two and see how acid it is. If it measures 6.0 or less on a consistent basis, that could be enough to cause pain.

      In this case I would try the diet/mineral supplements to maintain alkaline urine for a few weeks and see if that takes the pain away. You can also take a half teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a small glass of water and drink it – this will make your urine more alkaline within an hour or two. Again, it really helps to have the pH test paper to know for sure what is going on.

      However if your urine pH is mostly between 6.0 and 7.5, this is more or less the normal range and I would guess that acid urine is not the main cause of your burning, although it could be a contributing factor. In this case, I would try the Nystatin since yeast/fungal infections are common, especially after taking antibiotics. To the best of my knowledge, Nystatin is a fairly safe drug, has been used for many years and is prescribed even to babies.

      I hope this helps Tiffany. Let us know how you make out : )

  30. Hi Theresa,

    I came across your website today, and want to echo the sentiment that it is a fantastic and generous resource that you have given to people. I have had many issues over the past 5 years, and I vowed to try and help other people with anything I could in the same way you have done.

    I am looking for a tiny bit of advice – I will try to keep it short!

    I have had many gynaecological problems. To cut a very long story short, they now think I have desquamative inflammatory vaginitis and cytolitic vaginosis, also bouts of thrush, and ALSO some nerve problems!
    About 3 months ago I got a regular UTI (the trigger was definitely sex, after not having it for a long time). They treated it with antibiotics, which took away the acute infection…but the symptoms then crept back, in less severe form. Since then all my urine sample tests are negative. They gave me antibiotics again, which I felt made the burning worse. I am seeing a urologist who has done a cystoscopy and urethral dilatation. Prior to this I was experiencing the need to urinate urgently and frequently and lots of urethral burning.
    A few days after the procedure, it felt markedly better, but now I have symptoms which have returned. The main symptom is just a constant and intense burning, sometimes with stabbing, and then the feeling of needing the toilet lingering…

    I know you may not have an answer for me, but I’m wondering if you think what I am describing sounds like urethral syndrome?

    I’ve tried: uva ursi and d – mannose powder. I have also eliminated alcohol, sugar, acidic foods, and spicy foods.

    Any advice at all would be beneficial – even on how you have coped mentally with such adversity…

    Thank you!


    • Hi Rozzy. I am so sorry to hear of all you have been through. Urethral syndrome is normally identified by a urologist, which I am not, so I cannot give you a diagnosis. However, I can say that your symptoms sound very similar to mine. “Urethral syndrome” is just a term for unexplained urethral pain (in the absence of clinical findings) and it can have more than one cause. In my case, I believe I had a fungal infection in my urethra. It was cured almost 2 years ago by taking an extended 3 week course of Nystatin.

      Any inflammation in the urethra can make it more sensitive to the normal acidity of urine, rather like putting lemon juice on a cut or scrape on the skin (ouch!). So no matter what is causing your urethra to be inflamed, it will probably help you to make your urine more alkaline. This can be done easily by taking mineral supplements and diet changes as outlined on the main pages of this site.

      If acid urine is causing or contributing to your pain, then taking a half teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate, not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it should give you relief within an hour or two. It will also help you to get some pH test paper and measure your urine pH every time you pee for at least a week. Take note if your pain levels vary according to your urine pH.

      The drug Pyridium makes the urethra numb and helps many people but it is not a cure.

      Since you have been taking antibiotics this increases your risk of a fungal infection so it is quite possible that Nystatin might help you as it did me. Perhaps taking a good probiotic supplement might help you (to replace what the antibiotics killed off).

      Mentally coping with this condition is not easy at times – urethral pain is not an easy pain to bear because it is in such a sensitive area of the body. It is not easy to distract yourself from this kind of pain. I used to find soaking in a hot bath helped.

      Thanks for writing in Rozzy. I hope you find something here that helps you. Please let us know how you make out : )


  31. Hi Theresa,

    I was just prescribed Nystatin 5ML 3X Daily for this as you mentioned. I am a male and have had the burning urination for almost 2 years now. It appears to wax and wane day too day. Digestive enzymes helped for a bit but I get these flares that are awful. Did you continue to take your minerals you recommend while taking the Nystatin? How quickly did you see progress with the Nystatin?

    • Hi Michael. Yes I continued taking the minerals while I was on the Nystatin. I was pretty much pain-free from the minerals so it is difficult for me to say when the Nystatin fully resolved the pain, but I would say it was near the end of the 3 weeks. I say this because early in the third week I had a flare-up of urethral burning. I was disappointed and thought the Nystatin wasn’t working but continued to take it anyway until the final dose. My symptoms never returned. That was almost 2 years ago.

      I hope it works for you too Michael! Let us know : )

  32. Hello Theresa, I am a guy and I waa diagnosed with urethral syndrome a few months ago. I have tried a whole lot of drugs before and I was about to give up, and that’s when I saw your article online. I would like to know if nystatin is used exclusively for women,because most of the comments on here were made by women. Thanks.

    • Hi Daniel. If you read through the posts here, there are a few from men. The Nystatin is for both men and women. In fact the first person I know of who used Nystatin to successfully treat urethral syndrome is a man named Bill. Somewhere down below you will find a reference to his letter from a woman named Christine who wrote in to us with this information.

      I hope you find something here that helps you Daniel. Let us know how you make out.


  33. I am a 22 year old female from the UK and have been suffering on and off with urethral burning/pain/discomfort/sensations since I was 16 years old. I have been seeing my GP since that age and I am still left with urethral discomfort. I have tested positive for maybe 2 infections but I have been given antibiotics on several occasions. I know that my symptoms are not being caused by UTIs 99% of the time!
    My symptoms mainly start on a morning when I go to the bathroom and pass urine. I have found that it does not burn during urination, only at the end where I can only describe it as a very weird uncomfortable sensation. This can also include very yeasty-foul smelling urine which I know is not normal! My urethra will then have a sensation/discomfort for sometimes hours afterwards until I have loaded myself with pints of water! This is only a typical starter of my ‘flare ups’. They can sometimes happen in the middle of the day when I suddenly become aware of my urethral area (not a horrible pain, just discomfort or slight burning).
    Since this had been happening since I was 16 I finally managed to get referred to Gynaecology when I was 21 and had an appointment consisting of various swabs and a very invasive examination using a metal speculum which I had never had done before. These swabs showed nothing so they referred me to urology where I sat with a urologist for 3 minutes who explained he would be conducting a cystoscopy on me. I never felt I could sit and talk and actually explain my symptoms and worries! 5 months later I had my cystoscopy and again all I heard was your bladder is normal and I will see you in thee months, I also had to do a flow test which I presume was normal.
    I am now at this point- I’m 22 and starting a new career within the police in a few months time and I am at my wits end. I am fortunate enough to have an understanding mum/dad who listen to my problem and a very understanding boyfriend! I know people say sex can cause problems or worsen them but I have not found that this causes or makes it much worse! I have even tested not having it for a week to see if my flare ups still happen, and they do!
    I have come across this website in a desperate search for relief and a cure from my symptoms and it has given me hope! I am starting today the diet suggested and I am confident that my symptoms are linked to yeast in some way. I was told by a GP during one of my flare ups I had a slight yeast infection so I think this may be the link!
    I am just wondering if anyone else has had this yeasty smelling urine ( you will know as the smell is so strange!)? And also if anyone else purely experience pain at the very end of urination?

    Thank you so much,


    • Hi Maddy. Your symptoms sound very much in line with a fungal infection, and I encourage you to try the anti-fungal medications such as Nystatin for an extended course of treatment of 3 weeks.

      The diet alone may not be enough..the mineral supplements are a more powerful way to make your urine more alkaline. This can manage the pain (and very effectively too!) but it is not a cure. The pH test paper is essential for this to work – otherwise you won’t know if your urine is alkaline or not.

      To answer your questions, from my own experience, I did not notice an unusual odor to my urine. My pain was usually worse after urination, but I could also have pain before and during as well.

      I hope this helps.


    • Hi Mads,

      I seem to be having a very similar problem with you. Have you got any help with this? I feel I may have a fungal infection of the urethra as well, but im not sure. Im using anti fungal medication in the vagina but the discomfort is in my urethra.

      I’m literally at my wits end and I’ve never been so scared, upset and lonely in my life.


  34. Hi Theresa,

    I just wanted really to thank you for making the effort to publish your experience online as I and it sounds like so many others are finding it so helpful dealing with such a debilitating disorder.
    I have crown’s disease for which I take Azathioprine a strong immune suppressant medication it worked wonders controlling my Crohn’s but the fall out from the medication was a whole new load of other side effects which were in themselves debilitating – as is the way with western medicine. The medication gave me gut Candida, thrush every month around my period and a constant battle with Uti’s. For a few years I also suffered chronic bladder irritation that was non infectious but felt exactly like a UTI – I saw many many specialists that did absolutely nothing to help me. I lost my job because I kept having to call in sick, I couldn’t even sit up or put on underwear yet alone go to work – I cried a lot and spent sometimes days on the toilet feeling too scared to get off because of the severe discomfort. I found the only thing that helped was to drink a bit of Bi-Carb in water followed by about 2L of water and basically sit on a hot water bottle. Sometimes this was enough to make it subside after a few hours but it would just be right back that night or the next morning after I peed. Im not sure what made it go away in the end I tried EVERYTHING – medications, detoxes, fresh juicing, supplements, herbal teas and even acupuncture.
    Last year I was so sick of the bloating and the constant thrush that I decided to go off my medication. My Disease was under control that I hadn’t seen a single sign of it in almost 8 years and I was only remembering to make my meds sometimes once a fortnight instead of daily so I thought id give it a go. The first thing I noticed was that I didn’t get a single UTI, thrush and my bloat went away – all my digestive and urinary issues were suddenly a thing of the past I was so relieved. But 4 months later I had a severe flare up of my crohn’s that landed me in hospital repeatedly for about 3 months as they struggled to control it. In the end I had so much medication thrown at me that I’m now on twice the amount of drugs as before (damn hindsight). Then just a few days ago I started getting the symptoms back again – urgency, swelling, some pain and burning but mostly just major discomfort is the only way I could describe it.
    Im so terrified of this coming back again that in a desperate attempt I googled and came across your page – to me, your conclusion about this being fungal related made complete sense to me (I have a medical background) and your theory correlated with my experience of having my symptoms flare up when I’m dehydrated and my urine is acidic. Im hoping mine is fungal based as this would make complete sense because my medication wipes out my gut flora which allows fungal cultures to take hold, I already know I have it in my gut so its entirely possible. Ive started your regime of the Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium tabs ( I also added in Spirulina tablets 3 x tabs 3 times a day as they are also very alkalising and found these really helped) and I’m trying a 3 week course of Nystatin tablets i may need longer but ill see how I go. Im 4 days in and have finally noticed a big change today, my symptoms are much milder and more tolerable. I really hope this works, given my medication is regular even if it does I may need to repeat the course every now and then to keep it at bay but I’m really hopeful. Thank you so much for sharing and helping to improve my life, and that of others.
    fingers crossed,
    Jess x

    • Hi Jess. I am sorry to hear of all that you have been through. On the positive side, the fact that the sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) gives you relief, means that taking the mineral supplements should relieve your urethral pain. Measuring your urine pH with test paper will really help with this. Do make sure that you don’t make your urine too alkaline (higher than 8) because that causes other problems. Best to maintain a urine pH between 6.5 and 7.5.

      One other idea that you probably already do, is to take probiotic and digestive enzyme supplements, if that is allowed in regards to your Crohn’s. Also, soaking in a hot bath always helped me feel better.

      Since fungus feeds on starches, you might find it helpful to try a low-carbohydrate, high fat diet. I switched a year ago and have never felt better. It totally stabilized my blood sugar (no more feeling weak/tired in between meals), I lost 20 pounds, and I no longer have food cravings. And of course, eating more vegetables and moderate protein makes your body more alkaline too.

      One final suggestion is to switch the salt that you use. You can buy a salt that is 50% sodium chloride and 50% potassium chloride. It is not more alkaline but it does not cause a bloating/diuretic effect as regular salt does (including sea salt). This is because sodium takes water into the cells of your body and potassium removes water from the cells. If you eat more of one than the other you get either water retention (bloating) or a diuretic effect. Where I live this salt is called Half-Salt and is sold in regular grocery stores.

      I do hope that the Nystatin helps. Let us know, either way. Good luck!

  35. Dear Theresa,

    I read you article, watched your video and read many of the comments. This has given me cause to dry my eyes after days of tears and shear terror. I hope you wont mind if I share my story with you. I am a 66 year old woman, married and living in SoCal. I was recently told by my Primary Care doctor that I may have either IC or Urethral Syndrome. I actually first became aware of IC in 1998 when I went thru a series of bacterial UTI’s. I was never diagnosed with it, but the doctor at that time did mention it. After a year of these recurring UTI’s that were bacteria positive they completely vanished after my husband passed away. At the time reading about IC shook me to the core and I have feared it ever since. I had never heard of US.. but now, 20 years later it seems this horrendous nightmare is revisiting me in the form of US. To date, I have not had a single bladder issue in over 20 years not even a UTI. Then suddenly 6 weeks ago I noted a slight burning pain when I urinated. I thought UTI at first, but there was no bladder pain, the burning felt more external. In fact I started squirting myself with cold water as I urrinated which alleviated most of the pain. It did not feel like a UTI (a pain I was very familiar with) but I went to my Primary Care doctor and he tested my urine which was negative. He also tested me for BV, Yeast, Clamidia, Gonnerhea and a PAP/HPV. While I was waiting for the results he put me on Flagyl. All tests turned up normal and the Flagyl did not help at all. I went back to same doctor 3 times but the he seemed puzzled. By the 3rd visit I had begun doing my own research and presented the possibility to him of Urithritis since it does not show bacteria in a urine test and may respond to Flagyl. He examined me and said my urethra was indeed inflamed, so he confirmed urithritis. However after leaving the office for a few moments he returned with a urology referral but no antibiotics. He prescribed Estrogen Creme which he said might resolve it completely, and gave me an RX for low dose antidepressants and Tagiment which he said would help with the pain. I questioned why he was not treating what he said was an inflamed urethria with an antibiotic. He said “I dont think you have an infection!” He said, but it might be US or IC. I felt immeduately faint and the old terror from 20 years back returned to hit me full force.  I went to fill the prescriptions and found that both were medications used by IC patients which seemed to indicate his assurance of this diagnosis. I was sobbing by the time my husband got home and he insisted I go to Urgent Care for another opinion. The physicians assistant I saw there also confirmed that my urethra was im”inflamed.” She prescribed Doxicyclene and had no idea why I was told it was IC when there was physical evidence of infection. I was so relieved. Plus, after just 2 doses of the meds I was already feeling much better. By day 3 my symptoms were almost gone!  But then last night after day 5 on Doxy the pain started to ramp up again. With only 2 more days on the meds I am now frightened that the RX will not work and I may indeed have US. I did realize that yesterday I had been sitting at my desk for several hours when the pain began to increase so I thought the pressure on my urethra from sitting may have caused more pain. Now sitting even for a short while is painful so whatever this is the sitting has made it worse. When I lie diwn the pain is minimal, but sitting is now out of the question. This is strange it is almost as if after responding to the RX initially this pain came back “differently” because sitting was not a problem until the pain began to subside from the RX.. I still have no pain in my bladder, and now since the meds no pain when I urinate. But I have a constant “raw burning pain” and some mild urethral contractions. I believe this pain is coming from my Uretha, but honestly im not 100% sure if the pain source is the urethra or the vulva. I do feel a slightly more than normal pressure/pain which is relieved with urination. Looking back I can pinpoint what happened when I felt the initial burning 6 weeks ago. I had purchased a new personal lubricant because my usual brand (water based KY) was sold out. After using this new SILICONE based lubricant for the 2nd time, the burning started and I discontinued it. I considered an allergic reaction, but it has been 6 weeks and I have read that allergic reaction to silicone is rare. The other consideration is that this is “Viral Urethritis” because I do have genital herpes. I suggested taking Aclivere to my doctor but was ignored. I am supposed to see a gynecologist and a urologist next week. I am terrified beyond words, cry constantly, cannot sleep and when I do I have nighmares, I truly feel like my life is over and my retirement days will be filled with constant horrible pain, to me a fate worse than death. I am equally terrified of the tests I may have to endure, like a Cystascopy. You website has given me some hope and amazingly I just ended a very high protein diet program with prepared meals called Ideal Protein. I was on it for 12 weeks, with this urethral pain starting within a week afterward I stopped. Could that be it? I am going to buy the test strips today. I apologize for the length of this comment but I am praying you respond with some encouraging words. Please let me know if my symptoms seem in line with US, also if you have had a Cystascopy and what it was like, also is US a disease that can lead to IC or are they separate. Thank you and God Bless you for sharing your experience!

    • Hi Gina. I am sorry to hear of your recent experiences. Your symptoms sound the same as those for urethral syndrome except for the increased pain when sitting – I never had that issue and no one has written in with that problem. As you mentioned, this might be something related to the vulva.

      Since you have had two doctors confirm that you have inflammation in your urethra, you have a history of UTIs, and you have felt improvement since taking the antibiotic, there is a good chance that you have a simple UTI. I would continue taking this drug for the full course as per doctor’s orders. It is not unusual for the pain to flare up near the end of treatment.

      And it is also common to get a yeast-type of discomfort with antibiotic treatment which could explain your sitting pain. Many doctors will prescribe a vaginal yeast treatment after a round of antibiotics; perhaps you can ask your doctor about this.

      I do not know much about interstitial cystitis (IC) but I remember reading that one of the signs of IC is frequency and urgency. These are impulses that come from the bladder, not the urethra, to the best of my knowledge. Since you do not have bladder pain and you did not mention urgency/frequency, then IC does not seem likely.

      Urethral syndrome and IC are two different diseases, although they are similar in some ways. Many people (myself included) have urethral syndrome for years without ever getting IC. Urethral syndrome is an unpleasant condition but you do not need to be terrified of it. For many people the pain can be reduced or even eliminated by maintaining alkaline urine, and for some people it can be cured by taking an extended course of an anti-fungal drug like Nystatin.

      Twelve weeks on a high protein diet most probably made your urine (and the cells of your body) quite acid. Acid urine over an extended period of time can cause inflammation of the urethra. We proved this by feeding my husband a high protein diet for only 2 weeks and he experienced burning pain in the urethra, whereupon we immediately resumed a normal diet and his pain went away (he does not have urethral syndrome). So it will be worth your while to test your urine pH with test paper and see if there is any relationship between your urine pH and your pain levels. You can make your urine more alkaline through diet and by taking mineral supplements as outlined on the home page of this website.

      A cystoscopy is usually done under anaesthetic so you do not feel any pain during the procedure. I always felt pain after the procedure for a few hours to a day. I had several cystoscopies and they did not help over the long term, although they sometimes reduced my symptoms for a short time (maybe a month). A cystoscopy would be a very last resort for me – only after everything else had been tried.

      Personal lubricants can definitely cause irritation and stinging, especially if they have any kind of scent or “tingling’ effects. You can try using a food grade oil instead (like grapeseed oil or almond oil which are both very light and easily absorbed).

      I hope this helps Gina. The most probable cause of your pain is a UTI and possibly a yeast infection. Both are simple to treat. Good luck and let us know how you make out : )

      • Hello Theresa and thank you so much for your comments. I wanted to update you with info that may help others on this board. Over a period of four months I had seen 8 different doctors and even had two visits to the ER when the pain was at its worst. None of the doctors or the hospitals were able to help me after several drugs and labs, in fact they made me worse as I developed horrible stomach problems from the unnecessary antibiotics. At least 2 of the doctors guessed that I must have IC, once suggested Lichen Schlederma, all without any testing at all. This was about the time that I wrote my first post to you. In November I was planning as a last hope to go to UCLA, however a friend recommended another doctor nearby and I decided to try her. She is a regular MD, however she specializes in EpiGenetic Medicine. Her comment to me was “I promise you that I think out of the box and I will do my very best to get you well.” She ordered only one lab test. It was for Zoster Virus. No other doctor thought to run this test. But, it came out positive for SHINGLES! I had absolutely no evidence of any shingles on my body, but she explained that it is a virus that affects the nerves and can be external or internal and can affect any part of the body, in my case the urethra! She started me on a 3-mo protocol of Valacylorvir. Within 10 days the pain began to subside and within a month its was completely gone! I have had a few relapses of the pain, but it is much milder and lasts for only a few days. This is not something that I will ever be cured of because this virus stays in your body, however I am looking forward to a very long remission. Until I get this virus under control, I am also trying an Alkaline diet but I am really struggling with what to eat. Is there any way you might post an example of your meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) on this diet? I asked my doctor about potential yeast and use of Nystatin. She is also running many tests to check for yeast, in my blood, stool, etc. Did any of these tests come out positive for you before using the Nystatin? I have also seen that when I get the milder pain now it is usually after a period of stress which in my case is extremely hard to overcome due to family issues with my grown children and their lack of understanding of the pain in causes. Did you find that stress also aggravated your urethral pain?

        • Hi Gina. I am so happy that you wrote in with this shingles/Zoster diagnosis – it can help so many people! I will add this information to the homepage of this website.

          To answer your questions:
          To make your diet more alkaline-forming you can just eat what you normally eat but reduce the portions of protein and add more vegetables, salads and fruits. If you want more specific meal plans, there are many books that have been written on the alkaline diet. You can also make your body more alkaline by doing deep breathing. Respiration is the body’s number one method for getting rid of acids. Try taking 5 deep breaths every time you use the bathroom, and when you first wake up in the morning, before getting out of bed.
          All urine tests I ever had showed no infection. I never had blood tests or stool tests.
          I never made any connection between stress and urethral pain, but the pain would come and go so it is possible, but somehow I don’t think that applies in my case.

          Thanks again for writing in with this valuable information Gina!

    • Hi my name is anna and im having for the past 3 months burning tingling painful urithra. went to urogynocologist said i have urithritis. Gave me urithral suppositories which was antibiotic and hydrocortisone helped for 2 days then started burning even more. He said to stop it i went back to him .He did a cystoscopy saw a red urithra whic was inflamed and then did a urithral massage. felt better for about 2 wks. He also gave me hydrocortisone with lidocane ina syringe to put up my urithra. Helped for short while. Im still not feeling well. a have strong need to urinate. no pain while urinating pain only starts about 20 min after i urinate could last a while. Im desperate for relief please help i need some good suggestions. thank you, anna

      • Hi Anna. You will find many good suggestions by reading the main page of this website and also the Comments page. Urethral pain has many causes.
        You can try taking pyridium, a drug that makes the urethra numb. It is not a cure.
        You can try taking a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. The sodium in it will make your urine more alkaline and will help you IF acid urine is contributing to your pain. The minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium also make your urine more alkaline.
        Antifungal drugs such as Nystatin will eliminate the symptoms if they are caused by a fungal/yeast infection. The drug must be taken for an extended course – I took it for 3 weeks and was cured.
        Maria recently wrote in that her urethral pain was caused by clitorodynia and she got relief from nerve pain medication.

        I hope you find something here that helps Anna.

        Theresa : )

  36. Hi Theresa
    Thanks for having this site. I had a catheter in two weeks ago for just a minute to look in my bladder and since then I’ve had severe pain in my urethra. I had 2 urine cultures and nothing showed up. I asked if they checked for fungal growth and the doctor said any growth would show up. They checked me physically for signs of a yeast infection and found none. I’d like to try the nystatin, but I’m confused about the clear tests. Did you have clear urine cultures and still have yeast?

    • Hi Maria. I had many, many clear urine cultures over 30+ years of suffering with urethral syndrome. In fact all of the urine cultures I had were clear – I never had one that showed an infection. That is the definition of urethral syndrome – urethral pain in the absence of any clinical findings of infection.

      Maintaining alkaline urine took away the pain, but the pain would come back if my urine became acidic. The Nystatin cured my urethral syndrome. I have no urethral pain no matter what my urine pH is (There is one exception to this. If the urine stays very acid for a long period of time you can get a milder version of urethral stinging; this has happened to me once since I was cured, and we also induced this once in my husband by feeding him only acid-forming foods for 2 weeks. It is a milder pain though and does not last. I have had people who do not have urethral syndrome tell me that they have experienced this once or twice in their lives and it cleared up quickly without medication).

      If you had no urethral pain before you were catheterized, then I wonder if the catheter created some kind of trauma to the urethra and now it is inflamed, possibly being made worse by acid urine. You could try taking a quarter teaspoon or a half teaspoon of baking soda (you want sodium bicarbonate – not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drinking it to see if that helps (it will make your urine alkaline within an hour or two).

      You could also try the drug pyridium which makes the urethra numb. This will relieve the pain but not cure anything.

      I hope this helps.


  37. Hi, I found your website around a month ago and have read every single comment here over these last few weeks in hopes of getting rid of my urethral syndrome. I am on my last day of the oral nystatin today, 100000 unit/m,l 5ml taken three times daily. My symptoms have improved significantly over these last 3 weeks. I feel like it is so close to beating it. I have another bottle of nystatin ready at my disposal just in case I need some more. I was wondering… did you still have any symptoms at all after you finished the medication. I read where you said it was still inflamed for a few weeks afterwards. Was there still pain in those few weeks? How did you know it was gone? I remember reading you said you slowly went off the alkaline diet and that one day the pain was just gone. Thank you for making this website and replying to comments it’s been such a huge help I just want to say thank you 🙂 I will reply with any such changes and whenever it is I wake up on the day I no longer feel this awful condition.

    • Hi Matthew. I did have some urethral burning during the second week of my Nystatin treatment. I did not have any pain after I finished the full 3 week course, however sexual intercourse was still somewhat painful for a couple of weeks afterward. Once the urethra had time to heal, this is no longer a problem for me and I can have all the intercourse I want lol ; )
      Some Nystatin prescriptions tell you to spit out the medicine (mine did not), but I swallowed it. I also maintained alkaline urine during treatment and for quite a while afterwards, which I think would help the healing.

      I wonder if it is possible that some people would need more than 3 weeks of Nystatin. Check with your doctor to be safe but I would want to try at least a few more days if you are seeing improvement.

      It might help to take a probiotic supplement to help your body build up the good bacteria – it certainly won’t hurt anything. It is also worth considering that sugar feeds yeast and therefore trying a low-carbohydrate diet might be helpful. The Atkins diet is easy because you don’t feel hungry due to the high fat content; it is scientifically tested to promote good health by stabilizing blood sugar levels, and tons of information can be found online.

      I hope this information is helpful. Please let us know how you make out, either way. Good luck to you Matthew.

      • Thanks for getting back to me Theresa.

        I should also note that my symptoms are:

        – A itching feeling inside the urethra (although this has subsided and I no longer feel this) it would feel like something was inside my urethra.

        – Painful urination, especially first time using the bathroom in the morning and only when sitting down. I don’t feel a painful urination when standing (also sometimes I get a shocking feeling that runs up my stomach when sitting down)

        – A tingle sensation. No pain with this.

        – Stinging pain throughout the day. (Feels like little lightning shocks inside my urethra) It comes at random sometimes but it can also happen exactly when I feel a rise in blood pressure if I’m feeling mad or stressed. This is the most persistent symptom I feel and by far the most annoying.

        – Very rarely I feel my urethra spasm. Also no pain with this. And usually feel it in the perineal but also toward the tip of the penis.

        I should also note: I feel no pain when aroused, or when ejaculating. However, there is the stinging pain and I’ve noticed the spasms happen right after ejaculating but not during. I have never felt the pain when I’m aroused. This probably has to do with blood flow. There is also no pain in my teaticles (for any man here experiencing urethral syndrome)

        Antibiotics I’ve taken in the past that have not helped: doxycycline, metronidazole and cipro.

        I have been taking Ultimate Flora probiotics (50 billion) for a week now and have also cut out any type of alcohol since early June. Boy do I miss the occasional beer… haha

        I will try and “starve” the yeast as best I can this week without giving it sugar. Though I’ve done well to maintain a low carb and sugar intake over these last few weeks.

        Today willl be day 22 of the nystatin of 5ml three times a day.

        Best of luck to everyone experiencing this! I know it’s tough physically and mentally but don’t lose hope. You are not alone 🙂

        I will update in a week!

  38. Dear Theresa,

    I have a quick question, when you say ” , I took Nystatin oral syrup, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage.

    Did you swallow the oral syrup? The label on my bottle says I should swish the liquid in my mouth and spit it out? Is it ok to swallow?

    Your site has been extremely helpful! Thank you.

    • Hi Susan. Yes, definitely swallow it. Glad you found the information helpful. Good luck and let us know whether the Nystatin works for you : )

  39. Dear Theresa,

    Thank you so much for this website!!! This seems exactly what I have. I went to a thyredoctomy due to thyroid cancer in January 2016 and one month after I started having the symptoms you just described. I saw an urologist who diagnosed me with vulvodynia and pelvic floor dysfunction. I went to see a pelvic floor specialist who told me that I do not have vulvodynia. Then I went to see a nephrologist and I had a 48 hours urine test and the only thing it came back not normal was the pH of my urine. It was pH=6. He wanted to give me baking soda pills, but i found it quite awkward, so I did not take them… I am still suffering with all this pain. My pain gets much worse when I am about to get my period. My gynecologist said it makes send because the pH of our body get more acidic. What would you advise me to do at this point? Talk to my nephrologist again? Try to see a specialist in Urethral syndrome? Thank you so much for all your help!!

    • Hi Susana. There are a few things written on this website that you can try. Since there are different causes of urethral pain, there is no one treatment that works for everyone. One of the causes is a yeast/fungal infection in the urethra which can be completely cured with an extended course of anti-fungal drugs. I took Nystatin oral syrup, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage. I recommend that you try this first since it is an actual cure, if yeast is your problem.

      Whether or not you have a yeast infection, any inflammation in the urethra will make the tissues more sensitive to acid. When your urine is acid, then it will create pain. Your urine test of pH 6.0 is mildly acid, however the pH of urine fluctuates from hour to hour, so your urine could be anywhere from 4 to 8 at any given time. You can check the pH of your urine yourself with urine test strips. You need ones that measure from 4 or 5 up to 8. An ideal range for urine pH is between 6.5 and 7.5 (7.0 is neutral and anything over 7 is alkaline). Anything below 6.0 or 6.5 will likely be painful when you have an inflamed urethra. Note that it is normal to have acid urine and is not a problem if your urethra is healthy.

      You can make your urine more alkaline (and therefore less painful) through diet and mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this website. I successfully remained pain-free for several years this way, until I cured my urethral syndrome with Nystatin.

      For short term pain relief you can take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drink it – this will make your urine more alkaline within an hour but it will only last for a few hours so you may need to repeat it. Or take the baking soda pills your doctor prescribed.

      You can also get a drug called Pyridium which will make your urethra numb so you won’t feel the pain.

      I also recommend that you use an anti-yeast treatment for vaginal yeast infection since any yeast overgrowth in the vagina could be a source of infection which could migrate to the urethra, perhaps through menstruation or sexual intercourse.

      Some people are trying a low carbohydrate diet since sugars and starches feed yeast. I do not know if this works; I doubt that it could be a cure but could possibly be a preventive measure.

      So there are many options for you to try. Good luck Susana, and I hope you find a solution soon! Please let us know so others can benefit from your experience : )

  40. Hi Teresa,
    I have written before and have done all of the suggestions…I have been on nystatin for 7 months, taken all the supplements, the baking soda, test strips and still no relief. The constant vaginal burning and urethra burning is horrible. I cannot sit for long periods of time (I have a donut that I sit on at my office) and it usually burns when I urinate. I just thought I had a yeast infection last week (how could that be with me on nystatin) and was tested and came back negitive for yeast. I took 3 doses of diflucan and that didn’t even help. I’m on plenty of probiotics and even started making my own and drinking kefir.
    I have completely changed my diet to a Candida diet praying this would help as well…it has been a year and the burning is still there. I was diagnosed with IC in march and am taking the elmiron now for 5 months, but I don’t think it’s the bladder at all.
    I am very sad all the time and try to maintain hope that it will get better. My husband and I have not been able to be intimate in so along because of the pain.
    I see my urogynocologist in a few days and I hope she will do more tests if everything, even biopsies of my vaginal skin if necessary to see what the problem is. I’m so afraid that this will never go away 🙁
    Please help

    • Hi Jennifer. I am so sorry to hear of your ongoing urethral pain. There is a drug called Pyridium which makes the urethra numb – it is not a cure and it does not work for everyone, but it gave me complete pain relief. You can also try a Nystatin cream which you could apply to the affected area. The only other suggestion I can think of is to try what Rose wrote in her letter (see below) about seeing a pain specialist to treat the pudendal nerve, and possibly trying a consult with a vulva specialist.

      I wish I had more to offer you Jennifer, and I sincerely hope you find some relief as soon as possible.

  41. Hello Theresa, I’ve been suffering with excruciating urethral pain for 3 years. After seeing 7 specialists and being poked, prodded, catheterized and dilated my symptoms only grew worse. A little over a year ago, by pure luck I came upon a vulvar specialist who took one look at me and said “oh, looks like we have an infection here.” I almost broke down in tears as I had been told repeatedly by urologists that I had no infection and that it was interstitial cystitis. Turns out I had MRSA in my urethra and it had been there for quite some time. At first I felt relief and then I became very very angry at all those doctors who had failed to do a simple swab for this particular infection. Seems like it should be standard for anyone with otherwise unexplained urethral pain, namely intense burning after voiding, and pain made worse by intercourse, sitting or tight clothing. I had immediate relief after a 2 week course of Minocycline but alas because the infection had gone on for so long undetected I now suffer from nerve pain in my urethra and vulvadynia. The vulva specialist also suspected yeast may be a culprit along with the nerve pain even though I tested negative for yeast. She said tests only catch 60% of yeast strains leaving 40% undetectable. She is very comfortable treating with Diflucan but has been adverse to trying Nystatin. After showing my doctor a letter from your website she finally acquiesced to prescribing nystatin for 21 days. She had prescribed Diflucan for me in the past and it would start to help and then my symptoms would return with a vengeance so my suspicion is I have a sensitivity to it. To treat the nerve pain I’m seeing a pain specialist who actually likes treating pelvic pain and he is one of the few who actively treats the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve when inflamed can mimic the symptoms of interstitial cystitis and/or cause severe pelvic pain. He said his treatment would in essence cure the nerve pain. My faith in doctors is understandably very low but he seems like a good egg. Because pelvic pain is so intricate and not a one size fits all I believe that comorbities are almost always at play and require multi modal approaches. Fingers crossed, the procedure is being done next month. Information is power and I hope this helps add to the abundance of valuable tips and experiences on this site. What was your dosage of Nystatin that you found cured you of your urethral syndrome?

    • Hi Rose. Thank you for sharing this information which will surely be helpful to many people. Just knowing that tests cannot detect 40% of yeast strains is reason enough to justify trying the Nystatin for otherwise-unexplained urethral pain (when all other causes/infections have been ruled out). The option to see a Vulvar Specialist is also a good route for anyone who cannot get results from the urologists. And you are the first person who has written in about taking Minocycline and getting relief from it. So these are all good options for people to try.
      To answer your question, I took Nystatin oral syrup, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage.
      I also suspect that it is possible that an untreated or low-grade yeast infection in the vagina could be an ongoing source of yeast that could migrate to the urethra, especially through sexual intercourse. This could explain the increased pain after intercourse (the friction rubbing close to an already-inflamed urethra also creates pain). So I recommend taking a vaginal yeast treatment as a precaution.
      I also remember that it took some time – I think it was a few weeks – for the inflammation in the urethra to completely settle down. I had this condition off-and-on for thirty-some years, so one would expect the healing to take some time.
      Thanks again Rose, and do let us know how the nerve treatment works for you : )

      • Here is the definition according to,
        “Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infection is caused by a type of staph bacteria that’s become resistant to many of the antibiotics used to treat ordinary staph infections.”

  42. Thanks for your quick reply!
    I must say that I had yeast infections since I had sex the first time but “only” in my vagina and sometimes on my feet when its very hot.
    Thats why I asked my urologist to take a sample from my urehtra but it came back negative.
    What really makes me wonder is the fact that I have this tingling sensation for sooo many hours ! It sometimes feels like I have to pee but I dont really need to. Is this similar to what you had theresa? It is so weird because my symptomes seem to vary sometimes and then Im more confused… but the tingling and stabbing always comes back so there must be an explanation. I think I’ll try Nystatin since it is available in germany withiut recipe (at least thats what I read online).

    • Hi Alex. I apologise for the delay in responding to this message…somehow I missed it. Yes I used to get a tingling sensation for many hours sometimes. I did not experience urgency (feeling like I needed to pee when I didn’t). I consider the tingling to be a very mild level of pain that comes from the same cause as the more severe pain.

      Have you had a chance to try the Nystatin? I hope you are feeling better.

  43. I was diagnosed with urethral syndrome three years ago after two years of not knowing what was going on. While I’m still not sure that it is the correct diagnosis, it seems to be the closest thing. The only time it ever flares up really is when I am traveling under stressful conditions, like being away from my husband and daughter or traveling internationally, which is what we are doing right now. For example, it doesn’t flare up whenever we visit my family for a week. It hurts all the time when it flares up but especially when walking or sitting.

    I have used the Nystatin cream in the past and it seems to help but takes many, many weeks. We were able to get the oral suspension at a pharmacy here in Europe. I’m hoping that it will help, but my question is, approximately how long until the symptoms let up? Just so I know if it’s working or not. I’ve also been taking an anti-spasmodic, but that does not help too much.

    I’ve tried the baking soda mixture once this morning…not sure if it helped. The pain has been unrelenting for over a week.

    Any suggestions appreciated!

    • Hi Sarah. I also used to have more frequent pain when travelling. I don’t know why that is, perhaps it is related to drinking less water which makes the urine more concentrated. I have been told that the air at high altitudes (on airplanes) is dryer so you need to drink more water.

      You may need to repeat the baking soda drink a couple times, or use a little more of it in the water. The calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements will also help if acid urine is the cause of your pain.

      I hope something here helps Sarah! Let us know how you make out and I hope you are able to enjoy your trip.

      • Hey,

        I just found this forum because Im having a bad burning and stubbing in my urethra since my last (and first) bladder infection in march ! Its been 3 months since then and I’ve been through a lot during that time. I’m from Germany and I’ve seen so many doctors in the last months, but none of them was really able to help me. I even underwent an operation because an urologist told me my urethra was too tight so they expandet it during an operation. I was still having the same pain afterwards though. My symptomes are mainly a stabbing and tickling in the urehtra, I dont really have to pee more than normally but I always have a “weird” sensation when my bladder is not even full. It somehow hurts and the pain goes right down to my urehtra. Thats why I think my pain has nothing to do with my bladder.
        I bought the ph tester today and my urine was around 5,8. I must say that it hurts sometimes when I pee at the end of my urehtra and then afterwards I almost ALWAYS have this weird sensation that I can just FEEl my urehtra all the time ! Its not always painful, sometimes just really annoying. And I feel like I cannot control it.
        Did you have similar symptomes theresa?
        Do you think it could be a yeast infection although I’ve been tested at yeast and bacteria? I was also on a 4 weeks antibiotics therapy which didnt help at all.
        I would really appreciate any recommendations !!

        • It could definitely be a yeast infection even if your test results were negative – at least that is what happened in my case. All my urine tests were negative, but a three week course of Nystatin (anti-fungal drug) cured me (after suffering for 30+ years) and I have STAYED cured now for one and a half years. It is my understanding that antibiotics do not kill yeast/fungus infections – you need an anti-fungal drug for that.

          My experience with urethral pain did include a mild tingling sensation sometimes which could last for many hours. Like you, I also did not need to pee any more than usual. And the pain was always worse immediately after peeing, although the pain could be there before or during peeing as well. Even when there was no pain at all, I could sometimes just feel my urethra.

          If your pain is worse when your urine is more acid, then you should get relief by taking the minerals as outlined on the main page of this site. But the best solution is the anti-fungal drug treatment, taken for an extended timeframe.

          I hope this helps Alex. Do let us know how you make out : )

  44. Hi Theresa and All
    I wanted to tell you that this forum is a God send for me. In February this year I had what was diagnosed as UTI but i think it was also a mix of Bacterial Vaginosis (due to the strange symptoms Ive never had with previous UTI’s such as fishy smell – sorry too much info i know)
    I was very slow at getting to a Dr and by the time I did it had been 3 weeks of suffering. She would not give me antibiotics before she sent off the urine sample for testing (despite me being desperate for something to ease the pain) and as suspected a UTI was diagnosed and I started on Keflex/Cipro. I took one course but although most of my symptoms went away (fishy smell, burning) the urgency and frequency was still there. I then took it upon myself to use the repeat she had included for when I have sex (I was supposed to take one tablet after sex as my infections were recurrent, since I met my Husband in March 2016). I therefore took 2 full courses a total of 20 days and it didnt go away, I then began to have sharp pain, information and swelling in my urethra. I had in March 2017 started a new job and being unable to take leave and see a Dr I took 10 days of the OTC drug Hiprex which turns your urine into formaldahyde, I think this made things worse. After this I managed to find a lunch break to see a Dr and low and behold in April they tested me and I had “clean urine” since then I have been given drugs for Bacterial Vaginosis that make me bleed, had an ultrasound for both Kidney and bladder, multiple urine samples, STI swab, Thrush & hydrocortisone cream, poked and proded by 4 different Drs and all they could tell me was that my urethra looked red and inflamed. Fast Forward and here I am a week ago late May begging for a referral to a urologist but they refuse and want to send me to a gyno first.
    I then came across your site and bought myself 150mg Fluconazole (Diflucan) OTC tablets I have taken one pill a day for 3 days straight and my symptoms are dramatically improving. I tried to tell a Dr yesterday what I was doing and she had no idea about yeast or candidasis in the urinary tract, so I gave up. I feel about 70% better the frequency has now become on and off rather then 24 hours so I feel like im getting some relief and the urinary flow has strengthened which means I am going when I need to, not just a few drops here and there. I dont have burning or pain and yesterday was able to have sex again! I need to see another Dr and force them to listen to me. I hope they will give me Nilstat for 3 weeks like your dose and clear this once and for all.
    I also have been on a low carb anti candida diet for the last few days ( start at the same time as the drugs) which i am sure is helping. I was vegan before this so carbs where all I ate, which inturn fed the yeast but i have reintroduced eggs into my diet (still no meat or dairy) but cut out all grains and sugars including fruit. My diet is limited to basically eggs, vegetables ( which my husband has managed to cook in the coolest of ways), occasional quinoa and green tea but I know now I wont have to live like this forever. I am also taking probiotics. I feel like i am so close to finally feeling like myself again. Thank you for everything you do.

    • Hi Brianna. I feel so sorry for all that you have been through with this condition! Your persistence in searching for an answer is paying off and I am relieved to hear that the Diflucan is helping. In fact, Diflucan should be just as effective as Nystatin since they both kill all yeast – the only question is what dosage.

      I think you are on track with your diet changes and I would love to hear back from you on how effective your regimen is over time.

      Thanks for sharing your story and for the positive feedback : )

    • Hi Athanasia. You raise an interesting point and I do suspect that there is a connection between vaginal yeast infections and urethral yeast infections. However, I had urethral syndrome for 30+ years and rarely (I remember only one or two occasions) did I have symptoms of a vaginal yeast infection. Perhaps one can have a vaginal yeast infection with little or no symptoms – that would explain a lot.

      I would encourage anyone with urethral pain (and also those who do not have urethral pain!) to promptly treat any vaginal yeast infections.

      • Should I try and treat vaginal yeast infection although I don’t have any itching or irritation but constant urethral pain? I am going to start fluconazol as well. Should I do both? Thanks!

        • Hi Daniela. I would check with your doctor if you plan to use two medications at the same time.

          If you want to try the minerals, then that can be done at the same time as taking a medication.

          I hope you find relief Daniela : )

  45. Hello and many thanks for this forum. I’ve learned quite a bit and although I see it’s mostly women who are involved on here, I’m hoping that this could be of help to me as a man, especially considering that I’m in Africa where some of these supplements may be unavailable or referred to by other names that are not known to me.

    First I’d give a brief history of my situation. I had several tests after I’d started to feel a burn before and after urination 14 years ago. I noticed I always needed to pee to get a bit of relief which only lasted about 2mins and then the burn would start again. It wasn’t very painful but was quite discomforting and unbearable. It ranged from mild to severe in some cases. This started after sex with my girlfriend at the time. Eventually I got one lab whose results said I had a yeast infection which was unusual in men. I was told to buy Nizoral tablets and every symptom stopped after about 48hrs……to think that I’d been on several antibiotics that failed to work.

    7years later, I had the most chaotic episode that lasted about a year and coincidentally it was triggered by sex again ( between both episodes, I rarely had sex and never had any episode of the burn). Several tests returned negative again and it became even more difficult to treat since there wasn’t any result of a yeast infection this time. I ended up with an investigative surgery (urectroscopy) which returned negative as well citing that the urethra was clear. The urologist said it was a case of urethral syndrome and placed me on just a few tabs to ease the pain and bruises from the surgery. Shortly afterwards, I was normal again. The problem now is that I’ve had recurrent cases of this uncomfortable pain and burn ranging from very mild to severe and all have been triggered by sex (usually a day or two after). In most cases, it disappears without any medication after a few days or a week, but there’s been one going on for 2months now, all tests are negative as usual, no bacteria, no yeasts, nothing….I’ve had to out up with the harsh side effects of some antibiotics and finally decided to stay off. I don’t know whether to try the nizoral or Nystatin (as mentioned on here) again, considering that no result has indicated the presence of a yeast infection. I will head to the pharmacy today to see if I could get a ph test paper but I’d love a permanent solution.

    • Hi Lee. Your history sounds very similar to mine and others here. Two methods have worked for me, as outlined on this website:
      1. Maintaining alkaline urine by taking supplements of calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium bicarbonate; eating more alkalizing foods and less acid-forming foods; and monitoring urine pH with test paper.
      2. Taking an extended course of an anti-fungal drug such as Nystatin.

      Others have posted their efforts and results here in the Comments.

      I sure hope something in here works for you Lee : ) Do keep us posted on your progress.

      • I’m having trouble finding potassium carbonate 1000 mg at local drug stores. Is this by prescription only? Thank you so much for posting your experience, I’m feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time!

        • Potassium citrate or carbonate is only sold in 99 mg tablets (or less). I have read that this is because a large dose taken on an empty stomach with inadequate water could irritate the stomach lining (because it is so alkaline). By packaging it in small tablets it is less likely that a large amount of it would sit in one spot in the stomach.

          I took 3 of these 99mg tablets with each meal (breakfast, lunch and supper) for a total of 900 mg per day.

          Another outstanding source of potassium is V8 Juice. It contains 750 mg per cup.

          I hope you find relief Sara : )

  46. Just as a PS to the comment I just posted:
    I should say that I have also been on a Low Carb-High Fat diet for the last 18 months.. which I didn’t do specifically for the urethritis, but perhaps it also helps to a smaller degree. It didn’t stop the acute attacks I did have, but many people say it helps, and I lost weight and continue to feel very good on it.
    I live in South Africa, so I had to find local off-the-shelf products at the pharmacy containing the minerals for the treatment regime… in the morning I take a heaped medicine spoonful of alkaline base powder, which has ±760 mg of the pot.cit…3/4 of what I must take daily. I was able to buy bottles of Pot.Cit. liquid form Dis-Chem but for the past month no-one has had in stock, so I need to find another source, or take another half teaspoon of the alkaline powder at night.. so a little experimentation has to happen but I’m sure I will find a solution. I can still take the right dose of Calc. carb and Mag. Oxide. But I see that one can substitute calc citrate and mag. malate so will try to find those. it’s a mater of checking out all the ingredients in products. Cramp-Ease tablets give me the Magnesium Oxide and Calc carb tablets are easy to get hold of.
    And do try putting a handful of coarse salt in the bath (Unscented).. it definitely reduces the external irritation.

    • Interesting because I have also started a low-carb, high-fat diet about 8 months ago. I lost a few pounds, have more energy and feel great too.

  47. I suffered from recurring cystitis from the age of 18 until last year! I am now 65, so that totals an unenviable 47 years. So I considered myself the ‘Queen of Cystitis’ and my main symptom every time was incredible burning pain. I have spent nights sitting in misery in scalding hot baths just to try and numb the pain until the citro soda and megadoses of painkillers could start working. Often I would have to overdose completely on aspirins and alkalisers to get any relief. Just two Disprin and one teaspoon of Citro soda was not enough. I’d at least have to double up on the painkillers to make any difference. I knew this wasn’t good, but as long as the agony stopped I really didn’t care! And then at least I could get to a doctor for the inevitable antibiotics. You could forget cranberry juice and all the natural remedies, they did absolutely nothing.

    I have had more holidays ruined by acute attacks than I care to mention. Eventually it was a big relief when my husband was no longer interested in sex, when we hit the 60 year mark, because by then it didn’t matter how fastidious I was with cleanliness, predictably 2 days after sex I would get an attack, enough to put the dampers on the nicest of sex lives!

    Next, to my dismay, I found I was getting attacks without any sex at all and my bladder was getting weaker, I was leaking, had stress incontinence and when I did want to go properly it took ages to pee. January 2016 I had an op to dilate the urethra and ‘straighten everything out’. This would solve all the problems, the urologist assured me. But a month after the op I got another attack, and the urethra seemed to be sore all the time, even when the infection had been cleared with the usual antibiotics.

    First I was devastated… and then I became angry. The op had made everything much much worse, so I decided I would manage this myself because the doctors just can’t help me. It was NOT in my head, due to depression or other nonsense I’ve been told. You want to grab some of those doctors and make them feel what you feel.. and then they can tell you that you are making it up! Grrrrrrrrr.

    So I googled and googled and came upon this website and put myself on the alkaline regime of 1000mg each of Potassium citrate, Magnesium Oxide and Calcium carbonate. And OMG it workedI I have had a couple of episodes in the last 18 months.. that has to be a record… totally brilliant! And both times that was due to forgetting to take the alkalisers for a day. I was still getting urethral soreness on the outside to begin with, but since I stopped using bath foam in the bath and put a handful of salt crystals in the bathwater instead, even that has gone. I am so happy and grateful to this website and the wonderful lady who has shared her info with us – I just can’t explain the LUXURY of not having to worry about getting another attack.

    So ladies PLEASE try the alkaline regime…. I thought I was totally doomed to suffer forever! I just wish I’d come across this information 40 years earlier!!

    • Thanks Chiz for this wonderful feedback! I am so happy you found relief at long last. Your experiences are so similar to my own – all those doctors and procedures and yet still many years of needless suffering. It brings a tear to my eye when I think not only of my own 30+ years history with this terrible condition, but also with your experiences (even longer than mine!) and how many hundreds or thousands of others?

      Knowing that my efforts in publishing this information have helped someone means so much to me. Thank you Chiz, and Cheers to you!

    • Hi there
      I am suffering severe urethral burning. I had Ecoli UTI for months. 7 to me exact. Antibiotics killed it a month ago but was told I had a lot of yeast. So got on Diflucan. I’m still in agony. I’m miserable. But I’m sure you know. Drs think I have IC. I don’t think I do. None of the ic meds are working and I’m left with this awful urethral burning and itching. I also itch on the outside everywhere down there. I don’t know what to do. My dr is useless. Like so many. I hate it. I need my life back. What can I do? I get another urinalysis done tom so I’ll see what that says. I just don’t get it. I feel like it’s an infection. I pray Drs can fix this.

      • Hi Tara. I know how awful this condition can make you feel. For immediate relief I always found soaking in a hot bath helps. For the urethral burning you can try taking a quarter teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. Ask your doctor for some anti-itch cream, preferably one that has an anti-fungal effect. Loose clothing may help – I would definitely avoid tight-fitting pants.

        Hopefully you will find something here that will help. Good luck Tara, and let us know how you make out.

      • Tara,

        Got lots of info to share with you about this. I have suffered from urethral burning for over 30 years. Over the years, some medications that I’ve tried worked, but only temporarily. One is Estrace 0.01% cream, which you can apply vaginally three times a week. But, here are a couple of things that work much better.

        Go to a Walmart, or any health food store, and buy the biggest bottle of George’s Always Active Aloe that you can find; it cost $11 in my local health food store. Drink two ounces every morning and four ounces at night (during a flare, two ounces otherwise). This stuff works great!!!!

        Here’s another tip: fill a bathtub with lukewarm water and sprinkle three tablespoons of baking soda in the water. Soak for 20 minutes. Repeat as often as necessary. Relief will be instantaneous!!!!

        Also, do not eat sugar for two months and see what happens! In my case, eating just a couple of sugary treats can bring on a raging attack.

        Here’s another tip: every night, for two months, take two capsules (1200 mgs each) of Tart Cherry Extract by Spring Valley. You can buy it online at Walmart for around $7. Tart Cherry Extract helps alleviate inflammation, which is at the root of urethral burning. Only take it at night because Tart Cherry also induces sleep.

        Lastly, ask your doctor to prescribe Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly USP 2%. Apply four times daily to affected area. Works fast!

        Feel better!

        • Thanks for all these great tips Barb! To all you readers out there – if anyone uses these tips please write in with your results. It could help someone else : )

  48. I posted here a few months ago and wanted to update in case it helps anyone! If you want to read my post I think it was in December 2016.

    So I had been suffering with UTI-like symptoms mostly after sex that had since been lingering and causing urethral pain with urination, with all doctors tests coming back negative. I never ended up trying the Nystatin or pH test strips or anything like that but am happy to say I just had a month or two with no problems! (Its unfortunately back after sex with my boyfriend but I feel much better about coping with it now, and am pretty sure I know the cause of my problem).

    What helped: I found out about pelvic floor dysfunction, and whilst I didn’t see a professional about this, reading about different relaxation exercises you can do made me realise that i was constantly squeezing my muscles tight, as if to avoid peeing myself. The first time I went to the toilet after this and tried to relax the muscles (instead of straining or squeezing) my brain was saying ‘no! you’ll pee yourself!’ so this was a big realisation for me that I’d basically forgotten how to pee (psychologically and physically with muscles) after all the months of pain. Even if it doesn’t sound like you, please just try it out and have a quick google, it made a massive difference for me and after a month of gradually lessening the pain it was gone completely. Along with this it was quite soothing to use a hot water bottle down there to ease any discomfort and I think this probably helped with any muscle spasming too.

    Cause: Although the pain is back, I am 90% sure its mostly down to lack of lubrication/time of the month that I’m having sex, along with my urethra possibly being more sensitive than normal after all this. I had sex with no pain after in the middle of my cycle, but sex at the end of my period has brought it back (and thinking about it, sex at this time is what has always caused it). Also being insufficiently ‘warmed up’! Sex is what always made the pain worse, and it was then just never fully recovering. So if sex is a big trigger for you (it will always be causing friction against your urethra) try and see if there are any patterns with your cycle or how relaxed/lubricated you were.

  49. Hi I have been trying the nystatin.unfortunately since I have been taking it my urethral symptoms are flaring really badly.after a week i have had no improvement at all, infact things are much worse.has anyone else had this? I have had severe urethral burning symptoms for 17 years.I have had every test under the sun and even see a professor in Bristol uk.I tried pelvic physio to see if it was pelvic floor problems but this also made my symptoms flare.
    Sugar is my big aggravator so when I saw your post about nystatin it all seemed to fit.but because the nystatin contains sugar this maybe the problem.I also have burning skin round my bottom with welts from the stuff.eeek!

    • Hi Josie. I would report your symptoms to your doctor. You may be having a reaction to the nystatin. You might do better with a different anti-fungal drug such as Diflucan. In the meantime you can try managing the pain with baking soda (a half-teaspoon in a glass of water and drink it) and the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium as outlined on this website. I also recommend you get some pH test paper and see if acid urine is making things worse. I hope you find relief soon, Josie. Seventeen years is such a long time!

  50. Hi all, I wrote on here a few posts back. So I’m just giving an update. Unfortunately the Nystatin did not work for me. However through research of my own I came across pelvic floor dysfunction and having too-tight pelvic floors and how it can mess with your nerves down below. I am now seeking pelvic floor therapy with a lovely physio. I am also reading a book call “Heal Pelvic Pain” by Amy Stein. I am feeling SOOO much better already and I’m only on my 3rd session. Tight pelvic builds up over time if you ever think to yourself am I tight down there when your stressed or down or being tense from pain or have given birth. Kegels can actually cause more problems than good ladies!!! Squeezing every last wee out because your urethra is on fire. STOP!..relax listen to your body. Hope this helps you all, this also applies to men and children not just us ladies.

    • Thanks for the update JP. This could be very helpful to anyone, especially for those whom the drugs do not give relief.

      • Hello Theresa, I’ve been suffering with excruciating urethral pain for 3 years. After seeing 7 specialists and being poked, prodded, catheterized and dilated my symptoms only grew worse. A little over a year ago, by pure luck I came upon a vulvar specialist who took one look at me and said “oh, looks like we have an infection here.” I almost broke down in tears as I had been told repeatedly by urologists that I had no infection and that it was interstitial cystitis. Turns out I had MRSA in my urethra and it had been there for quite some time. At first I felt relief and then I became very very angry at all those doctors who had failed to do a simple swab for this particular infection. Seems like it should be standard for anyone with otherwise unexplained urethral pain, namely intense burning after voiding, and pain made worse by intercourse, sitting or tight clothing. I had immediate relief after a 2 week course of Minocycline but alas because the infection had gone on for so long undetected I now suffer from nerve pain in my urethra and vulvadynia. The vulva specialist also suspected yeast may be a culprit along with the nerve pain even though I tested negative for yeast. She said tests only catch 60% of yeast strains leaving 40% undetectable. She is very comfortable treating with Diflucan but has been adverse to trying Nystatin. After showing my doctor a letter from your website she finally acquiesced to prescribing nystatin for 21 days. She had prescribed Diflucan for me in the past and it would start to help and then my symptoms would return with a vengeance so my suspicion is I have a sensitivity to it. To treat the nerve pain I’m seeing a pain specialist who actually likes treating pelvic pain and he is one of the few who actively treats the pudendal nerve. The pudendal nerve when inflamed can mimic the symptoms of interstitial cystitis and/or cause severe pelvic pain. He said his treatment would in essence cure the nerve pain. My faith in doctors is understandably very low but he seems like a good egg. Because pelvic pain is so intricate and not a one size fits all I believe that comorbities are almost always at play and require multi modal approaches. Fingers crossed, the procedure is being done next month. Information is power and I hope this helps add to the abundance of valuable tips and experiences on this site. What was your dosage of Nystatin that you found cured you of your urethral syndrome?

        • Hi Rose. Thank you for sharing this information which will surely be helpful to many people. Just knowing that tests cannot detect 40% of yeast strains is reason enough to justify trying the Nystatin for otherwise-unexplained urethral pain (when all other causes/infections have been ruled out). The option to see a Vulvar Specialist is also a good route for anyone who cannot get results from the urologists. And you are the first person who has written in about taking Minocycline and getting relief from it. So these are all good options for people to try.

          To answer your question, I took Nystatin oral syrup, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage.

          I also suspect that it is possible that an untreated or low-grade yeast infection in the vagina could be an ongoing source of yeast that could migrate to the urethra, especially through sexual intercourse. This could explain the increased pain after intercourse (the friction rubbing close to an already-inflamed urethra also creates pain). So I recommend taking a vaginal yeast treatment as a precaution.

          I also remember that it took some time – I think it was a few weeks – for the inflammation in the urethra to completely settle down. I had this condition off-and-on for thirty-some years, so one would expect the healing to take some time.

          Thanks again Rose, and do let us know how the nerve treatment works for you : )

  51. Hi Theresa,

    Thanks so much for the information on how to relieve the pain through bicarbonate of soda- this has been helping me a lot. I’ve started on the mineral supplements and (as an experiment for now just to rule it out) cut out caffeine, alcohol and sugar (pretty much), but it’s too soon to feel the effects of these things yet. The main thing that is helping me is the soda. (I also add a sprinkle to my tap water with each glass as it measures as slightly acidic otherwise). I will try to get Nystatin as soon as possible to try it, as my symptoms seem to be the same as yours (including regarding pH and pain correlation).

    I do have one question if you don’t mind? When you were feeling normal and pain-free by successfully managing your pH, were you also able to have sex without pain? Or did this cause pain regardless? For me it doesn’t seem to make a difference that I’ve managed to get myself to a pain-free alkaline state, as soon as I have sex the pain is back regardless and it’s getting me down.

    Thanks so much

    • Hi Carmen. Thanks for the feedback and I am glad the baking soda is helping. Sodium is one of the most important electrolyte minerals needed by the body, along with potassium, calcium and magnesium.

      To answer your question, I was able to have pain-free sex (yay!) after a month or so of alkaline urine. It takes time for the inflammation in the urethra to fully heal.

      I would like to add that, to the best of my knowledge, caffeine, alcohol and sugar do not directly impact urine pH. It is the protein and mineral content of food that impacts urine pH and those particular foods do not have significant amounts of protein or minerals. However, coffee and alcohol are diuretics (they cause your body to eliminate water) which makes your body dehydrated. This will make your urine more concentrated and therefore increase the effect of any acid.

      Sugar is said to feed yeast/fungi, so if your symptoms are caused by a yeast overgrowth in the urethra, then it may be helpful to eliminate sugar. However any refined carbohydrate will do the same – bread, pasta, rice, cake, cookies (all the good stuff, lol). It is possible to eat a healthy nutrient-rich diet which is low in carbohydrate, and recent science shows many health benefits including reduced risk of diabetes, an end to food cravings, more stable blood sugar throughout the day and a higher intake of nutrients (because refined carbohydrates are very low in nutrients). My husband and I adopted a low-carb diet 8 months ago and we both lost weight, we have more energy and we feel better. There is a lot of information on the web but one good resource for those who might be interested is the book “The New Atkins For a New You” by Eric Westman et al., a New York Times Bestseller.

      I hope this is helpful Carmen : )

      • That is very encouraging news, I’ll stop feeling quite so sorry for myself knowing there may be a light at the end of the tunnel! Also, interesting information re.caffeine and alcohol. Perhaps just staying hydrated at the same time will be ok.

        When I manage to get hold of Nystatin and try it out, I’ll report back.

        Thanks again x

  52. Hi Theresa, after a couple of years of on-again-off-again symptoms, my 9 year old son developed dysuria which got worse and worse over a period of 4 weeks, to the point of screaming every time he urinated, and pain and spasming when not urinating. A paediatric urologist diagnosed ‘idiopathic urethritis’, with advice to use mild analgesics if it got bad or ural (which you can buy in Australia to make the urine alkiline), and he might grow out of it by around 13! Neither of these things worked. They even tried syringing local anaesthetic up the pipes, which was very traumatic, and didn’t work.

    He was nuked very heavily around 9 months ago with heavy-duty antibiotics. And he has suspect gut health for many years. He also gets a rash on his penis. I have been trying to get the medical profession to put it all together, to no avail. Then I found your info.

    So, I found your page just over a week ago. We found a marvellous GP who prescribed Nystatin (and Daktarin cream for the painful penile rash, which clearly looks like thrush). Within one hour he had relief when urinating, and the rash is starting to clear up with the cream.

    He has been on the Nystatin for 8 days now (500,000 iu capsules 3x per day), and it was really good for about 4 days, but now the pain is starting to come back as it was before. I am telling myself that it is going to get worse before it gets better, and it has been let run riot for weeks so there’s a lot of healing to be done, while reminding myself that the info on this page has stated that some people haven’t had any relief until they’ve completed the full three weeks.

    I have considered whether it could be the “die-back” symptoms you hear about, although die-back sounds more like flu-like symptoms some people get as a result of the candida dying and releasing toxins, rather than an increase in the pain in the urethra. I don’t know though – any ideas?

    I know you had your pain under control when you tried the Nystatin, but have you heard of anyone finding it getting better, but then worse, before it finally came good?

    To say we are desperate to give relief to our 9 year old son is an understatement! Grateful for any words of wisdom you may have.

    • Hi Fiona. I am so sorry to hear about your son’s condition. I can tell you for sure that the painful symptoms can continue during the treatment. It takes a long time for the anti-fungal medicine to penetrate the tissues in the urethra.

      I recommend you keep him on an alkaline diet, as outlined on this website, because any acidity in the urine will always be painful to an already-inflamed urethra. Using a pH test paper to measure his urine pH will help you to know if acid urine is making him worse.

      It might also help to cut out sugar and refined carbohydrate (flour, pasta, sweets, white potatoes) while taking the medicine, because it could be feeding the yeast/fungal infection. I know diet changes can be difficult with a child. We make delicious waffles and muffins using ground up flax seeds instead of flour and we use stevia and erythritol to sweeten them (all of these foods are natural and have practically no carbohydrate). There are tons of low-carb recipes online and on YouTube.

      I really hope this helps, Fiona. It must be heartbreaking for you. Take care and let us know how you make out.

  53. ** IF YOU ARE IN THE UK PLEASE READ** my doctor was willing to let me try the nystatin however she misprinted the prescription and only gave me 30ml instead of 21 days worth. I rang her the next day and she realised she had made an error and advised my new prescription would be available by lunch. However, later that day I received a call from the head GP advising this is not a NHS protocol to supply this drug for treating urethral issues. My heart sank I even went in and printed off all this information off this site. Only to be put down by the head GP who was rude to me and I left the GPs office in tears.The point of me telling you all this that if you are based in the UK and get fobbed off, do not be dishearten I googled liked crazy when I got home and found “the online clinic” based on Harley street London a legit site they are even registered under the gmc. They have supplied me with the nystatin needed. Hope this helps!!!

  54. Hi Theresa, I’m a 30 year old woman from Canada. I have had many bladder infections over the past 10+ years but have been experiencing extreme urethral issues for over 2 years now. The initial onset was horrible pain/urgency/frequency that sent me to 3 trips to the emergency room (each time they said it was a bladder infection and sent me home with medication but I never actually had an infection) and the last trip being complete urinary retention and I was catheterized. Since then, over the course of 2 years, I have had flare ups every few months that were tolerable, however lately, they seem to be coming sooner and lasting longer. I am now onto my 4th urologist and have been seeing a pain specialist. I have had over 4+ cystoscopies (so many I can’t remember)and urodynamic testing and every test has come back with no abnormalities, other than there was a small ‘funneling’ at the top of my urethra. I have also had 2 urethral dilations, although I am not sure if they were required. I have also tried pelvic physiotherapy which did not provide any relief. The pain specialist I have been seeing also did a special bacteria test on my urethra, but it was negative. I was recently prescribed 25mg of Amitriptyline and 50mg of Myrbetriq to take during my flare ups, as well as a numbing gel to rub onto my urthetra. I take the amitriptyline in the evenings which helps me sleep, and the Myrbetriq in the morning, but I am really not finding any relief. I have read over your website a few times and I couldn’t find anyone else being prescribed these medications. The flare ups come out of nowhere and I cannot seem to figure out what triggers it – whether it be sex, foods, caffeine or it could be none of them! After reading over your site, I am curious to see if it is the PH levels of my urine and if the supplements will help. And I’m also wondering if the Nystatin will help since I had a bacteria test already that came up negative. But it is worth a try. Thank you for your website and all of the information 🙂

    • Hi Jaclyn. I am so sorry for all you’ve been through. In my interactions with urologists I don’t think they have any idea of the terrible suffering that goes with this condition. Do try the baking soda and mineral supplements – they really helped me. And the pH test strips will give you the information you need to manage the pain if it is being worsened by acid urine.

      Regarding lab tests and bacteria – my tests always showed no bacteria. In other words, my urine lab tests were always “normal”, but that is only because they were either not testing for a fungal infection or they were incompetent at finding it (many times!). I assume that bacteria and yeast/fungi are two different things as far as lab tests go.

      Since you have been to several specialists and tried several treatments, I encourage you to try the Nystatin anti-fungal drug for an extended period of three weeks. Good luck Jaclyn and please let us know how you make out with all this : )

      • Hi Theresa,
        Thank you for the information 🙂 I monitored my PH for just over 2 weeks now and I cannot seem to fined a correlation between my pain and PH levels. I find that my PH is general between a 6-7.5 most of the time. This would be generally a ‘neutral’ PH level. My question to you is, was your urine acidic most of the time? And if so, what was the PH level? I’m trying to understand if my urine is actually acidic enough to be causing this pain, but it has only dropped below 6 a few times. I have not yet started the supplements because I wanted to determine if this was the cause.

        It seems like I’m on a roller-coaster ride most of the time. One day I have pain and the next day I don’t and then it can be 3 bad days and 2 good days. I find that sex never used to bother me, but it seems to be more lately. I also just picked up the Nystatin and will begin taking it to see if it has any effects.

        • Hi Jaclyn. Your urine pH level is higher than mine – yours is in the ideal range. Mine rarely goes above 6.5. Sometimes it goes as low as the pH test paper can measure (that is, 4.5 and maybe lower). It’s probably between 5.5 and 6.5 most of the time with frequent dips down to 4 to 5. When I take the mineral supplements I can keep it around 6.5.

          If you are having pain when your urine is alkaline then I wonder if you are having recurring yeast mini-infections that your body fights off (or mostly fights off), and then you get another one. The vagina harbors yeast naturally and it is so close to the urethra. I would be sure to clear up any hints of a vaginal yeast infection, and do take care to wipe from front-to-back after using the toilet (never back-to-front or back-and-forth) [sorry for being indelicate but this is important; in fact I will make a note to add this advice to my main page].

          I hope the Nystatin works for you. Good luck Jaclyn and let us know how things go : )

    • Has anyone had a Cystoscopy.. I have had burning in my urethea since Nov. And it isn’t all the time. I am terrified of having the procedure done. I have a vertigo condition and and bad pain triggers very bad dizziness and off balance..
      Thank You

      • Hi Angie. I have had several cystoscopies and I did experience urethral pain after each one for about an hour or maybe two. Strangely, the cystoscopies did help relieve my symptoms for a time (a month or so) but the pain always came back, so I don’t really recommend the cystoscopies unless there are no other options. Have you tried the baking soda/minerals? And I also recommend an anti-fungal drug such as nystatin or diflucan. I hope this helps.

  55. Hello Theresa and thank you for all these info. I will write again soon my whole story but for now I would like to know: did you take nystatin away from food? Did you just swallow it or you keep it in your mouth like they suggest to do for oral thrush? Did you feel some improvement during the 3 weeks or it was a sudden and total relief at 3 weeks?
    Thank you so much for all your work on the topic. I am using nystatin now, will report soon with results

    • Hi Val. I don’t remember if the Nystatin came with any instructions regarding taking it with food – I would just follow the instructions and if they do not mention food, then I would assume it does not matter. I did swish it around in my mouth briefly before swallowing simply because the instructions said to do so. Since we are not taking it for oral thrush that may not matter, but many drugs are absorbed into the bloodstream through the tissues in the mouth, so I just did what the instructions said to do.

      I did experience some occasional urethral burning while taking the Nystatin, even after two weeks. This was discouraging and I thought it was not working, but I continued to take it anyway and after the full three weeks, my symptoms never returned.

      I hope it works for you too Val – please let us know : )

      • Hello Theresa and thank you for your answer! I cannot tell you how useful all your info have been.
        I will tell you and the other readers something about me. I am a 28yo male from UK.
        I have been having this problem sin April 2016… the problem, as you can imagine, is burning after urination. Before the onset of this problem, I had a bit of dribbling after urination that however has never bothered me so much. After the onset of the burning problem, the dribbling has increased. I have tried countless antibiotics (I am now off antibiotics). I have also tried itraconazole (2 weeks) and fluconazole (3 times, but very far apart from each other) without success. I am now using Myozil (as suggested by another reader) and nystatin (as suggested by you, Bill, Christine and some other reader). It’s still early to see any effect.
        After some months since its onset, fortunately, the problem has improved: from April until September the burning was actually constant (even though got worst just after urinating) and living was difficult. Now I am mostly fine, apart after urination: the burning and the dribbling are very bothering, and they bothers me for around 1hour after peed.

        I have 2 questions for you
        1) any dribbling problem during your period of suffering with urethral syndrome?
        2) What I meant by asking about the Nystatin is that if you had constant and steady improvement (a part from some random bad days which always happens), or if you had SUDDEN and complete relief. I am just curious to know what to expect, and also I want to know if I have to consider this treatment not successful if I still have burning all throughout the 3 weeks of treatment.

        I will certainly let everybody knows if this works. I think I am also the first an only male in this comment section, so I am sure other males with the same problems would be interested to know the results of this.

        Thanks thanks thanks again

        • Hi Val. Thanks for being brave enough to write in as our first male commentor with this terrible condition.

          To answer your questions, first of all I never experienced dribbling. Your second question about the pattern of relief from the Nystatin – I had my pain under complete control through the use of mineral supplements as outlined on this website. Therefore I was not having any pain during the time I was taking the Nystatin, except for a couple of days when I did not take my minerals (I was testing to see if the pain was still there). So, when my course of Nystatin was finished I cut back on the minerals..a little at first. I had no pain, so I cut back some more on the minerals…still no pain and finally after a few weeks I stopped taking the minerals and have not had any pain for about a year now – not once. Even when my urine is acid, I still do not have any pain. So I cannot say if the relief from the Nystatin came suddenly or gradually, but it appears that it came near the end of the three week period. If I had only taken it for a week or two, it would not have worked.

          I am crossing my fingers and toes that the Nystatin works for you too, Val.

          If you have not yet seen a urologist, I strongly encourage you to do so since there are so many different causes of urethral pain.

          Take care and do let us know how you make out : )

          • Hello theresa,
            I am sorry to report that the nystatin treatment didn’t work for me. I took it for around 16 days and nothing changed. I am also taking myconazil for candida, but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. The only thing that really works for me is steroid cream, so I guess I have to refer to a dermatologist.

            Thank you for your effort anyway 🙂

          • Hi Val. I am sorry to hear that. It might help you to know that the Nystatin works best if taken for 3 full weeks – 21 days. Thanks for the feedback and I hope you find a solution that works for you : )

  56. Thank you so much for this site, I am a 26 year old women in the UK and have been diagnosed with this awful condition. It started at 21 when I became sexually active I had a uti. However since then i have been getting just urethral pain / burning sometimes completely out the blue, after sex ( not all the time) the other day I got it after having a few sips of a soda drink. I have been given so many antibiotics over the last few years thinking I had uti’s I honestly believe I have candida in my urethra due to this over abuse. Of ABs I am seeing my GP today I hope they allow me to try the Nystatin. Please wish me luck.. Will report back with an update.

    • Hi JP. Thanks for writing in. There are lots of things you can try to reduce the pain given here on this site. Sending you all the good luck I can muster! Hoping you get this resolved as soon as possible : ) (And do let us know how you make out!)

      • Hi Theresa, the nystatin that you were given was it like a syrup? Or did you have a sugar free one? I have been reading and this type is laced in sugar so I’m not sure how it works as this would only feed the yeast.

        • Yes, the Nystatin I took was a sugary syrup. It still worked to kill the fungal infection. It is my understanding that your body converts all carbohydrate (including carbohydrates from sugar, vegetables, grains, etc) and excess protein into the same thing – glucose.

          At any rate, the Nystatin works : )

  57. I have been suffering from something I don’t know if it’s Urethral Syndrome as my doctor and I are still looking for the cause. My symptoms consist of urgency to pee all day, during and following a UTI that is now gone. I went to the doctor today and told her I felt pretty irritated up there and so she gave me Nystatin. I put some on about an hour ago and I am not having the urgency that I was before use. Do you think that I could have Urethral Syndrome, if so what other symptoms do I need to look for? Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Renee. Urethral Syndrome is not a specific disease per se. It is a term used to describe pain in the urethra when no cause can be found. In my case, it turned out that I had a fungal infection in my urethra that did not show up on urine Lab tests. There are other causes such as tumors, lesions, infections, sexually transmitted diseases and others. Urethral Syndrome is something that would be diagnosed by a Urologist after he/she has run several tests to rule out the known causes.

      It is encouraging that the Nystatin cream helped you. If your pain does not resolve then I recommend that you see a Urologist. Good luck Renee.

  58. Hi,
    My symptoms are as follows – 4 weeks ago I went for a pee and it hurt slightly and then after that I had strange pains/soreness inside to the right of my urethra. It didnt feel as though it was the skin more something right inside. Then 2 weeks ago I started feeling the need to go for a pee all the time. It’s so uncomfortable and horrible. I can’t go anywhere or do anything as it’s so unbearable. When I go for a pee it doesn’t sting or hurt but after 1 minute I feel like I need to go again. I don’t really have any pain apart from when I move certain ways – crossing my legs, bending over etc – I get a sharp stab of pain in my urethra.

    I went to the docs and they tested my urine and sent it for cultures but there was ‘no growth’. My pee looks clear – I drink a lot of water. The doc gave me cream (canesten) for the soreness as she said it was red and inflamed down there. She did a swab of the area. That came back ‘no growth’ as well so it wasn’t fungal. The cream didn’t help with anything.
    I went back to the docs and she gave me Trimethoprim in case there is an infection that’s not showing up. I’ve had a few now and there’s no improvement at all.
    Does this sound anything like urethral syndrome?
    I’m so upset and anxious about it. I can’t live like this for much longer it’s so horrendously uncomfortable.

    The only respite I get is in the early hours of the morning. When I go to bed I lie there for hours as I’m so uncomfortable and feel like I need a pee but then eventually it lessens (doesn’t go away) and I fall asleep and then when I wake and get up it doesn’t come back on for about an hour once I have started eating and drinking etc.


    • Hi Shelley. Urethral Syndrome is a name used to describe pain in the urethra with no known cause. Therefore, there isn’t just one medical condition – there would be several different causes, each requiring a different solution. So, you may well have Urethral Syndrome, but it may have an entirely different cause and cure than what I experienced.

      My symptoms were different than yours – I had a burning/stinging pain in the urethra which could occur while peeing or afterwards or at any time really. It would come and go, and the intensity would vary from a mild tingling to a very strong debilitating pain. I was cured by taking an anti-fungal drug called Nystatin for 3 weeks.

      I encourage you to see a Urologist as soon as possible.

      In the meantime, there is no harm in you trying the baking soda – take a 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water and drink it. You can also try the drug pyridium which you’ll need a prescription for.

      A few others have written in that they had symptoms similar to yours with the urgency and need to pee often. I do not know if they found a resolution. If you do find out the cause and an effective treatment please write in to let others know. I will be sure to publish your findings here.

      Good luck Shelley – my heart goes out to you.


  59. All this information has been great, especially finding the cause between yeast or fungus knowing how to properly treat!

    I have found mixing coconut oil (carrier oil) which is a natural anti bacterial and viral oil along with couple drops of Lavendar essential oil. I massaged it on my urthea and PAIN GOES AWAY! Within 20 to 30 minutes. Sometimes I use tea tree oil mixed with coconut oil or eucalyptus. But Lavendar helps most with pain relief.

    I’ve been taking other hetbs to build my immune system and heal my bladder.

    D-Mannose with cranactive – in pill form (see This helps keep utis away. I will take 2 morning, noon and night.

    Marshmallow herb (not the white sugar fluffy snack) good for bladder issues. I take same dose as D-Mannose above.

    Echinacea with goldenseal- its available in one pill form. Both are natural antibiotics. 1 – 3x a day

    Tumeric – another natural antibiotic 1 – 3x a day.

    Drink apple cider vinegar 2 tablespoons with 8oz glass of water

    I drink 2x a day ginger with lemon and probiotics (its Bigelow brand tea). I combine it with Nettle tea bag which is excellent for bladder issues.

    I will drink baking soda water as needed.

    Drink only water.throughout the day
    No caffeine
    No alcohol
    Limit sugary foods

    Read Heal Pelvic Pain book by Amy Stein many bathroom issues can be related to the pelvis as well. She provides simple stretches.

    I am doing much better but still need to work on cleansing my body to be cured! I have not taken prescription meds only for utis in the past. I am tired of drs not having answers. Please continue to research and help one another so we do not have to suffer anymore! Healing energy to all..

  60. Pyridium does not numb the pain for me, my Aunt, or my Daughter. It can help with the spasms. My Aunt’s Urologist put her on alkaline diet as she’s been having issues for most of the year. Neither my Uro nor my Daughter’s has suggested it but we are working on it. we’ve all been to ER with pain or fears of kidney infection as my daughter got urosepsis a few years ago from undiagnosed uti. She gets urinary pain with periods as do I. We have other health issues which negates the ability to drink baking soda.

    • Hi Toni. When my doctor gave me the prescription for Pyridium he told me that it works for some people. Luckily for me, it did work very well. There is more than one cause for burning pain in the urethra, but if yours is caused by a fungal infection, then anti-fungal drugs such as Diflucan or Nystatin are the cure.

      If you choose to manage the pain by maintaining alkaline urine, this can be done by taking mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this site. Eating alkalizing foods will help, but in my experience diet alone is not sufficient to stop the pain. The minerals that make the body and urine more alkaline include calcium citrate or calcium carbonate, magnesium citrate, potassium citrate or potassium gluconate, and sodium bicarbonate.

      In order to know if your diet/supplements is/are actually working, you will need to measure your urine pH with pH test paper. This is inexpensive and can be ordered online. You want test paper that measures in the range from 4 (or 5) to 8. You can’t assume that because you are eating an alkaline diet that therefore your urine is alkaline – there are other factors that influence urine pH such as your breathing, medications you take, how much water you drink and how much exercise you get.

      It is also possible that acid urine is not contributing to your pain. The test paper will confirm this for you.

      I hope you find something here that helps.

      Theresa : )

    • I thought I would leave my success story here in hopes of helping others. This forum lead me down the right path for a treatment and a cure, and for that I am grateful. In my opinion urethral syndrome is definitely caused by YEAST!!!! I had never had a problem with my urinary tract in my life, and out of the blue I was having the constant extreme urge to urinate along with constant urethral spasms with clean urine. After reading these comments it made sense, if it wasn’t bacteria making my urethra inflamed than it must be fungus. So I started taking Diflucan once a day for a month. It didn’t help much. But enough to know I was on the right path. So I started taking a complete herbal Candida cleanse and six weeks later I am CURED! Do not take Diflucan for this. Diflucan is absorbed in the stomach and then sent out into the blood stream, it does not target the gut, which seems to be where this Candida overgrowth is originating. Take the Nystatin or herbal cleanse. You need a strong probiotic as well. The herbal supplements I took were from The Global Healing Center online. I took the Mycozil and Latero-Flora probiotic for 2 months. Yeast is hard to get rid of and takes some, but stick with it. Good luck!

      • Thanks so much Kelly, for writing in. This information helps greatly!

        It is interesting how different treatments work for different people. I tried an herbal candida cleanse and it did nothing for me, so I concluded (wrongly I see now), that the herbal route was ineffective. Your story shows that I was wrong about that – and in this case I am happy to be wrong, and thrilled that you found a cure!

        It does help confirm that yeast or fungus is the cause of urethral pain for many people. And it offers another solution – an herbal candida cleanse plus probiotics for 2 months (Mycozil and Latero-Flora probiotic).

        It is also my understanding that sugar feeds yeast, and therefore a candida-cleanse diet requires that you not eat sugar.

        Based on my previous mis-conceptions, I would not be ready to write off Diflucan unless we hear from more people that it does not work for them. Nystatin is also absorbed into the bloodstream and it works.

        Thanks again Kelly!

  61. Hi Theresa,

    I’ve been suffering with some sort of urethral pain for about 6 months now, I’m wondering if you think the Nystatin might help? Is it worth trying or is it the type of thing to cause problems if I don’t actually need it?

    Sorry for TMI but mine seems to be somewhat linked to sex. I’d like to tell my full story to see if anyone has any other ideas or has experienced anything similar:

    It started when I had 3 UTI’s in one month, after a new partner, all treated with antibiotics, all occuring after sex. I admit I’m pretty sure I didn’t give my body time to recover between each one but it felt like it was never fully cured. In the few weeks after that I had some twinges in my urethra after peeing, during this time I didn’t see my partner. Then when I saw him again we had unprotected sex and I was left with something that never developed into a UTI but felt like one, ie, no blood, no bacteria on tests. I had extreme frequency, urgency and pain at the beginning and end of urination and couldn’t go to work. This eventually died down over a couple of weeks. I got tested for STIs and the tests I had came back clear. Saw a gyno and all their tests came back clear. They said they could ‘see some irritation’ and to ‘come back in six months’. Useful. So since then the irritation has been at a low level – I often feel the need to pee when I know my bladder isn’t full, and I have pain at the beginning and end of urination. Its definitely made worse with sex. It feels to me like the urethra is irritated. I’m just finishing a two week course of doxycycline antibiotics in case it has been caused by mycoplasma/ureaplasma. It seemed to help somewhat in the first week but today the symptoms have come back.

    Does this sound at all like what you have experienced Theresa? Any help at all is reaaaally appreciated. I’m currently not living in my home country and theres a small language barrier with the doctors here so I’ve been doing a lot of my own research. I should also say I’m only 21 and have never, ever, had any problems like this before. Thanks so much.

    Jessica 🙂

    • Hi Jessica. Your symptoms sound the same as mine. Sexual intercourse always caused a burning pain, during and after. If you look at anatomical pictures, you will see that the urethra lies close to the vagina. The friction of sex irritates the inflamed urethra.

      There is a good chance that you have a fungal infection in your urethra which most lab tests do not detect. An antifungal drug such as Nystatin or Diflucan will cure you if that is your problem. You need a prescription from a doctor for those.

      In the meantime you can try managing the pain by taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. There is also a prescription drug called Pyridium which makes the urethra numb so you don’t feel the pain. You can try the mineral supplements as outlined on the main page of this site. Using the pH test paper to track your urine pH and co-relate that to your pain levels will help you immensely in managing the pain. I successfully stayed pain-free for several years this way.

      I hope you find relief Jessica. Please let us know what works best for you so that others can benefit : )

      • I am sorry to say that I could not tolerate Diflucan for long enough. The side effects were really bad. I will try again but it seems that I will need to take it for 3 weeks… In the meantime, Teresa’s suggestion of Potassium is so good because it helps reduce the pain. I take it when I can’t stand the pain and can’t sit on the toilet for too long ( sitting on the toilet pushing down relieves the pain). I also use D Mannose to reduce the risk of urine infections which are indescribably painful. A hospital doctor wondered why I was in such pain when ‘it was only a urine infection’!

        • Hi Jill. I am sorry to hear about the side effects. May I ask what dosage you were taking? My understanding is that Diflucan requires a much smaller and less frequent dosage than the Nystatin. If you can get Nystatin, I never had any side effects from it at all.

          I also encourage you to measure your urine pH with test paper – it really helps with managing the pain because you will know how much minerals you need to take, rather than guessing.

          I also recently discovered an alternate source of potassium, since some people say they have a hard time finding it. V8 juice is a brand of tomato/vegetable juice available in North America. One cup of V8 has approx. 500 mg of potassium. They now make various types of V8 – both the Original and Low Sodium versions are recommended – I do not use the newer versions that have fruit and sugar. It is delicious, low-calorie, low fat and low carbohydrate. Two glasses a day will give you 1,000 mg of potassium!

          Hopefully you can try the Nystatin. Good luck Jill, and many thanks for the update : )

  62. It is so nice to have people to relate to. I feel your pain, ALL of you! I have been suffering with urethral syndrome for two years now. At first it was jumping from doctor to doctor…which seems like the majority of people’s stories when it comes to this. It is a process of elimination. I have seen three urologists and eventually the last one said we should just let nature take it’s course. This is a frustrating thing for a doctor to say. However I know that one day I will be free of this and so should all of you. Pyridium definitely helps when things get really bad. I do take baking soda in water sometimes as well to lessen the acidity. I was wondering if anyone has heard of probiotics helping with this? I know that your gut health affects the rest of your body. Currently I am going to see a physiotherapist who specializes in pelvic floor rehab. I am sure you all know that when you have pain for so long, it is a viscious circle in that you are expecting pain every time you go to the washroom, so she is helping to break that cycle. Peace and love to all. We will get through this 🙂

    • Hi Andrea. Thank you for writing in with your experiences and the solutions you are trying. To answer your question, I never found probiotics to be helpful – but maybe they will help you. I also tried the anti-candida diet and the anti-candida cleanse (bentonite powder, caprylic acid and psyllium husks, all mixed in water and drink once a day) – neither of those helped me either. I tried high-dose garlic supplements and other nutritional supplements to no avail.

      What worked for me to manage the pain was the drug Pyridium, drinking baking soda mixed in water, and maintaining alkaline urine through mineral supplements. And, of course, the drug Nystatin which finally gave me a complete cure.

      Thanks again, Andrea, for writing in, and do let us know how you make out : )

  63. Hi my name is Laura, I have suffered from cystitis or shall I say urethral stinging most of my life. Been for numerous test under urologists and still can’t get to the bottom of it. It’s effecting my work as I’m always off sick I can’t function and I’m on the toilet for several hours a day pushing trying to urinate. I cannot leave the toilet as its too painful to walk. I have been taking PR post rectal doclofenac anti immflamTory, which works for a few hours until my antibiotics kick in, which I am on permanently and up the dose when I’m in agony, pr diclofenac works within 15mins of ingestion through the anal passage, but does wear off! has worked up until now. I only get the sting after a night out and sexual intercourse or when I work shifts or when I am stressed or on my period. I have tried everything but I just cannot cure it. I don’t want to change my lifestyle as I am happy but I can’t keep worrying when ever I have something planned or go to work I may get it the next day which usually happens. It comes on fast and reduces me to tears: it’s getting worse as I’m getting older. My kidneys and bladder are normal my urethra is faulty!! I need help!! I can’t live like this anymore.

    • Hi Laura. You will find lots of information and remedies to try on this website. For quick relief you can put a half-teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a small glass of water and drink it – this will make your urine more alkaline. When your urethra is inflamed, urine that is acid will be very painful; in the same way that putting lemon juice on a cut will sting many times more than lemon juice on healthy skin.

      Some of us have cured our urethral syndrome by taking an anti-fungal drug called Nystatin for an extended period of three weeks.

      Also, this pain can be managed by maintaining alkaline urine through mineral supplementation and diet, as outlined on the main page of this website.

      I hope you find relief Laura. Please let us know how you make out.

      • I made an appointment with my doctor to see if I can try the Nystatin. I will report back once I have tried it. The more I read about gut candida, it does make total sense. I was off and on antibiotics my whole life for UTIs (almost always having a yeast infection while on them), along with birth control most of my life and I was also on Minocycline for 3 months shortly before I started having urethral syndrome. I was on this for my facial acne (it is a type of antibiotic). This would have totally wiped out all the good bacteria in my gut. I also have a toe that never really healed and I know some of you mentioned athlete’s foot. Thank you Theresa for bringing this to light. If I can help someone else out with my story it is all worth it. I will let you know how it goes.
        Take care

  64. Hi Teresa,
    i have been battling this for awhile, but my urogynecologist has narrowed it down to Urethral Pain Syndrome. At first we thought it was just yeast as i was on dyflucan for 10 pills over 2 weeks and it got better, but the pain came back and was still there. they tested for yeast and i don’t have any. i take Saccharomycin DF 2 pills a day as a probiotic for preventative.
    I am currently on an alpha blocker, Terazonin 1MG 2 times a day. I have been taking it for almost 4 weeks now and it was really starting to work until i had coffee for 3 days in a row [becuase i was feeling better], one cup a day and then now it doesn’t work anymore and all the symptoms are back – burning and urgency. i also am taking and have been for over 5 weeks now, 1000mg of Calcium Citrate and 500mg of magnesium, but am not taking the potassium as the amount scared my nurse. i have changed my diet completely to all alkaline foods with very little acid [chicken and turkey]. i was feeling better, so i tried the coffee. i did’t realize that all the healing would go away so quickly and that this pain has not subsided for 5 days now – i will be calling my dr again in the morning. i also take Uribel to hope to help, but i’m not sure if it is. I also took a saliva hormone test about 2 months ago only to find out i had an Adrenal deficiency so i am on Adrenplus-300 2 times in the morning and i was also Progesterone deficient, so i apply a cream 2wice a day as well. I also had thyroid cancer back in 2006 and have been on Levothyroxine .088 since then.
    i have never tested my urine, but when it was done in the dr office it was 5, which was before i started all the alkaline foods. i just have not purchased the strips to test, lazy i guess thinking all the alkaline foods would been enough.
    i just want to to all go away. I pray God will take it away so i can be normal again.
    Any thoughts that you might have Teresa would be a blessing.
    thank you,

    • Hi Jennifer. I do have a couple of suggestions.
      1. Try taking a half teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate used in baking) in a small glass of water and drinking it. This will make your urine more alkaline fairly quickly. This will help you if acid urine is causing you pain.
      2. I successfully stayed pain-free for 7 years (except on the odd occasion when I was travelling or forgot to take my minerals) by taking mineral supplements and eating alkalizing foods. So, this is certainly possible. You will need to buy the urine test paper – that’s really the only way to know if acid urine is causing or contributing to your pain. The test paper will also help you refine the amount of supplements you take and which foods work best/worst for you. I don’t know if I could have been successful without the potassium supplements. Potassium seems to have the greatest impact, possibly because most people do not get nearly enough of it. The other very important point is that the minerals pass through your system within a few hours, so you need to divide up the dose into three or four portions throughout the day.
      3. An effective pain reliever is a prescription drug called Pyridium. It makes the urethra numb so you can’t feel the pain.
      4. You say that you took the Diflucan for 2 weeks. I believe it may take longer than 2 weeks to clear up a yeast infection in the urethra, based on my own personal experience. I took Nystatin for 3 weeks. After 2 weeks of taking it, I still had burning pain. If I had stopped after 2 weeks, I would not have been cured. I do not trust the lab tests for yeast. In the many, many times that I had my urine tested (and even cystoscopies), the tests never showed anything – they were always completely normal. Maybe they do not test for all types of fungal/yeast infections? So, after all this preamble, my suggestion is that you try the Nystatin for 3 weeks.

      So, there are four things you can try. I am surprised that coffee would have the effects you describe. I wonder if that may be a coincidence that it started after three days of only one cup of coffee – unless you have an allergy to coffee.

      I hope this helps and wish you all the best of luck sorting this out. Do let us know!

  65. Hi Theresa,

    I just started the Nystatin regimen on Saturday (tablets, 3x/day for 3 weeks) and I am praying that this is my answer. For 4 months I have had lower abdominal/back pain, cloudy urine, urethral discharge, and slightly swollen tongue (teeth marks on sides) with a dry patch on the side of my mouth that won’t seem to go away. Thankfully, I do not have pain while urinating or urinary incontinence. I’ve seen my GP, gynecologist, and a urologist and have had multiple urine cultures, ultrasounds on all abdominal organs, and loads of bloodwork… all have come back clean. I’ve tried various herbal supplements (D-Mannose powder, aloe vera pills), cut out acidic foods/drinks, and also tried stopping birth control for a bit (which just caused zits and major menstrual cramping!). My gyno prescribed me the Nystatin as a last hope since she can’t seem to find the answer and figures this medication can’t hurt if it’s not candida that I’m suffering from. My next step is to see a urogynecologist next week and I will have been on the Nystatin for 10 days at that point. My questions are (1) has anyone else had the side effects of swollen tongue and/or urethral discharge?; and (2) did anyone’s symptoms get slightly worse before they got better? My abdominal pain does seem to be subsiding, but I have more discharge and woke up with a thin white layer on my tongue yesterday and today that was never there before. I also think I have some small hives on my cheeks… they don’t really itch, but I can tell they are not pimples.

    After awhile the doctors start to make you feel like this may all be in your head (although I don’t think that’s their intention) and you begin to go a little crazy trying to find out what’s wrong with your body! But I refuse to give up until I find an answer!!

    Thank you for sharing this website, Theresa! It has given me hope!

    • Hi Susan. In my case, I did not have any of the symptoms you describe. I just had burning pain in the urethra. I just did a quick internet search and cloudy urine has many causes, including kidney stones (which also give back/abdominal pain).

      Your second question: My symptoms fluctuated a bit until the very last few days on the Nystatin, but I wouldn’t say that the symptoms got worse – for me it was normal for the pain to come and go. I do remember getting the burning pain after about 2 weeks on the Nystatin, and therefore I thought it was not working. But I continued taking it anyway and…it worked!

      Another option you can try is to consult a naturopathic doctor who would be better trained to recognize and correct any nutritional imbalances.

      I do hope that the Nystatin gives you relief : )

  66. Hi all,

    I feel like I may have found the answer here after years of pain but my Doctor will not prescribe Nyastin as he says there is no proof it works and I have no infection. Does anyone know if Diflucan is good enough and what sort of dose would have the same effect as I can buy this over the counter.

    Thank you

    • Hi Jen. One nurse I spoke to recommended taking 1 pill of Diflucan per day for three consecutive days (this was to treat a vaginal infection). Another person suggested one Diflucan pill every 4 days for a total of three pills over 8 days (take a pill on day 1, day 4 and day 8). I am sorry I do not know the exact dosage, but then again no one officially uses it for urethral syndrome.

      This website offers Diflucan dosages for different conditions, including urinary tract infections:

      I hope it works for you Jen! Please let us know either way : )


      • Thank you Theresa.

        I am going to try one more time with a different doctor to get the Nyastin, do you have any recommendations on what to say to get them to listen to me? I couldn’t properly explain it last time and he didn’t want to look at the comments as they weren’t proof in his eyes. Feel like I have the first hope in years and I’m not being listened to

        • Hi Jen. You can try printing out the letters from Bill and Christine, and also my own endorsement, all of which you will find in this Comments page. Nystatin is a safe and well-tested drug. It is even safe for babies, so there is really no reason not to try it. It is not dangerous or addictive, and now you know of at least three people who have been helped (actually cured) by taking it. The pain and suffering of this disease is considerable and life-altering. That should be enough to convince any reasonable person.

          Also it is my understanding that Diflucan will totally kill all yeast in the body. So, if this new doctor won’t prescribe Nystatin, ask him/her to recommend a good dosage of Diflucan that would be suitable to treat a chronic, long-standing condition within interstitial tissues.

          Good luck and let us know!

        • I hope you had luck with getting your doctor to listen to you! I copied down exactly what dosage and length, and copied out the emails from Bill and Christine, but my doctor was rally good about it and said that it’s a pretty benign dosage anyway, so she just gave it to me. I start today. Will keep you posted with the rsults11

          Thanks for this Teresa!

  67. Hi ladies, I’ve recently been diagnosed with Urethral Syndrome and was hoping for some advice as to what foods to eat, what foods are safe and what not to do to prevent burning. I’ve been in agony for several months now, I need some relief. Thanks 🙂

    • Hi Charlotte. You will find detailed information on foods to eat on this website on the FOOD CHARTS page. Look at the last 3 columns (the ones on the right). Every food shows a number under one of those three columns – ALKALINE, NEUTRAL, or ACID. The higher the number, the stronger the effect.

      You want to eat more alkaline and neutral foods, and less acid foods.

      For immediate relief you can try taking a half teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a small glass of water and drinking it.

      I hope this helps.

      Theresa : )

    • Hi Britanny. I am happy to report that I have had absolutely no flare-ups since taking the Nystatin. Zero symptoms. I still check my urine pH once in a while and even when my urine is acid, I have zero symptoms. It has been several months now – I am cured.

  68. I have just come across your site and have been battling with the problems you listed for 2 years now. Ruled out IC and the doctor said my bladder looked “healthy” but my problems are before the urine starts and ends. I have managed to get hold of 2 of the minerals you suggest I just need to get hold of some potassium. Does it have to be potassium citrate or can it just be potassium by itself? I really appreciate this site Teresa you have done a really good thing for people. I haven’t noticed any improvement as of yet but I’m thinking it may take a few days to kick in.

    • Hi Angie. I have used potassium citrate and potassium gluconate. The only one that does not help is potassium chloride (because the chloride is acid-forming and cancels out the alkaline effect of the potassium). Here in Canada potassium citrate is limited to 99 mg per tablet. This prevents someone from taking too large a dose and possibly irritating their stomach. I used to take 3 99mg tablets with each meal. Now I prefer to use a potassium citrate powder that I buy on Amazon. I put one quarter of a teaspoon in my morning coffee (in small amounts it is tasteless and you don’t even know it’s there). Do not take more than a quarter teaspoon at a time (and make sure it is level, not heaping) as it can irritate your stomach.

      Another good way to increase your potassium intake is to drink V8 juice. One cup of V8 juice contains 530 mg of potassium and is very low in calories and carbohydrates. I drink one cup every day.

      For immediate relief of symptoms try taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. If acid urine is the cause of your pain you should feel some relief in a half hour or so.

      If your urethra is very inflamed it can take several days to become pain-free, once you start taking the minerals and eating more alkaline-forming foods.

      I hope this helps. Please let us know how it works for you : )

  69. Can you recommend brands for the supplements? I’d like to use tablets that I can cut into the portions to have throughout the day. I’m afraid with the powder I’m not sure how I’d be able to consistently take it 3 times a day without carrying around all 3 bottles with me? Any tips on this?

    Also, on the Nystatin, my doctor said she didn’t want to start this unless I did test positive for yeast. But if the yeast is in the urethra and not the vag then can you test for that?

    Thanks so much – I’m really crossing my fingers that this works for me!

    • Hi Kristi. I use many different brands – whatever is on sale or happens to be available. You can buy low-dose calcium and magnesium combined so that you would not need to cut them. I used to take minerals in pill or tablet form with each meal but these days I buy powder form (you can buy potassium citrate, calcium citrate and magnesium citrate in powder form on Amazon) and mix all the minerals (1 teaspoon each plus a quarter teaspoon of baking soda) into some water with juice of a quarter of a lemon and sip on it throughout the day. You could premix all the powders and just keep a small amount in your purse for emergencies.

      If your doctor won’t prescribe Nystatin based upon your symptoms and the letters from Bill and Christine, then I would get a different doctor. Alternatively, you may not need a prescription for Diflucan which is just as good as Nystatin. It is a powerful anti-fungal drug available over-the-counter in Canada at Costco. I would try taking 1 pill a day for 3 days which is much easier than 3x a day for 3 weeks!

      I have seen many urologists over the years and none of them ever mentioned a test for yeast in the urethra. If such a thing exists, urologists in Canada appear to be unaware of it.

      I hope this helps. Please let us know how you make out : )

  70. Hi there for 3 months now i ave had pain in my uretha and been put on 4 different antibiotics to no help at all.i stumbled on your web page and have now just been to chemist to get nystatin in oral medicine i see you took 5mls three times a day is that correct.i thought you took 1ml x 3times oh dear never mind i got three little bottles so that is one week it cost 45 dollars nz so will get more for next 2 weeks after that. Would you think good idea to get calcium etc and start that too it would be lovely to be pain free.thank you for the information its a great help. I am 58 years old, am now on alkaline diet too.cheers

    • Hi Bernadette. I took Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage.

      No harm in taking some calcium, magnesium and potassium supplements – they are good for you anyway. Drinking a small glass of water with a half-teaspoon of baking soda may help also.

      Good luck and let us know if it works!

  71. Hi,

    I,ve had issues with my urethral just about two months. First I got my first ever UTI infection which was treated with antibiotics but after I finished them the same symptoms came back without any infection. Since them have been many doctors and many tests have been taken. My major sympton has the whole time been the horrible urge to urinate and feeling of pressure on my lower stomache. During the infection or after I haven’t experienced any pain, just discomfort and this horrible urge to urinate that doesn’t go away even if I urinate and the bladder is empty. It’s there 24/7 and it’s really bothering me and ruining my life at the moment. I just had cystoscopy and the only thing they found was that my urethral was a little bit red and looking a bit irritated. Otherwise everything was ok and normal. The only diagnose was this urethral syndrome. The weird thing is that the symptoms went away for few weeks already and I thought it was just some irritation after the infection. But then they came back again and I went mad cause I didn’t know what is going on and what’s happening to me. Now I am really desperate since this syndrome has been diagnosed and the doctors basically say there isn’t much they can do about it. He would have done urethral dilation during the cystoscopy but I didn’t want that since he said it might help or not and he didn’t really have any real reason to do it. Does this sound familiar to anyone, not to have any real pain but only discomfort and this huge urge to urinate all the time? What would be the best thing to do right now? What kind of treatments I should try? Please give me some advises how to proceed with this.

    • Hi Maria. Your symptoms may be more closely related to interstitial cystitis, which is similar to urethral syndrome but it involves more-so the bladder than the urethra. Pelvic pain and frequency are the main symptoms of IC. Here is a link to the Mayo Clinic write-up of IC Mayo Clinic on IC

      I have never had IC but I suspect it may also be caused by a yeast infection – but of the bladder rather than the urethra. You can try the Nystatin drug (Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon three times daily for 21 days). You can also try the mineral regime outlined on the main page of this site.

      See if drinking a half-teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a small glass of water gives you any relief.

      Finally I suggest you get some urine pH test paper and see if your symptoms are worse when your urine is acid (pH of less than 7).

      Good luck and let us know if anything helps : )

    • Hi Emma. I don’t believe naturopaths can prescribe Nystatin in Canada, but I am not certain. Other countries may have different rules.

  72. Hi! Finding this website has given me hope honestly. I just got home from my urologist appointment and cried in my car for an hour because I explained my symptoms to him basically an intense burning pain when a pee and before or after I pee/ sometimes all day. I can’t have sex or even go on day trips because once the pain starts I can’t bear it. It’s exactly what you described before. They keep telling me it’s a uti but then testing me and Finding out I don’t have it and I’ve been on so many antibiocs and many appointments with my urologist but he is stubborn and doesn’t want to investigate further. He straight up told me he doesn’t know what’s wrong and shrugged I was shocked. But he doesn’t seem invested in helping me. I’ve made an appointment with a naturopath and I’m really hoping it helps. It’s been going on for almost a year and a half without any help. I’m almost certain this is what it is but I don’t know how to bring it up to a doctor without sounding like someone who went on google and picked the first thing wrong. What did you do ? Or did your doctor think that’s what it was on their own? Also I can’t have sex because the skin around there feels like it’s burning all the time could that be related to my urethra troubles as well? Or did anyone else experience that ?
    Sorry for so many questions I’m just trying to figure all of this out
    Thank you

    • Yes Emma, sex is painful when your urethra is inflamed because the urethra is situated very close to the vagina. Your symptoms sound exactly the same as mine used to be.

      You will probably get quick relief from taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drinking it. This should relieve your symptoms within an hour. Taking the minerals as outlined on this site will also probably help you. They are widely available, cost very little and are good for you anyway.

      I recommend that you print out Christine’s letter (on an earlier comment) and my own recommendations from this site, show it to your family doctor and ask for the Nystatin prescription or get the Diflucan which may even be available over-the-counter (Costco sells it in Canada). You will probably have a better response from your family doctor than a urologist.

      I highly recommend getting some pH test paper and testing your urine. Then you will know for certain if acid urine is related to your pain levels.

      I hope this helps. Please let us know how you make out : )

    • Emma, I was diagnosed about 16 years ago with urethal syndrome, vulvar vestibulitus. My gynecologist was useless. Urologist was worse. He nearly crippled me. My gp. was very understanding but told me he never came across my symptoms. It takes several doctors until you get one who will listen. I found a urogynocologist in the city who explained what I had. She tried stretching the urethra which didn’t work. What worked for me was low dose Elavil, which tricks urethra into thinking it’s well. It took time and staying away from certain food triggers. I take Tums when I begin to ache and it helps a lot.

      • Hi Marcy. Thanks for writing in with your experiences. Tums contain calcium carbonate – one of the minerals that makes the body more alkaline, which is why it relieves your pain. It is making your urine more alkaline.

    • Hi
      You almost certainly have an infection that isn’t detected by testing ..get yourself an NHS referral to UCHL in London..the urogynae Ms El Neil. NOT urologists. This is a problem many women experience and it’ s a national scandal. urologists are guilty and just don’t understand. You could also try a private appointment with Professor Malone Lee. Google him. I have had the same thing .

  73. Hi again Teresa and thank you so much for Your reply. I hope it is ok that I return back to you With some short follow-up questions. I went to my gynecologist today and she does not seem to find a reasonable explanation to my long-lasting pain. She find it hard to understand that the very small irritation/redness in a limited area in my urethra could be the explanation to my condition (also shown from Cystoscope). With a small pin she touched inside my urethra in several places to see if this caused any pain – which it did not.:-)This brings me to my questions: is it so that everyone With Urethral syndrome has a visible irritated urethra, or could this syndrome also be the case With no visible irritation, or only – as for me – a very small irritation, is to be found? Will a fungus infection give some sort of visible signs as redness/irritation? I was able to get a Subscription of Fluconazol 150 mg (same as Diflucan). One tablet every 5th day for six weeks. I want to try this out since it seems to be the case that the burning sensation I feel is connected to the pH Level in my urine. One sad thing though, every time I mention Urethral syndrome to either my GP, gynecologist or even urologist – they do not seem to know anything about this condition! I hope to hear from you again, Teresa. Thank you so much in advance.

    • I honestly do not know if there is always redness present in the urethra with a fungal infection. In the many times that I had a cystoscopy, the urologist always told me that they found nothing unusual – they never mentioned any redness, but I am not sure if they would.

      I am so happy to hear you are trying the Fluconazol. Please do let us know whether it helps you or not. I am crossing my fingers for your success!

    • Hi Theresa,
      I too have had similar urethral irritation problems for 4 months now with little relief, all urine and bloods come back negative for any infection. I am going to ask my doctor if i can try the nystatin treatment however i was curious as to how many days after you commenced this treatment did you feel your symptoms began to improve? Was there any change in the first week of treatment? Thanks

      • Hi Ryan. Well I can’t really answer your question because I was taking the minerals (as outlined on this website) at the same time as the Nystatin. The minerals made me pain-free. There was one day after about 2 weeks on the Nystatin that I did not take the minerals and I did feel some burning pain. I was disappointed because I thought the Nystatin wasn’t working. But I kept taking it for the full 3 weeks and after a while I stopped taking the minerals to see if the Nystatin worked. To my surprise, I have never had symptoms since I completed the Nystatin, even without taking the minerals and even though my urine tests acid.

        Good luck and let us know whether or not it works for you : )

    • hello Marg. When I was at urologyst, he saw small inflamation (redness) in my urethra as well. I have same symptoms as you. Please let me know if nystatin works for you.

      • Hi Ivana, I have just now started up the medication after running back and forth to doctors/gynocologist trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I finally got a diagnosis Vestibullitis which explains the burning sensation I have felt after urinating. I have started on Flucanozol 3 times a week for 4-6 weeks in addition to Lyrica which are nerve stimulation medication. So far the burning sensation seems to have improved. But what is bothering me the most at the moment, is a pressure like feeling between my urethra and vaginal opening – especially when walking – which is tremendously discomforting for me – giving me the sensation/feeling that I need to pee all the time. The discomfort in this area is also increasing while sitting. I honestly do not know if this has something to do with the vestibullitis diagnosis (which seems to be sentered more around my vaginal opening) or if this is something else I am suffering from. I also have this strange sensation of a pee feeling from my urethra and not my bladder. Maybe nerve damage from everything which has been going on for almost 12 weeks now??? I sincerely hope that the medication I am on at least will heal the Vestibullitis problems I have, but as said – the biggest discomfort I face a the moment seems to be pressure-like sensation in the area between urethra and vaginal opening which almost drives me crazy!

      • Hi Ivana, I have just now started on Flucazol (=Difflucaine) after running back and forth to different gynecologist trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I just recently ended up with a diagnosis vestibullitis (soreness and inflamation around vaginal opening) most likely explaining the burning sensation I have felt after urinating. As said, I have now started up on Flucazol and Lyrica (a nerve stimulation medication). But my biggest discomfort at the moment is actually a pressure like feeling between my urethra and vaginal opening – especially while sitting and walking – giving me a sensation of needing to wee. I have no idea whether or not this is connected to the Vestibullitis I am diagnosed with or something else. The gynecologist only referred to nerve irritation when I asked about this….. This is tremendously discomforting and actually making me feel a bit crazy!! After 12 weeks of discomfort, I now experience a wee sensation from my urethra and no longer my bladder. This is a really strange sensation which noone seem to know he answer to. I must admit I am feeling a bit “down” at the moment – thinking I will never be a normal person again. Hope you are doing better, Ivana.

  74. Hi Theresa, I am a 49 year old woman from Norway stumbling over your website while desperately searching to find practical and valuable information regarding the problems I face. My problems are fairly new – starting in May this year one day after having sexual inter course with my husband. A burning sensation with the need of going to the toilet. The problems disappeared after 10 days. One month later same symptoms one day after sexual inter course – only this time the pain never went away and have been ongoing for almost 7 weeks, with some better days inbetween. It’s the feeling of intense burning not while peeing, but after. Bacteria tests and urine tests are all coming back negative. Cystoscope showed some irritation in urethea – otherwise everything looked fine. Yesterday I bought urine ph tests on a day with quite heavy burning sensation – showing 6 on the scale. I followed your advice taking a dose of minerals (Urbase) and the burning sensation relieved after a while. Before I went to bed the PH was 7. I have taken minerals twice today (portioning throughout the day as recommended by you) pH level at 8 and with hardly any burning sensation. I have been to my GP earlier today showing her your website. She definitely supported me to try your “regime” and also willing to let me try Nestarine. She recommended though to postpone starting at Nestarine until we see the effect from the minerals otherwise it will be difficult to know which product giving positive response. I will return back to my GP in 14 days. Even though the burning sensation have disappeared, I still can feel some sort of pressure like feeling, numbness and stinging in my urethea once in a while. Is this normal? Could this feeling also refer to some mussels in my pelvic being cramped from all the tensions throughout the last weeks? I have booked physiotherapist treatment in order to loosen up the mussels and hope this can help out even more. Do you have any experience around this? Again I must say I am so relieved I found your website with all the informative comments and advice from you and others. I am so grateful!

    • Hi Margrethe. I now believe that for many people the cause of this burning pain in the urethra is a fungal infection which causes inflammation and irritation of the lining of the urethra. When the urine is acid, it causes pain to this inflamed tissue in the same way that putting lemon juice (which is very acid) on cut or scraped skin will hurt far more than putting it on healthy skin.

      Taking the minerals and making the urine alkaline will lessen the pain but it does not remove the underlying cause, which is the fungal infection. So, taking the minerals can offer effective pain relief, but taking the Nystatin anti-fungal drug, can eradicate the infection. When the urethra has no infection, the acid urine will not be painful (unless you have extremely acid urine for a long time and then you can get a mild pain).

      The acid level of urine can change very quickly – within 20 minutes or so your urine can go from being very acid to neutral or even alkaline. Likewise it can also become acidic very quickly depending on your diet, your breathing and general state of health. So, yes, it is normal to have mild symptoms in the in-between times of taking your minerals, especially in the beginning when you are still figuring out how much minerals you need. I managed to stay pain-free for 6 years (except for once or twice when I was travelling and could not always take the minerals) on the minerals, so I know it works.

      But I really recommend that you take the Nystatin to cure your problem, rather than just managing the symptoms with mineral supplements.

      I doubt if massage will make any difference, but if it helps you please let us know!

      I hope this helps. Good luck Margrethe.

      Theresa : )

      • Hey ladies… question..I have suffer from this for years.Then while I was pregnant the symptoms were gone for 8years. The last year and a half it is back with the excruciating burning pelvic pressure etc.It wakes me from a sound sleep.saw a urologist years ago all they could find was irritated urethra and diagnosed me with urethral syndrome. How will I know if it is yeast causing this? Is there a test they can do so I can get Nystatin?

        • Hi Caylyn. I am not aware of any test for fungal infections of the urethra. My doctor gave me the prescription for Nystatin based on my diagnosis of urethral syndrome, and after I showed her the letters from Bill and Christine (posted here in COMMENTS). You should be able to get the prescription based on your symptoms.

          Good luck and please let us know whether or not it works for you.

          • Spoke with my dr. She agreed to put me on it. What kind do u take? Dosage? Tablets or oral syrup she wants to know which one to put me on.

          • I took Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon three times daily for 21 days and it cured me. In Bill’s letter, he states that he took the pill form, so either one will work, but I do not know what his dosage was.

  75. Hi, T. I was just wondering if your pain is completely gone (after taking Nystatin I mean)? Are you cured? You don’t take those minerals anymore or? Thank you so much for the blog. I’m taking minerals daily but I am worried that I’ll be doing this my entire life, and I don’t want that.

    • Hi Ivana. Yes, the Nystatin cured my urethral syndrome. It has been several months now since I completed the Nystatin therapy and I have had zero symptoms. I measure my urine pH from time to time and even when it is very acid (4.5) I have no pain.

      I still take the minerals because I believe my diet is inadequate, but I take lower doses than before – just enough to maintain my urine pH at 6 or higher. I do this for health reasons, not to control any pain, because I no longer have any pain at all.

      I hope this helps : )


        • Hi Susan. Diet has a great influence on the pain. Foods that are alkaline-forming make the urine more alkaline and therefore less painful. Foods that are acid-forming make the urine more acid and therefore more painful. Many foods that are acidic (like oranges), actually make the internal tissues of the body (and therefore the urine) more alkaline.

          You will find detailed information on my ACID-ALKALINE BALANCE page. It is the mineral and protein content of a food that determines whether it will make the urine more acid or more alkaline. The calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium in foods give the food an alkalinizing effect. The protein, chloride and phosphorous in a food will have an acidifying effect on the internal body tissues, organs and urine.

          The acids that are in some foods like citrus fruit, do not directly affect urine pH. They do, however, affect the digestive tract (mouth, throat, stomach, intestines) but they are not directly absorbed into your internal tissues. During digestion, the intestines only allow certain substances to pass through into the bloodstream and the rest are excreted.

          Urine is water that has been extracted from internal tissues and processed by the kidneys – it does not come directly from the digestive tract. So the acid level of any food if you measure it with pH test paper does not directly impact urine pH. It is the nutritional components that are filtered into the body by digestion that impact urine pH.

          You can refer to my FOOD CHARTS page to see which foods are alkaline-forming and which are acid-forming. Coffee is alkaline-forming even though the coffee itself is mildly acidic.

          I hope this helps.

  76. Are we going to take the minerals for long term. Im so sorry coz im really depressed on my condtion. Its almost 3 yrs of pain when urinating.

    • Hi Shiela. Three years is a long time. You can try the anti-fungal drug Nystatin (requires a doctor’s prescription). I took Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon three times daily for 21 days and it cured me. If it works for you, you will not need the minerals.

      For immediate relief you can try a half teaspoon of baking soda in a small glass of water and drink it. If that reduces your symptoms within a half hour or so, then acid urine is at least partly responsible for your pain and the minerals will make your urine more alkaline and therefore reduce the pain.

      Good luck and let us know if any of this gives you relief : )

  77. Hi Theresa,

    I’m 43 female with frequent urination ( every half hour to 45 mins) and urethral discomfort and pain for last 7 years.
    I have had 2 cystoscopy and docs tell me I have a small capacity bladder. Is it possible for the bladder to shrink suddenly? I was also told that stress may also have caused this ( I have had marital problems and am separated). Add to this I also had terrible pain around ovulation and found fibroids on my uterus. I went through a hysterectomy 2 years back. But the ovaries were retained. Now the fibroid pain has gone but the bladder and urethral problem remains and strangely around ovulation time the pain is more. I am also on drospirenone and ethinylestradiol (birth control) pills. This is mainly to keep the ovarian cyst in check.
    You have mentioned 300 mg of calcium and 150 mg of magnesium as well as potassium. Will this help me? Will it help with the frequency and pain because this problem is affecting my personal life. I live in India and am not sure what to ask the chemist.
    Your advice would be of help.

    • Hello R. My advice is that you try the Nystatin anti-fungal drug. You will need a prescription from your doctor for Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS to be taken 1 teaspoon three times daily for 21 days.

      For immediate relief, try taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate as used in baking) in a small glass of water and drinking it. If this gives you relief within a half hour or so, then acid urine is definitely a consideration for you and you will benefit from taking the minerals as outlined on the home page of this website. The minerals will make your urine more alkaline and therefore relieve the pain.

      Using the pH test paper to test your urine will also help you to determine if acid urine is causing you pain. Note that it is normal to have urine that is slightly acid, but when you have a fungal infection in your urethra even a mildly acidic urine burns a lot!! The Nystatin will cure the fungal infection if you take it for long enough.

      I hope this helps. Good luck and please let us know if any of this advice is helpful : )

  78. Finally some information that isn’t related to infections. My doctor once suggested my pain is caused by the protective lining being stripped from my urethra. I only can remember having this periodic pain after a massive UTI I have many years ago so I believe that my urethra was damaged by the infection. I’ll see my new doctor about this again.

    • Hi Melanie. Ask for a prescription for Nystatin PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS. I took 1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks.
      You can also try the mineral supplements as outlined on my home page. For immediate relief, try a quarter or a half teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) in a small glass of water and drink it. I hope this helps : )

  79. Can someone help me with painful urination. On that day going to school I drink 2 glass of water. In lunch time I eat beef steak and pair with softdrinks and even I don’t drink water. The past hours my friend invite me to go for a snack, junkfoods and softdrinks. After that we go for urination, suddenly it hurts and I begin to feel pain even I’m not urinating. That night also I feel like I have fever. When I drink water intended of my limitation, it ease the pain a little. I go for sleep. Next day when I urinate, flow of urine is smooth and having a very very very little pain. When I go to school and I urinate I feel pain much likely on the other day. Urgent response needed thank you. What wouls be the conclusion of this painful pain.

    • Your pain is most likely caused by an infection. You need to see a doctor who will take a urine sample and will probably prescribe an antibiotic. If you have an infection, you need to take antibiotics. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  80. Hi theresa,

    Thank you so much for your advice. Will update soon with hopefully good result.

    The nystatin you mentioned, is there a difference between oral thrush and intestinal fungal? I csn only find the syrup of 10000 u/ml but it is meant for oral thrush. Is it the same?

    Awaiting your reply eagerly. Thank you. God bless

    • The syrup is what I took – PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS. I took 1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks. It worked!


      • Hi Athanasia. I cannot answer why the dilations have stopped working for you but I can tell you that they are not a cure for urethral syndrome… eventually the symptoms return. I do not recommend dilations since we now have less invasive (and less costly) means of eliminating the pain of urethral syndrome. I encourage you to try the Nystatin drug therapy which will require a prescription from your doctor, or you could try the Diflucan anti-fungal drug which might be available in Greece without a prescription.

        For immediate relief try the baking soda – 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon in a small glass of water and drink it. The minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium citrate will also make your urine more alkaline and this will stop the pain if acid urine is the cause.

        You might also want to get checked for an infection – a common bladder infection might be the cause of your change in symptoms.

        Good luck Athanasia, and let us know how you make out : )

    • Hi theresa,

      I am Sush and I am from Malaysia. In 2013, I was diagnosed as having chronic cystitis and my urologist liken it to interstitial cystitis with urethral syndrome. I was given loads of antibiotic and urosulf with harnal and toviaz to reduce my urination but it didn’t help. Switching to some chinese herbs and colostrum with pure aloe vera juice for 2 months, I was symptom free after 5 months. Have stayed symptom free with normal urination until April 2016. Body was very dehydrated due to lack of water with high acidic food, I was admitted again with the same chronic cystitis concurrent with urethral syndrome and no bacteria. Although I had lower abdominal pain before urinating but this time around my pain is mainly on my urethral with burning after urination.

      I have tested my urine ph and found it to be around 5 to 5.8 and although I have been trying to eat most alkaline food green alkaline juice and drinking alkaline water for about a month now, I am not able to bring my ph to more alkaline. I also came to know prior to having my first cystitis in 2013, I had candida infection but was given antibiotic to treat. There seems to be no Doctor knowledgeable enough to help me with other treatment except more antibiotic. I am feeling so desperate, alone, frustrated and sad. I saw your site and decided to write to you hoping that maybe your method would help or shed some light in my situation.

      My question is, the mineral you mentioned, calcium, magnesium and potassium, does it come 3 in one and what is the dosage recommended? Will this supplement irritate my bladder? I also have constipation problem and taking too many types of supplements will make my situation worse so I am looking for 3 in one dosage.

      I am keen to try on Nystatin and Diflucan as I am waiting for my paps smear result to confirm whether I have candida this time around. I am not sure whether I could get these in Malaysia. Hoping against hope, I could find it down here as I am starting to feel depressed.

      Your advise and suggestion is very much appreciated and thankful for.

      • Hi Sush. Here you can buy calcium and magnesium in one pill from any pharmacy or health food store. I recommend you start with a daily dose of:
        * 1000 mg of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate
        * 500 mg of magnesium oxide or magnesium malate
        * 1000 mg of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate

        That is the total for the whole day but you will want to split that up into at least 3 doses because it won’t stay in your system for more than a few hours. So if you can find a supplement that has 300 mg of calcium and 150 mg of magnesium in each pill, you would want to take one pill 3 times per day (morning, noon and night). Potassium comes separately here.

        It is possible to get a prescription from a doctor for a triple mix powder that contains all three minerals plus baking soda. It is a more expensive option and the powder must be mixed in water and you drink it. It has a mild, slightly bitter taste. I prefer taking the pills and buying the minerals without a prescription, but it is another option.

        I hope this helps. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  81. Hi Theresa. One morning I woke up with these symptoms of pain and burning in the urethra 4 months ago. Since then I got worse. I went to gyneco doctor and urologist but they didn’t find any infection in urine or vaginally. One said it might be vaginal atrophy because I am 2 years postmenopause. She gave me oestrogen- colpotrophine cream but using for 3 weeks burning and pain in the urethra and vagina got worse. The urologist said that the bladder is hyper active because I am too stressed and that I should go to a psychologist. That didn’t help me at all because the burning, needing to pee frequently and pressure on the urethra were there all the time. I couldn’t sleep for many nights. I live in Romania, Europe and I can’t find anywhere the PH test paper but I gave a sample of urine one month ago to a medical clinique and the PH was 6. I assume it is the same level today. I started yesterday the treatment with calcium, potassium and magnesium and also the nistatine. My question: is not dangerous to take nistatine for 3 weeks knowing that I have hepatitis B? Do you heard about side effects for those with liver problem? Thank you so much for this site. I pray that treatment will work for me. Please respond.

    • Hi Cami. I am sorry but I do not know anything about side effects of Nystatin. This is a question you need to ask a doctor. There is another anti-fungal drug you could try called Diflucan – one pill per day for three days at the normal dose used for a vaginal infection.

      Also, it sounds like your symptoms are severe. You might want to try taking the half teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate which is used in baking cakes) in a small glass of water and drink it about an hour before bedtime, or whenever your symptoms are severe.

      A note on urine pH…it fluctuates a lot during each day. In the space of a few hours the urine pH can change from 4 (very acid)to 7.5 (fairly alkaline). I would bet that sometimes your urine is a lot more acidic than 6.

      If you cannot order the pH test paper online, then let me know and I will send you some.

      I hope this helps. Good luck Cami and let us know how you make out.

  82. I have been diagnosed with IC, but reading through the comments I find my symptoms are more similar to urethral syndrome. I’ve been explaining to my doctor for months that my symptoms are primarily focused in my urethra, with slight pelvic – lower abdominal pain. I suffered after the birth of my son eight years ago (about a year after he was born) but it was a flare of about two months and through strict diet the flare went away. Fast forward to now and after a miscarriage at the end of January, I have been in a flare up since. It is consuming my life and although I do have days with some relief, mostly I suffer from a constant awareness/irritation of my urethra. However, I do not have any pain when urinating. Is this normal for urethral syndrome? I take Elmiron, Atarax, Marshmellow Root, D-Mannose and Pyridium (infrequently as I was told not to take for long). Last night my husband when to the store and got me calcium carbonate, so I’ll give that a whirl too. Mainly wondering about the irritation and constant awareness vs pain when urinating (which I don’t have). I plan to make another doc appt this week.

    • Hi Lori. Yes it is normal for sufferers of urethral syndrome to have no pain when urinating. However when the pain is more severe, the burning/irritation can be felt before, during and after urinating. Constant awareness of the urethra due to irritation/pain/burning is the main symptom of urethral syndrome.

      I encourage you to try the full mineral regime as outlined on the main page of this site, and also to try the anti-fungal drug Nystatin (which requires a prescription) or Diflucan (available without a prescription in Canada…not sure about other countries). For immediate relief you can also take a quarter teaspoon (or a half teaspoon if your symptoms are severe) of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a small glass of water and drink it.

      I hope this gives you relief. Good luck and please let us know how you make out : )

  83. Great site…..Iam going to try the remedies here . I see they have worked for several people.
    Problem usually is the similarity (overlap) of sympyoms presented urethral syndrome, cystitis, BPH, prostatis etc. Apparently a few people never get healed through conventional medication and have to resort to herbs… Im going to try the pH treatment and Nystatin. I have a feeling I’ll be ok. Will share my experiences. Im now going to destroy heaps of expensive strips of drugs that have been recommended over the years by Urologists…… Thanks again for this site and the sharing. (How does theresa make ends meet when she is busy answering all our questions…Good luck)

    • Hi Bob, and thanks for writing in. I still can’t believe the Nystatin worked – but it did! It has been several months now with zero symptoms even when my urine is acid. I have cut way back on the minerals, many days I do not take any. I do try to remember to take 200-300 mg of potassium each day, just because I know I don’t get enough in my diet. I do remember that near the end of the Nystatin course (which was 3 weeks) I forgot to take my minerals one day and I did get burning pain. There was only about 5 days left on the Nystatin, and I thought for sure it wasn’t working; but I continued on to the end and – it worked! So the full three weeks is important.

      I sure hope it works for you too Bob. Let us know : )

      PS. I keep meaning to do a proper write-up of Nystatin on the main page of this site – how the time flies!

    • Hi, I’ve been suffering from trigonitis and urethral syndrome for over a year now with terrible burning. I’ve tried everything, including two surgeries for trigonitis, which did completely get rid of the trigonitis but I still have burning with the urethral syndrome. What form of nystatin did you take? Was it a pill? Thanks so much!

      • Hi Carla. I used the Nystatin syrup – PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS, take 1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks.

        Hope this helps : )

        • Hi Theresa, I am so great full I found this discussion forum. Sometimes it’s hard to stay positive when these flare-ups occur. I also just moved last week and started having major burning again and I’ve stuck to the same high alkaline diet but the only thing that changed was my drinking water so I’m going to get the ph strips tomorrow. Are they the ones for urine and saliva or are special ones that test water? Thanks a Million 🙂

          • I use pH test paper that ranges from 4.5 to 7.5. Any pH paper with a similar range will work fine for both water and urine.

  84. Hi
    Do you think the Nilstat cream would be as effective as the syrup? I’m thinking this is easier to get & was wondering if I should try it.

    • I honestly don’t know if the cream would be as effective. Oral nystatin can penetrate tissues and internal areas like the lining of the urethra. I’m not sure if the cream can do that. If you try it, let us know if it works!

  85. Hello

    First of all great info! Great to hear I’m not alone.

    Been battling symptoms similar to those described in previous comments above but mainly sensitivity to my urethra when I urinate and ejaculate for probably 4-5 months now.

    Did all the necessary doc tests and all came out negative “clean as a whistle” my doc said but still the symptoms are there (they come and go and flare up mainly when I’m stressed and not eating right).
    I’m a firm believer in bicarb soda for most things and use this whenever I want to bring my pH back in check.

    I wanted to ask you if you think it’s ok as a male to use the 3 vitamins/minerals you stated and also if it would be worthwhile to also try nystatin?

    Thanks again!

    • Hi Andrei. I definitely recommend the minerals calcium, magnesium and potassium for both males and females. These are important nutrients that add to our well-being. Adding a daily dose of these minerals may be enough to take away your pain. And I also recommend trying the anti-fungal drugs Nystatin or Diflucan – Nystatin worked for me!

      Good luck and let us know how you make out : )

  86. Hi Theresa,
    Good to find your site, thank you. Do you find your symptoms and urine acidity are affected by your monthly cycle? I have for a while tried to eat and drink a mostly alkaline diet but do like the occasional chunk of dark chocolate or glass of wine, however in the week leading up to my period I have symptoms very like those described on this site

    • Hi Karen. Others have written saying that they do find a connection to their symptoms and their monthly cycle. I don’t think I ever did. However since it appears that yeast in the urethra may be the underlying cause of the pain (and the acid urine causes the burning sensation because of the yeast), it would be logical that menstruating would bring any yeast from the vagina to the outside of the body.

      At any rate, the pain stops when the urine is alkaline and, even better, when the yeast is gone from the urethra by taking anti-yeast drugs such as Nystatin or Diflucan. For more info on this check out the comment from Christine on the Comments page of this site. I tried the Nystatin earlier this year and now it does not matter if my urine gets acid – I no longer have any pain.

      I hope this information helps you resolve your pain Karen. Please keep us informed : )

  87. I developed Urethral Syndrome after taking high doses of vitamins. I started following the diet you recommend and the pain lessened significantly but didn’t completely go away. It wasn’t until I discovered that the bottled water I was drinking all day long was the culprit. I never would have guessed that water could be acidic, but many of the bottled water brands are. I used the pH test strips to determine that both the bottled water from the store and the water I have delivered to my house are very acidic. I started drinking tap water and have absolutley no problems as long as I have fruits and veggies in my diet. I eat whatever I like and do not have to take the supplements. I have found through an internet search that certain brands of bottled water have a higher pH like Evian, Fiji, Nestle Purelife, etc. Although, I haven’t personally tested them. Hope this helps someone. Thanks!

    • Thanks for sharing this Page. I too have tested my water to find that it is acidic. I always assumed that the dissolved minerals making it acidic (most likely chloride) would not be in sufficient quantities to impact urine pH. Your experience shows otherwise and it does make sense that everything adds up.

      I will mention that there are some very elaborate and expensive products available to make your water more alkaline, but you can easily do this yourself by adding just a pinch of baking soda to a pitcher of water. So there is no need to spend a lot of money on alkaline water.

      Thanks again Page!

  88. Hi Theresa
    Thank you so much for all your information! I’m so glad I came across this page!! 🙂 I visited the doctor and was given nystatin which lastest for 16days and since I’ve stopped the pain has come back. I’m also taking the potassium magnesium and calcium tablets. In your experience and people you have spoken to, is a longer dose required. It really seemed to help so much and the pain was finally gone and help with my digestion issues.

    • Hi Holly. If you refer to the letter from Christine on this COMMENTS page and the letter she refers to from Bill, the recommendation is for a 3-week course of Nystatin. That’s what I took…1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks. I remember in the third week there was a day when I forgot to take the Nystatin and my urethral syndrome pain flared up briefly – I got discouraged and figured that the Nystatin wasn’t working, but I continued taking it anyway for the rest of that week, and it worked! So I do think the full three weeks is required.

  89. I have had a problem for about 2 months now. I was given an antibiotic for ecoli in my bladder and also a course of medication for thrush but I am still not happy. Often when I urinate I experience a pain which goes right down my one arm and my doctor says that he has never heard of this. I started taking Cranberry capsules which seemed to make it worse and the frequent urination at night continues. Having read your column on this problem I have gained so much more information but wonder if you can explain the pain in my arm.

    • Hi Ann. I am sorry to say I have never heard of arm pain in conjunction with urethral syndrome, so I can’t give you any advice on that. I suggest that you try discontinuing the cranberry as it may be making your urine more acid, and I encourage you to get the pH test paper and see if your pain is worse when your urine is acid. Hopefully you will find some information here that helps : )

  90. Hi Theresa , I am back again ..I missed my monthly cycle twice because of poly cystic ovary ..been to Gynac .. Took regestron. Day my cycle started the burning started again it was more horrible then ever .. Did a urine test had E. coli infection took anti biotic .. Dint help much .. Then I have Seen a urologist few days back and he said I have irritable bladder or over active bladder. Just a symptom .. Might be because of stress or anxiety .. He prescribed an antispasmodic for 6 months .. Over active bladder ? I have no urgency or frequency until I have severe burning or stinging .. Now my genitals are also sore dry and itchy sometime .. Been to Gynac again she gave clingen suppository .. Feeling better with anti spasmodic and suppository .. But symptoms come and go for few hours once in a while .. I am trying to keep my urine ph above 6.5.. It make me feel good .. Loosing hope and personal life is at stake .. Need some diagnosis .. I asked Gynac and urologist for nystatin both of them said I don need it .. I have no bad vaginal discharge ..

    • Hi Priya. My heart goes out to you. If you cannot get Nystatin, you can try the Diflucan – in Canada it is available without a prescription, so if you cannot get it locally you might be able to buy it online. It is another powerful anti-fungal drug. The RN (Registered Nurse) I spoke with said she takes 1 Diflucan pill per day for 3 days to cure a vaginal yeast infection, so that might be a good place to start.

      Alternatively you could print out the letter from Christine (and the letter she refers to from Bill) on this Comments page and take it to your family doctor who might be more willing to prescribe Nystatin. Another option is pyridium which makes the urethra numb.

      Good luck Priya. I hope you get relief real soon. Do let us know how you are doing : )

  91. I just posted a long comment and got message that it was incorrect or empty reCAPTCHA response. I have no idea what I did wrong so this is a test before a type a long comment about my problem.

    • I realize now that I had to identify items to verify that I am not a robot. I am too tired to resend message tonight. I have learned a lot by reading all the other posts and will probably submit my problem tomorrow.

    • Hi Syble. I apologise for the Captcha requirement to post a comment, but unfortunately it is absolutely necessary. Before I added the Captcha (where you have to type in the displayed number or text) I was getting tons of spam posted here. I was diligently going through them all (dozens per day) and deleting each one, only allowing the genuine comments to come through. This worked for a while, although it took a lot of my time, but it reached a point where my web host had to ban my site because of spammers. In order to restore this website I had to install the Captcha, which does work spam gets through.

      I do not believe in Hell, but if it exists, I am sure they have a special place for spammers……

  92. Hello, thanks for all your info Theresa, the ph method has really helped manage the pain. However the tingling/burn is still there (I have been doing it for 4 days) and my urethra entrance is very inflamed. I just can’t sleep! How do you cope? Any painkillers/sleeping pills you can recommend, I am going a bit mad…the doctor just gives me co-codamol and a steroid/hydrocortisone cream for the irritation…please help! Not managing more than 45mins.

    • Hi Clare. I’m sorry to hear that your pain is not fully resolved. I assume that your doctor has ruled out an infection. When the urethra is very inflamed it can take some time to settle down, and during this time it is important to keep the urine alkaline all the time or else the inflammation keeps getting triggered. So be sure to take the mineral supplements 3 or even 4 times per day and cut down on protein temporarily. Here are few ideas for you to try:
      1. Try the Nystatin anti-fungal drug. You will need a prescription for it. PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS, take 1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks.
      2. Ask your doctor for a drug called pyridium. It makes the urethra numb which takes away the pain (yay!), but it does not cure anything. It will make your urine a bright orange colour but this is harmless. I have used pyridium in the past to control my pain with good results.
      3. Take the baking soda (1/4 teaspoon in a half-glass of water and drink it) shortly before bed-time.
      4. A hot bath just before bed. I wonder if you put a tablespoon of baking soda in a shallow tub of warm water (a couple inches of water) and used it as a sitz bath? I never tried that but it might be soothing.

      I hope you get relief as soon as possible. Please let us know how you make out : )

  93. Hi there,
    Back again and so far pain free since before christmas.
    My update is really to ask if there is anything more I can do
    to increase my PH level. I test as you suggested and I am
    always around 5.5 to 6 I never manage to get this any
    higher. I eat fruit and veg also take high strength cranberry
    tablets and drink pineapple juice each morning but
    no increase in levels.
    All suggestions gratefully received.

    • Hi Peggy. Thanks for the update and I’m so glad you are pain-free!
      – When I need to make my urine more alkaline I take a (slightly) higher dose of the mineral supplements calcium, magnesium and especially potassium.
      – Cranberries are one of the odd fruits that apparently do not alkalinize the body and may even make the urine more acid, so you might try eliminating the cranberry tablets and see if that helps.
      – Eating bananas, potatoes and raisins will help. Eating smaller portions of meat, chicken and fish will help too. If you like bread, try making potato bread or soda bread (made with baking soda). Banana bread is a yummy dessert and high in potassium because of the bananas and the baking soda is also alkalinizing.
      – Try deep breathing – the body eliminates acid via respiration. Take 3 slow deep breaths before getting out of bed in the morning, when using the toilet, before eating, when you brush your teeth and any other time you think of it. It only takes a few seconds each time. If you can get some daily exercise that makes you breathe more deeply (yoga is great for this and so is a brisk walk), that will also help.

      I hope this helps!

    • Many thanks for your always swift reply. I have cut down on the cranberry and my ph is up to 7 straight away.
      I’d like to thank you again for this wonderful site it’s so great not to feel all alone.
      Many thanks again.

        • Hi Theresa,
          I am still jogging along with hardly any flare ups.
          I have in the back of my mind that I was told to take high dose vitamin C but
          do not seem to know if this was from you or elsewhere.
          Have I gone round the bend or is this right?
          Regards Peggy

          • Hi Peggy. It was not I who recommended vitamin C. To the best of my knowledge it would have no benefit for urethral syndrome. Glad to hear your symptoms have improved : )

  94. Hi Theresa! What dosage of nystatin did you take that worked for you? And was it the liquid type, the kind that you swish around in your mouth? I thought that type was just for oral thrush but that is what my doc figured she would prescribe for me. And she only prescribed 1 dose per day, but I am wondering whether that will be enough. Cheers, Josie

    • Hi Josie;
      My Nystatin prescription was for the liquid (a sweet syrup type), one teaspoon taken 3 times per day for 3 weeks. My receipt says PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS.

      Maybe you could print this out and give to your doctor to get a 3x per day dose. Good luck and let us know whether or not it works for you : )


    • I,had enlarged prostate gland operated in September 2015 after two months urine stopped subsequently diagnosed urethral stricture urthescopy done. I’m still have painful and burning urination. What should I do??

      • I am not sure if acid urine is the cause of your pain or not. You can tell by using the pH test paper and comparing your urine’s acidity level to your pain level. It’s possible that your urethra is inflamed and irritated from your surgery, and therefore acid urine could be causing the burning. If acid urine is part of the problem then you can get relief by taking the minerals as outlined on the main page of this site. You can do a test by taking a half-teaspoon of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate which is used in baking) in a small glass of water and drinking it. It will make your urine more alkaline within a half hour or so. If acid urine is the problem this will give you some relief.

        I hope you find something here that helps.

  95. Hi Theresa, Thank you so very much for your website. I’ve been all over the internet to try and find some information that my doctors don’t have answers for. I have a question about the symptoms. In addition to the pain and burning, I also experience deep chills and fatigue, much like i have a fever, except I don’t. It is usually at its worst after sexual intercourse. Have you heard of those? Please help. Thank you very much for your website, truly.

    • Hi Tricia. I did not usually experience chills, although I did when the pain was severe. A long soak in a hot bath really helps. Fatigue is a tough one because so many things cause it, but yes I think pain can cause fatigue.

      Intercourse always triggered pain for me. The urethra lies close to the upper (abdominal side) of the vagina and when the urethra is inflamed any friction sets off pain. Luckily I have a very understanding husband and we found ways to have sex with minimal intercourse. Now – since taking the minerals and eliminating the inflammation – intercourse does not cause any urethral pain at all.

      I hope this information helps. Good luck Tricia and please keep us informed how you are doing : )

  96. Hi Christine.
    I just came across your website whilst looking for another miracle cure for my burning urethra at 2am in the morning because of the pain and needing to urinate . I have been suffering burning now for 30 years. But the last few months have been the worst. I have never been told by a doctor that the pain might be because I’m too acidic, which makes me frustrated, except I went to an accupuncturist just recently for my bad back and gastro problems. He told me to eat more greens and bananas because I was to acidic. After listening to your story I am hopeful that In getting the supplements that u suggest that i might be able to get back to a normal life without taking huge bottles of water with me and constantly stopping for toilet breaks which can really be terrible if u r wanting to go bush walking etc. I have had bladder infections in the past so after all these years I can tell the difference when I am just burning. My urologist said having my urethra stretched wouldn’t be a good idea because I have had an operation for incontinence and that stetching the urethra would be detrimental to my incontinence issues. I have been coping all these years by using urals but right now am struggling big time with the pain keeping me up most of the night despite how much water or urals I am taking. It is worse right now because I have had diarrhea for six months now and am low in vitamin A and very low in protein because I have not been able to absorb nutrients. My gastroenterologist is starting me on digestive enzymes and doing an MRI to check if anything wrong with my pancreas as that is the organ that is suppose to produce enzymes to absorb nutrients. He thinks that it could be just that I have had a few operations on my bowel now and lost some of my large bowel and it just might not work like it should anymore. I know after reading your story that protein supplements probably doesn’t help my bladder right now but my doctor is worried it is that low so I have to have them. After reading your blog I then thought that if I am very low in protein and vitamin A then I am thinking that it could be a huge possibility that I am low in other things like the potassium etc. I am very excited to see if this works. I have nothing to lose except pain lol, by trying the things that you said. My husband always says there is alot to be said about Chinese medicine. I am going out today to get ph test sticks and the potassium calcium etc. Am looking forward to see how this goes. It makes total sense to me after reading your comments. I am sorry that this is a long winded post but got excited after reading your post that there could be an easy solution out there. Thankyou for writing this post and am looking forward to being pain/burning free.

    • Hi Carol;
      I am sorry to hear of all these issues you are having…it sounds challenging indeed! I hope the mineral supplements give you the relief you deserve. A good multivitamin would help too. Take care and let us know how you make out : )

  97. Hello and thank you so much for this site. I too have a severe pain in my urethra. Done all kinds of swabs (it hurt like hell-they found nothing) and a citsoscopy (hurt like hell too). Cistoscopy showed inflammation but urine samples and swabs-nothing. I have no bacteria. My urologist gave me another dose of antibiotics because of this inflammation and he said that it is possible that I have some kind of bacteria that doesn’t show in urine samples or swabs (I don’t think so because I have this problem for 3 years now). I have this problem since 2014 (I’m 22, btw) and it’s making my life MISERABLE. Painkillers don’t help, and I’ve tried baking soda as well, but it doesn’t seem to solve the problem (pain is still there). I have PH strips and I’ve found out that only when I’m SUPER hydrated, I’m kinda OK. Did you have this problem as well? Wasn’t baking soda enough for you too or you thought it was unhealthy so you found another way? Thank you for existing and sharing your experience!

    • Hi Ivana. The key to finding out whether acid urine is the cause of your pain is to measure your urine pH every time you pee for at least a week and match up your pain level to your urine pH. If your urine pH is 7.0 or higher and you still have pain, then acid urine is not likely the cause (although there can be a time delay where your urethra might need a couple of days to settle down, but you should still notice a significant pain improvement when your urine is alkaline). Drinking lots of fluids can help by making the urine more dilute, but taking the minerals will have much more impact, if acid urine is causing you pain.

      I no longer take baking soda since it does not have nutritional value and my pain is totally eliminated with supplements of calcium, magnesium and potassium, all of which are beneficial nutrients. If the baking soda did not relieve your pain it’s either because acid urine is not the cause of your pain or because your acid level was stronger than the baking soda could neutralize. Rather than taking more baking soda, I would recommend taking the other minerals, starting with the recommended dosage, until your urine tests alkaline on the test strips. I have found that the potassium supplement has the strongest beneficial impact. It is very difficult to get the daily recommended allowance of potassium (4,700 mg) from food.

      Thanks for writing in, Ivana, and let us know whether the minerals help.

    • Hi, I am yet another sufferer of this awful condition. I had frequent bouts of cystitis from the age of 19 so never went anywhere without a course of antibiotics! In my early 40’s the symptoms worsened and antibiotics did not help. It got so bad that a planned holiday was cancelled and I ended up in A&E. The difference this time was that no infection could be detected. A referral to a urologist and a cystoscopy revealed a very inflamed urethra and urethral syndrome was diagnosed. I was prescribed Nitrofurantoin and I took 100mg for the next 5 years. Not pleasant but the symptoms were kept at bay. At the age of 47 I had a Mirena coil fitted and within a month I stopped the antibiotics and was pain free! This may give hope to any sufferers who believe there is a hormonal link. However, 5 years on the symptoms have returned. It is likely the hormone in the coil has run out and it is due to be removed next year. Having stumbled across this site I have started monitoring pH levels and am so pleased to report that when in pain pH levels are at 6 and when I get them to 7 or 8 the pain goes, amazing. If only I had known this 30 years ago. Next step is to give the Nystatin a go. Thank you so much for taking the time to share all of your own research.

      • Hi Louise. Thanks for writing in. I am not familiar with either Nitrofurantoin or Mirena coils. It’s good to know that these options exist. All of the urologists I saw throughout my life said that there was nothing they could do for urethral syndrome, other than cystoscopies (stretching the urethra) and a drug called Pyridium which numbs the urethra.

        So happy to hear that your pain can be controlled by making your urine more alkaline! Good luck with the Nystatin and do let us know whether or not it works for you 🙂

  98. I am a 41 year old female and like many of you have been suffering from severe urethral pain for the last 2 years. In fact, I leave in an hour for yet any appointment to my Urologist. He flip flops between saying I have urethral syndrome or cystitis. He has been trying DMSO instillations to no avail. In fact, they seem to flare things up a bit. My OBGYN started me on progestin only birth control pills 3 months ago to suppress my period in hopes that would give me some relief and ever since being on them, my urethral pain is at an all time high. I also am showing signs of being perimenopausal. I realize your site is mostly on acidic urine and yeast but with this being the most up to date and knowledgeable sites I have been on, any suggestions on hormones and urethral pain? Also, where do I go to see the exact amounts of minerals/vitamins you suggest taking? I am trying to stay hopeful but after cystoscopy, MRI, dilations (which my experience mimics yours almost exactly), ultrasounds and many different medications my greatest fear is that this is what my life has become relegated to, waking up in severe pain, being in pain throughout the day, and then going to bed in pain.

    • Hi Rose. The Home page of this site has the detailed mineral information under HOW TO STOP THE PAIN. It is important to divide up the daily dose of minerals and take them at least 3 times per day – one dose per day will not give lasting relief. The mineral doses that I use are just a guide though – you may find you need more or less. Eating less meat/cheese and more bananas, potatoes and raisins (and more fruits and vegetables in general) will help greatly.

      Regarding hormones, I cannot say if they are a factor, but I can tell you that women of all ages from teenagers to the elderly suffer from this condition, and men also suffer from it (although it is more common in women).

      Really all the information you need is on the home page, and it’s simple and inexpensive to implement. Give it a try and feel free to post any further questions. I hope it works for you!

      • Hello Theresa, thanks for the info regarding the minerals and dosages. I do have a question on the potassium citrate. I have only been able to find it in a 99mg form and the salesperson at the vitamin store was a little alarmed when I told him that I was advised to take 1000mg of it a day. What is the science behind why you recommend such a high dose? Ditto on the magnesium where the recommended dosage is 250mg and you recommend 500mg. I am just curious and not questioning your judgement as you are the first person I have found online who seems to have beat this thing! Thanks!

        • Hi Rose;

          I am glad you raised this question because there is a lot of misinformation available out there and it certainly can be confusing.

          The USDA (United States Dept of Agriculture) publishes recommended daily requirements (RDI)for vitamins and minerals.

          Their daily recommended amount of potassium for adult women is 4,700 mg (4.7 g). My recommendation of a 1,000 mg supplement is far below this, so it is not a high dose. I also emphasize the need to split up this dose into at least 3 portions spread throughout the day, so at no time is anyone getting a high dose of potassium – it works out to be about 350 mg per dose; a medium banana has 600 mg. People with heart conditions should consult a doctor before taking potassium supplements.

          The USDA RDI for magnesium (for women) is 310 – 360 mg per day, depending on age. I have also read that calcium and magnesium should be taken in a 2:1 ratio (for every mg of calcium you would take half as much magnesium) because they work together. The USDA RDI for calcium is 1,000 mg, which would mean that 500 mg of magnesium would give the best ratio. This is why my recommendation is 1,000 mg of calcium taken with 500 mg of magnesium, and again, split up into 3 or more doses throughout the day.

          The amounts I suggest are just a starting point. I encourage each person to do their own research and take amounts that they feel comfortable with, based on your urine pH readings.

          I do take the 99 mg potassium supplements – I take 3 with each meal (breakfast, lunch and supper). I believe that the potassium has the most powerful benefit, and I suspect that most people do not get anywhere near the recommended 4,700 mg per day. I have charted my diet over a few weeks and meticulously looked up the vitamins and minerals in everything I ate. When the results were tabulated I did not even come close to 4,700 mg per day. One large potato has 1,630 mg, a banana 600 – and those are two of the highest sources of potassium in food.

          Food lookup here:

          I hope this information helps 🙂

          • Thanks so much Theresa! Yes the information and link you provided helped greatly. This may seem like a dumb question but with so many doctors out there interchanging the diagnosis of urethral syndrome and interstitial cystitis, do I need to be careful with potassium. I know with interstitial cystitis potassium when injected directly into the bladder causes great pain but my guess is that the vitamin supplements are go through the digestive tract so would not affect the bladder in this way? And what is your suspicion as to why potassium helps with urethral pain? Thanks again, Rose

          • Potassium citrate makes your internal tissues more alkaline (as does calcium bicarbonate and magnesium), resulting in more alkaline (or less acidic) urine. Acid urine can be painful. Urine that is a neutral or slightly alkaline pH is not painful, in my experience.

        • I must try this Teresa, I have had flare ups for going on 2 years now and I feel like drs think it’s all in my head ! Recently been taking elmiron but I think since my pain is in my urethra not my bladder it is not helping ? Have you had any experience with elmiron ?

          • Hi Elaine. Sorry but no, I have no experience with Elmiron. Please let us know whether you find it helpful. I hope you find something here that offers you relief 🙂

    • Hi Rose and Theresa,
      I found the website today with great relief. I am 69 y/o & I have had ongoing urethral pain that goes away after I drink lots and lots of Oat Straw herbal infusions. Oat Straw is high in calcium and other minerals . I have been dealing with this problem for years. In 2011 I I was referred to a Urologist and after a painful cystoscopy I was strongly advised to have bladder surgery which I did and then I was put on Cipro for 10 days. I was okay for a couple of weeks but then had another infection. My urine had to be tested at a lab since it didn’t show up what bacteria was present. Then it showed the bacteria was E Coli. To make a long story short , I was put on a a daily dose of Trimethoprim for a couple year. The Urologist said he wanted me to be on the lowest dose. I remained on a maintenance dose for a few years. Now I have been off of the antibiotic for a few months and every few weeks I start with the symptoms of burning and needing to pee frequently but not too much flows but I need to pee frequently. Anyway, I will definitely use the ph test papers and up my vitamins. I noticed today after a bout of the problem I took a magnesium / calcium pill with my cup of OatStraw. I also use heat packs to relief the pain.
      Well it stopped and I think you are on to something Theresa. Thank you so very much.

      • Thanks for writing in Patricia. So many of us have had similar experiences. I encourage you to try the pH test paper because it really shows you the connection between what you eat, your urine pH, and your pain levels. That knowledge is enough to put you in control of the situation. I also find that the potassium is the most potent of all the minerals (well, that and the baking soda). The potassium I buy comes in tablets of 90 or 99mg each, so I take 3 or 4 at a time, usually with meals. Do not buy potassium chloride; the chloride is acid-forming and cancels out the effect of the potassium.

        You can also try the anti-yeast drugs. It has recently come to my attention that yeast infection in the urethra is a potential cause of this pain. I finished a 3-week course of Nystatin (requires a prescription) about a month ago and since then I have had ZERO pain, even though I cut way back on the minerals and my urine has tested acid (sometimes even down to 4.5!) most of the time. I continue to take some minerals because I don’t think it’s good for your internal organs to be so acid, but as far as I can tell, my urethral syndrome is gone. Another anti-yeast drug is Diflucan which is available in Canada without a prescription (it is mostly used to treat vaginal yeast infections but it eliminates yeast in the entire body according to a registered nurse I spoke with).

        I hope this information helps!

        • I’m wondering how your going after the Nilstatin?
          I’ve got the cream to use but I’m a bit frightened to use it…don’t want to feel worse.
          I had urethral spasms & burning for 18 months. Is it possible to have candida/thrush for that long?
          I’ve always had this irritated feeling in the urethra & Dr’s are stumped!
          I’ve also just started duflican 200mg once a week for 6 months.

          • Hi Buster;

            It has been more than a month since I stopped the Nystatin and my urethral syndrome appears to be gone. Even though my urine tests acid much of the time, I have no pain. I have heard other people talk about having yeast infections for long periods of time. Let us know if the Diflucan helps you. In the meantime you can try the minerals/diet to see if maintaining alkaline urine helps reduce your pain. Good luck 🙂

        • Hi Theresa! I so appreciate all the effort and care you put into this website. I would like to try the 3 week course of Nystatin. My OBGYN offered to give me a 1 day course of Diflucan (typical dose for yeast infection). Any tips on how you convinced your doctor to give you such a long course? Or any tips on how I can find a doctor that is more knowledgeable on treating yeast in the urethra/bladder in this manner? Did you get your prescription from a Naturopath? I would be willing to travel to see your personal physician. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, Rose

          • Hi Rose. I printed out the letter from Christine dated Nov 1 (here on this Comments page) and took it to my family doctor – she did not hesitate to write the prescription but she did make a phone call to an associate to check on the appropriate dose. I should also have printed out the letter Christine refers to – Bill’s story – since there was no dosage information in Christine’s letter.

            If you are in pain and your doctor cannot resolve it, then they should be willing to try something as harmless as Nystatin which is even safe for babies. If your doctor thinks you should just live with the pain, then I would get a different doctor.

            My understanding is that it is well known that when an infection goes interstitial (deep inside body tissues) it requires a longer duration of antibiotic or, in this case, anti-fungal medicine to resolve. Urologists give a much longer dose of antibiotic for a prostate infection than what is normal for more common types of infection.

            I think you will be able to find a local doctor who will have a more open mind, and you will benefit from having local access in case you need to take this medicine again in the future. Good luck and let us know how you are doing 🙂

  99. Hello, Theresa.

    My name is Sara, and I am a Spanish 26 year old woman. For almost 9 months now, I have been experiencing mild to severe pain in my urethra. It usually comes after peeing but sometimes is competely random. It all started after a cystitis. I have had several, I think around 8 in a year. In June I had one, I took the antibiotics the doctor prescribed me and the infection went away but the pain didn´t. Although it does not feel like a cystitis it does feel like burning or like irritation. I do not experience an urge to urinate, and I can hold my pee, so there is no incontinence. For some months it seemed like the pain was milder and it was getting better, but I had another cystitis and since then (a month) it´s been hell. I have been to different urologist and they all tell me that I have an irritation in the urethra due to all the antibiotics I have taken and that the pain will go away. Right now I am taking D-Manosse and cranberry supplements but they do nothing. I´m sorry for the long post but I am actually desperate. I feel like doctors don´t care, and I feel like my life has been taken away from me. I don´t know what to do, I don´t want to be like this for the rest of my life and I can´t seem to find a diagnose. I have had several tests like a citoscopy, several cultures and ultrasounds and everything is normal. Do you think your diet will be helpful to me? Do you have any more recomendations?

    Thank you very much.


    • Hi Sara. I am sorry you are experiencing all of this – I know how frustrating it is. Once your urethra becomes inflamed from an infection, then the normal acid in urine keeps irritating it, thus making it difficult to heal the inflammation. By maintaining alkaline urine consistently over a few weeks, the inflammation can settle down. Acid urine is quite likely the cause of your pain but there are other causes of pain in the urethra so I cannot make any guarantees. Another possibility that has been discussed here is a yeast infection in the urethra which can be cured with anti-yeast drugs such as Nystatin and Diflucan.

      The easiest way for you to start is to take 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in half a glass of water and drink it (do not do this if a doctor has put you on a low sodium diet). This will make your urine more alkaline very quickly, usually within a half hour. I would not do this more than three times a day. Try the minerals as recommended on this site (discontinue the baking soda or cut it back to once per day). It is important to take the minerals at least 3 times per day because they run through your system fairly quickly – they do not last all day. I highly encourage you to get the pH test paper and then you will really know if acid urine is the cause of your pain.

      Good luck Sara and please keep us informed 🙂

    • Sounds like you have interstitial cystitis ( IC) please look it up as it is one of the most painful debilitating illnesses that you can have. regards Mo.

  100. Umm…….confused. My saliva ph read’s 6.5. My urine 7.5. What does that mean? The urine strip looked much lighter after drying for an hour, but I am assuming it’s the first 15 sec reading that is the one of value?

    What conclusion do think I should make of this.

    Thank you Theresa.


  101. Hello Theresa,

    Thank you so much for all this great information. I have been suffering from urethal stinging pains along with frequant urge to empty my bladder for some months. My urologist tried to perform a cystocopy to see that all was well in my bladder. My urethra was too tight, so he performed a partial dilation. Since this procedure things got much worse. The next step is for a full dilation under ga, which urologist think’s will solve my pain. As you can imagine, I feel nervous at having this done, because of the effects of the last one. Now….having come across this excellent site I have ( for three days ) taken bicarbonate of soda, bought ph strips and tomorrow I am off in search of the recommended minerals. Already I feel more comfortable. My question is this; I note you have had urethra dialation, In what way did it help you? Many thanks.

    • Hi Jacky. Yes I have had urethral dilation several times over the years. My experience was increased pain right after the procedure for a few hours (actually quite severe pain). After that the pain was less, but the benefit did not last very long – the pain always came back. If the minerals resolve your pain, you may not feel the need for the dilation. If nothing gives you any relief and the dilation is the only option left available, then it’s worth a try.

      Regarding the pH of saliva – the pH of urine and saliva will not necessarily be the same. Saliva is produced by salivary glands. Urine is water that has been taken out of internal cells (including the cells of internal organs), carried through the bloodstream, filtered through the kidneys and deposited into the bladder. The pH value of your urine indicates the pH of your internal tissues. The pH of your blood will be different than either the saliva or the urine because the body manages the pH of blood within a much smaller pH range.

      I take the reading of pH test strips within a few seconds of passing it through the urine.

      I hope this is helpful. Good luck and let us know how you make out 🙂

  102. It seems many of us land here via google 🙂 I’ve had issues with my urethra/bladder for a long while and do as I sit typing this.

    I will also preface this with the fact that I am rather stupid when it comes to seeing things that would be fairly obvious to most when it comes to my body, as in “If it hurts when you touch there, don’t touch there!” type of stuff.

    I am a 41 year old male, who roughly 6 years ago started feeling discomfort in my bladder and urethra when peeing, etc. The weird thing is I remember almost the moment it happened the first time, and it is really never gone since. After a few months, I went to the Doc, who referred me to a Urologist. This Uro examined my prostate, urinalysis, ultrasound, etc, but no scope. I drank alcohol and caffeine quite a bit at that time, so he sent me off and away with a reduction plan from all of that and to go back if it persisted. I did pretty well for awhile, reducing caffeine and alcohol, and it seemed like things would come and go. Eventually, I started to notice that it wasn’t ever really going away, and I simply decided to “live with it”, because quitting all of the fun things in life just wasn’t going to happen 🙂

    Over time, I have developed anxiety from issues like this and due to some terrible recurrent side pain and back pain, I had a CT scan done which returned no issues other than a degenerating lower back, but any issue like this bladder/urethra pain that hangs on just drives my anxiety up and I start to work up the courage to go back in yet again and this time have them scope, scan, and prod everything they can to find a solution. I’m literally just waiting for the moment I urinate blood or something and confirm my worst fears that this dysuria is a sign of a terrible life threatening thing. I have cut way back on my alcohol consumption, but will go 3-5 weeks at a time where I will drink beer at dinner or after work, and it doesn’t take long for my body to react. If I drink wine, I will usually get a rash on my hand, red blotchy face and sometimes restricted breathing…has to be a sign right?

    I started researching that, and came across sulfite allergies, which linked me to another site about someone with bladder/urethra issues who ended up having that allergy, and then after another bout of searching I landed here on the candida side of it. I have to imagine that beer/wine + reactions to it has to be a large factor in what I am most likely experiencing with my digestives. Well, maybe the solution is right in front of me…maybe with some strict diet (foods, no alcohol, no coffee or caffeine) and the supplements I can have a normal bladder/urethra again. Thanks for creating this site!

    • Hi DC. I feel your pain, literally, lol! Urethral Syndrome is a complicated thing because there are many causes. We know for sure that infections can be a cause, whether bacterial, viral or yeast. There could also be other causes of an inflamed urethra, such as allergies and food sensitivities.

      We also know for sure that an inflamed urethra is more sensitive to acid urine, in the same way that a cut or scrape on your skin will be painful if you put lemon juice on it. Therefore, keeping your urine alkaline (which is easy to do with mineral supplements) will reduce or eliminate that particular source of pain.

      It’s a shame that we are not taught how to listen to our bodies from a young age. If we were, many of these problems would never occur. The good news is, we are never to old to learn this! You already have a good start by recognizing that beer/wine is one of your triggers. If you enjoy alcohol, maybe try a mixed drink instead of beer/wine (which both contain yeast). Strawberry daquiries are yummy! And strawberries are high in potassium, a mineral that makes urine more alkaline.

      I encourage you to get some pH test paper and measure your urine pH every time you pee for at least a week. This will give you evidence-based feedback that will allow you to co-relate what you eat to your urine pH and to your pain levels.

      I believe that we have the ability to find new choices that both meet the needs of our bodies AND make us happy. I am not a big fan of sacrifice and strict diets. With so many food choices available to us, there are many delicious foods we can choose that help us feel better. I love East Indian food – it has so many dishes based on vegetables (even spinach becomes delicious!), and there are many other cuisines that make fruits and vegetables irresistible. There is no need to resign ourselves to food we don’t like.

      I hope that you find some relief from the information presented here. Please keep us informed, and good luck!

  103. Hello,
    I found this site while searching IC, but more specifically urethra pain. I have been in pain for almost a year. I am praying that your cocktail will work as well as two other supplements that I have been taking to help build and repair any damage to my bladder wall. I bought the pH test strips and while looking at the food list on your site I was a bit confused about what the negative numbers meant. I was also wondering if you knew of a resource that has a larger list with more foods showing the pH. With other diet restrictions I’m looking for the largest list possible…Anything will help. Thank you so much for this website. Although I am a fighter, this has managed to bring me to my knees but I am determined to find the answer! Some of the post on this site match mine a lot better than other IC sites.

    • I have been looking everywhere but there are so many different types of lists out there and so many different things that can be added to an item that could change it. Also if and when the food/drink changes in the body as well. I seem to be overly sensitive I guess. Not eating anything, just water for a few hours even turns my urine acidic. I drink and eat a lot of raw, organic and fermented items. I don’t think I will be able to find those on any lists. Those items may have to be trial and error.

    • Hi Monica. The negative numbers indicate a food that is alkaline-forming when digested. Foods with positive numbers are acid-forming. To make it clearer I separated them into different columns, so you don’t need to pay attention to the minus sign. I have not found a reliable source of food pH information. I did buy a few books on the subject but I found that they were basing their acid/alkaline ratings on the outdated ash-test method (they burn a food and measure the pH of the resulting ash). It is the protein and mineral content of a food that determines whether it will be acid-forming or alkaline-forming when digested. You can determine the pH influence of a food by using the formula on my food charts page. To look up the protein and mineral content of a food (to plug the values into the formula) you can use two websites – most of the nutrients are shown in the tables here:
      For chloride you can go here:

      A simple rule of thumb is that most fruits and vegetables are alkaline-forming (especially potatoes, spinach, bananas and raisins). Meat/fish/poultry/cheese are acid-forming. Dairy and beverages are neutral. You can also use the pH test strips to get an approximation of a food’s influence. Measure your urine pH an hour or so after eating the food in question. You’ll need to do it a few times.

      In my experience, the mineral supplements have a more powerful effect than diet changes, but I do make an effort to eat fruits and vegetables – they are good for you anyway!

      Good luck with all this and let us know how you make out 🙂

      • Thanks! I’ll check those sites. It would be nice if the supplements alone help so I don’t have to alter my diet too much. I have only been on them for a few days so time will tell.

    • hi just came across this site have i c for two years tried everthing been under urologist am going to try vitamins wondering what other supplements lady with ic is using to repair damage to bladder if possible many thanks denise

  104. I found your sight trying to figure this out. I am seeing a urologist next week after two ultrasounds and one ct scan which found one kidney stone but no other abnormalities. Also, blood tests came back normal. My problem is I actually bleed from my urethra like a period for one or two days. When this happens I have a short hot feeling kind of like a fever which goes away fast and then I have some irritation in the urethra like there is a cut or scab and some itchiness that lingers after the bleeding stops with some pelvic inflammation which goes away on it’s own. urine testing always shows no uti or anything else wrong. It has taken me two years of this reoccurring to get doctors to believe me and get me to the urologist referral.They all kept saying it was irregular periods but the blood is definitely coming from the urethra. Drinking baking soda sometimes helps, but not always and it always comes back. I am very cared and frustrated.

    • Hi Bridget. Bleeding from the urethra sounds serious and I am happy that you are seeing a urologist. This kind of bleeding is not normally associated with acid urine, however any inflammation in the urethra makes it more sensitive to acid urine, so you may find that keeping your urine alkaline will help reduce the irritation you feel. Be sure to tell the urologist all your symptoms and the history of this problem. I wish you a speedy recovery : )

  105. So happy I found this. When I was 15 I had severe urethral burning. Some showed uti others yeast. Went to urologist he did a number of tests and Mir on kidneys.ultrasounds,ect. Had a hydro done and all he saw in my bladder was neutrophils. He didn’t think it was ic he diagnosed urethritis. Gave me a low dose antibiotic which I no longer take and he sent me on my way. Since then 2002 I had problems on and off but usually only when I would drink alchohol,pineapple,orange juice,ect. I would just flood my body with water and the pain would eventually subside. Got pregnant in 2007,2009,2012 and don’t remeber having much trouble with my bladder/urthra. I did have terrible heartburn though. My last pregnancy was two years ago my period returned 18 months later my baby is breast fed. At around the same time it was back the painful burning urination two months with no relief. For the past six months it’s been up and down. When I’m not in agonizing burning pain while or if I need to pee. My vagina is burny, itchy, and dry. I also have hashimotos and around the same time of the start of this I had a rash on u chest and was treated with diflucan for four weeks once a week. Have seen a gyno had yeast in one culture. Have seen urologist and had a Cysti she says my bladder appears healthy and normal. UGH! Do u think that this is my problem? Hormones? Causing this? Where should I start? I need help azo and aleeve help mildly but that’s all. I hate this and need to fix this please point me in the right direction as to protocol? Sometimes I feel as if my saliva is like battery acid feeling in my cheeks. Not sure why this is either.

    • Caylyn I am sorry you are having to experience all this. I cannot tell you if your symptoms are related to hormones but I can tell you how to determine if acid urine is the cause. Order some pH test paper and measure your urine pH every time you pee for a few days. In the meantime you can try taking a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (not baking powder) in a half-glass of water and drink it. I also encourage you to start taking mineral supplements of calcium, magnesium and potassium citrate as outlined on the main page. The fact that you get relief from drinking lots of water is an indication that acid urine is probably the culprit – diluting your urine with lots of water also dilutes the acid. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

  106. Thank you for such a wonderful site. I no longer feel alone and in total despair and that has in some way made me feel better. I have started on the suggested vitamins carn’t quite get the exact quantities but close and am having to use 5 ml potassium citrate liquid diluted in a glass of water but I seem to be improving – coincidence? I very much doubt that.
    Thanks again for such a positive site.

    • Hi Peggy. Don’t worry about getting exact dosages of the minerals. You may find you need more or less than I do. Some people have written me that just eating more fruits has resolved their symptoms. Let us know how you make out. And thanks for your positive feedback : )

      • Hi Teresa
        Well a week in and fingers crossed symptoms almost totally gone and i am now able to think that Christmas might be fun after all. I have also got some test strips and all points to normal and the PH shows at the top end of the scale. I also now take high dose vit C as this was mentioned as helping somewhere else.
        Many thanks again for the valuable help you have been

  107. Hi Theresa,

    Thank you for a great website! It is really good to read all the comments from everyone and your replies. I live in the UK and have suffered from bladder pain/problems since I was 25 years old, I am now 40. I suffer from at least 2 severe UTI’s a year and then I have on/off UTI symptoms for what seem most of the remaining time. I always go to the doctor with a urine test when the pain start and the majority of time they tell me to start antibiotics and send my urine off for testing and most of time the test comes back negative and I have to stop the antibiotics and just put up with the pain. I have seen a urologist who did a cystoscope and dilation of my bladder but told me there was no signs of bladder problems during the procedure and he believed I was fine. He basically ruled out IC. But days after I had the pain again so I am clearly not. The strange thing is every time I am pregnant I do not have any symptoms at all which is a great relief but the pain always return weeks, sometimes months after I have given birth. I have just had my 4th baby and the pain is back. Doctor wants to send me to urologist again, get ultra sound scan, full gynaecological examination and blood test done and have prescribed strong pain killers in order for me to cope until they find out what is causing the pain and how to treat me. This is really hard as many of you know, to carry on with daily chores, look after 4 children including a new born and cope with the pain. I am really desperate for help. I will try and do the things you advice. I have bought test strips so will start this asap. I will buy the minerals you recommend and also try the baking soda in water, maybe you can advice how often is it safe to drink the baking soda? I will also try and speak to my doctor about the Nystatin treatment and see if they can prescribe me that to try. If there is anything else you or anyone else on this website can recommend I would appreciate it? It is such an hard thing to cope with, I feel quite down about it, can’t enjoy a drink with friends as that usually makes the symptoms worse, can’t have a morning coffee for same reasons, always have to watch what I drink and eat, sexual relation ship with husband is difficult because of the pain and in general just living with the pain is very difficult.
    Thanks, Diane

    • Hi Diane. Thanks for writing in. It is so helpful to know we are not alone in this. I would suggest limiting the baking soda (1/4 teaspoon in a half-glass of water) to 3 times per day for 2 or 3 days at most. Once you start taking the mineral supplements they should take effect within a couple hours, so the baking soda will just help until you get the minerals. Please let us know if this helps or not, either way is good to know : )

    • Hi Diane,
      I am also in the UK and when I began reading your comment I thought I was reading about myself, well until the babies bit.
      My test always come back negative and even though I tell the Dr’s that the trimethoprin really seems to keep the symptoms manageable its a no way will we let you have any then if there is a slight infection it’s 3 days only.
      Since trying the vitamins and minerals suggested I have noticed a slight improvement. I also take high dose cranberry tablets and find a nice bath gives relief from the symptoms and this helps me to stay sane also a warm hot water bottle at night to lay n my tummy masks the feeling a bit. I expect you have done all this but hope you get some relief soon.

  108. Hi, Theresa. My doctor suspects that I am suffering from IC. I have constant burning in my urethra and no UTI. I have been dealing with constant pain since October 1st. I plan on purchasing the testing strips; however, do you think it would be okay to try the baking soda recipe before I get the ph tests rolling? I am so thankful to have came across your site!

    • Hi Jennifer;

      I would definitely try the baking soda! No need to wait. Try the mineral supplements too – they’re good for you anyway. See if it helps your pain. Then when you get the pH test paper you can verify if acid urine is the cause. Good luck and let me know how you make out : )

  109. Hi Kathy, I have been suffering with IC and EXTREME urethral syndrome for the past 20 years. I am now on heavy narcotics with little or no relief. Unlike many of you, I have the severe burning all the time, and if it does die down it starts again AFTER urination, and I’m in pain again. I actually feel like I need to sit on toilet and strain for hours for urine to come out, because it makes it feel better. Have you heard anything about this? Do you suggest I try the Ph level tests just for the heck of it? After this long, I am willing to try anything. Thanks

    • Danielle, I encourage you to get the pH test paper and try the mineral supplements. For quick relief you can take a quarter teaspoon of baking soda (Sodium bicarbonate…NOT baking powder) in a half-glass of water and drink it. You can also try Christine’s solution (read her letter on this page) by getting a prescription from your doctor for Nystatin. Good luck and let us know how you make out.

      Theresa : )

  110. Greetings all, I am a 65 year old woman who has been suffering with IC [note from Theresa, IC = interstitial cystitis] for 16 years with all my pain located in the urethra. The symptoms were frequent urination acut pain when passing urine or having a bowel movement. Pretty much a feeling of pain there all the time but peeing was like being sliced with razor blades . I had tried years of antibiotics to no avail.
    I recently read an article on an site called Bills Story [note from Theresa – this links to what appears to be a genuine personal account, no ads] in which he details how he inadvertently cured himself of IC using a course of Nystatin (for Systemic Candida) . A few months back my doctor suggested it could be IC and so I googled like crazy and found numerous support groups and from that started to change my diet ( which helped immensley) but was somewhat limiting and basically was just preventing aggravating the problem . I also tried pure aloe vera juice and that also seemed to help . I bought Prelief that did not help.
    After reading Bills story I printed it out and took to my doctor and she reluctantly gave me a script for 20 dayof Nystatin taking 1 x 3 times per day. 10 days later I felt it had totally gone.
    I have eaten a few tomatoes ( I thought I would test it out) which previously would have caused immense pain and had no reaction. Same with mayo, coffee and a few other previously foods not recommended by the IC diet. I probably should have waited longer (Bill suggests this) before adding foods previously known to cause a flare up but I was too excited at being pain free .
    I just wanted to share this as to me it is just miraculous and I am contemplating whether something that simple could have caused a condition that was so debilitating and had lasted for so long. In my case it was like I was peeing glass shards , I would need to pee at least 20 times a day or more. If I bent over it killed me I felt like something was sticking into my urethra. Sex was out of the question and relationship ended

    One thing I did notice historically was that I had had many time thrush infections especially after a course of antibiotics. Also Tinea (althletes foot) but never put two and two together. My feeling is although the condition can be managed with Aloe vera and diet it may be able to be cured , as in Bills case and in what now seems to be mine. I returned the doctor last week and ask for a script for a few months as Bill suggests just to be sure. She was amazed and now wants to conduct a study !! I wish everyone well in their quest to recover from this ghastly painful condition and will update my progress in a month or so .

    This article is also very illuminating By Doctor Mark Hyman where he has IC on the list of problems caused by yeast infections. I also read somewhere on this site a lady’s account of how she took a single Tablet for a thrush infection and was in remission for 8 months.…aking-you-ill/ [note from Theresa: this article links to a site with ads. You can by-pass the prompt to SIGN-UP and read the informational articles for free.]

    BTW it appears nystatin is the only drug that totally kills of the yeast in your intestine. Other stronger ones for yeast infections only work on the infections like thrush althletes foot etc but you need nystatin to destroy it in the bowel. (This I have found through researching on google) Diet of course is important but I had to bring in the big guns and am so glad I did. i will be just so happy if somehow my story helps others to overcome this wretched debilitating agonising condition . SOOOOOO happy to share.

    • Hi Christine. This is wonderful news! Thanks so much for writing such a detailed report. I will add this information to my main page so that others will find it more easily. If anyone tries Christine’s solution and wants to post their findings here, please do so.

      I am excited for you Christine!

      Theresa : )

  111. I may have a slight narrowing in the urethra due to damage from the urethritis, the urologist has mentioned dilation which I do not want. Did you have problems with spasms in the pelvic area? I thought maybe this could be the cause of the narrowing, and not an actual stricture…

    • I do remember having a shooting, stabbing type of pain when my pain levels got really severe. I’m not sure if that qualifies as a spasm. I did have the dilation done several times with no adverse side effects other than a temporary pain which lasted for about 2 hours after the procedure. If I had a narrowing of the urethra, I would do the dilation. I don’t know if acid urine is contributing to your symptoms, but I encourage you to test your urine with the pH test paper and see for yourself. It seems to me that any inflammation of the urethra would make it more sensitive and therefore acid urine would possibly trigger more pain. I hope this helps : )

  112. Hi Theresa,
    Can I take coffee if I have urethral syndrome, anything with caffeine? Your website is very useful, I will start my ph test!

    • Hi Maggie;
      Although coffee and caffeine are not acidifying according to the research I have studied, coffee is a diuretic. It reduces the water in your tissues and this can concentrate the urine which could make it more painful if the urine is currently acid. So I would not drink coffee if I were experiencing urethral pain. But if your urine is currently alkaline, it should not have any effect.

      Now that my symptoms are eliminated, I have no trouble drinking my morning cup of coffee. I choose to limit it to one coffee per day.

      I hope this helps 🙂


  113. Hi Theresa,

    I cannot thank you enough for putting together your web site, putting the information on there intelligently, and for sharing your own experience and research. For over a year, I had unexplained burning pain. Bladder? Urethra? It was never fully determined, but most recently my urologist’s theory was urethral syndrome with no causal explanation, and a plan to keep trying various drugs. I had two cystoscopes, an MRI, ultrasounds, urodynamic tests, drugs (prednisone, corticosteroid shots to the urethra, estrogen, painkillers, lidocaine, antibiotics) and nothing really helped. There was a lot of worry in my case, as I’d had a major surgery, post- babies, and there was some concern that this was a complication of the surgery. I was at my wit’s end always feeling varying degrees of this burning pain and worrying. Within a day of taking the calcium, magnesium, and potassium – I was symptom free! It feels so amazing to not have this unexplained health worry. It has been 2 months now. I feel so incredibly grateful that something so simple has solved this health issue. A lucky extra effect? The heartburn and acid reflux I experienced for years is also gone, now! I should note that I found your website through a comment you made on another site, so I’m grateful that you commented in other spots on the web.

    Anyway, I could write much more, but thank you so, so much!

    • Thanks for sharing your experience here Lynne. It helps others to know that this works! I am so happy for you : )

      A quick comment on acid reflux – I was having problems with burping and food taking a long time to digest. I stopped drinking liquids with my food and this fixed the problem. A naturopath told me that drinking water (or any liquid) with a meal, dilutes your stomach acid which makes the food take much longer to digest. As it sits there it forms gas which causes burping and puts pressure on the stomach which can contribute to acid reflux. Now I drink my water in-between meals.

  114. Would I need a cup for dipping the test tape in? That would be hard to do at work, so I’m wondering if dipping is necessary or just wetting mid-stream would work. Thanks so much for your experience and advice, I’m going to start testing and taking the supplements. The medical community has had nothing to offer thusfar.

  115. Hello,

    I am an urethral syndrome patient since january of this year and I’ve been suffering from painful urination and urethral pain all these months. I’ve tried to speak with a lot of urologists but they don’t have any idea. I arrived to your blog by chance and now I want to try your methods hoping to find a solution to my problem. I am now trying baking soda but I’m afraid that it might be dangerous. Also I’ve asked for ph testers but they don’t sell this kind of testers where I’m from, so I can’t know whether I have an acid urine or not. I’d like to have a further talk with you about your experiences with the urethral syndrome and the solutions that you have found.

    Thank you.

    • Hi Didac;

      I am sorry to hear you have urethral syndrome. It is quite likely that acid urine is the cause of your pain, but the only way to know for sure is to test your urine pH. If the test paper is not available to you locally, you can buy it online. I buy mine here:

      Note that I do NOT recommend their Acid-to-Alkaline supplement – I do not believe it can work based on their ingredient list. But their test paper works just fine.

      If you cannot make online purchases, I can send you some test paper. Just let me know.

      Taking the small amount of baking soda that I recommend on the website is not at all dangerous. Having acid urine is far more damaging to your body than a little baking soda which is a safe and widely used food product.

      I am happy to answer your questions, so feel free to contact me – my email address is given on the About Page 🙂


  116. I am an IC patient w/urethral pain. My urine is highly acidic. I would like to try the supplements that you recommend.
    My question is: Is there one supplement that contains all three minerals(Calcium carbonate,magnesium oxide and potassium bicarbonate/citrate? Or, do you take three individual supplements? Also, what brand supplements do you use?



    • Hi Kathy

      I do not have one supplement that combines all of the minerals. I take a separate potassium citrate supplement (99 mg x 3 with each meal). The calcium and magnesium come together in one tablet and I take one with each meal. The brand is not important. I suggest you buy whatever is available to you locally. Brands I have used include Jamieson, Now and Natural Factors.

      I prefer to take a little with each meal to keep the levels consistent throughout the day.

      Theresa : )

      • Hello Theresa,
        Thanks for your story, i have the same symptoms.
        I was wondering if you could answer a few questions, what was you ph test strips like was it too acidic or not enough? i am doing them right now i found some through a pharmacist.
        also what exactly is the amount you took for nystatin, the one pharmacist it is for children and very weak and the other said it was very strong, not sure what i read on line. also, i need to know exactly the brand names you take of potassium, magnesium and calcium, everything i have tried in the past makes it burn more in the urethra. so the pharmacist asked me to ask you exactly which brands, if they are more acidic or not to increase your ph or decrease it?
        please and thanks,

        • Hi Sara. When I had burning pain my urine pH was acidic – between 4 and 6.5 as measured by test paper. Detailed day-by-day measurements are given on this website on the research page: When my urine pH measured alkaline (7 or higher) I had no pain.

          My Nystatin prescription label read as follows: PMS-Nystatin oral, Nystatin 100000 U/ML PMS, take 1 teaspoon 3 times per day for 3 weeks.

          I take many brands of minerals..the brand does not matter if the mineral is the same. Currently I am taking:
          Potassium – Brand – Diem 99 mg (WN Pharmaceuticals Ltd)
          Calcium/magnesium – Brand – Jamieson 333mg calcium plus Magnesium 166 mg
          I have also taken in the past Now brand Magnesium malate 1000 mg and other brands.
          The only information you need regarding the type of mineral is given on the main page:
          “Each day I take a total of:
          * 1000 mg of calcium carbonate or calcium citrate
          * 500 mg of magnesium oxide or magnesium malate
          * 1000 mg of potassium bicarbonate or potassium citrate”

          Calcium, magnesium and potassium will always make your body and urine more alkaline, not more acid. If you still have burning pain after taking these minerals then either you did not take enough minerals for your level of acidity, or acid urine is not the cause of your pain. You can determine this by using your pH test paper.

          Good luck Sara : )

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