I was diagnosed by a urologist with urethral syndrome thirty-some years ago. Through my own research I have discovered the immediate cause of this pain within myself and how to relieve it.

Through continuous monitoring of my urine pH and pain levels over a two month period and regular monitoring for an additional year, I discovered that acidic urine (pH of 4 to 6) is associated with burning pain in the urethra (urethral syndrome or non-specific urethritis). Urine that is neutral (pH of 7) or alkaline (pH greater than 7) is not painful. It is easy to measure your own urine pH with the use of pH test paper.

*Note that it is possible to have acidic urine for a short period of time without experiencing pain. However, if the urine stays acid for any length of time, it becomes painful. As an experiment, we deliberately ‘crashed’ my husband’s urine pH through diet and maintained it at acidic levels. He does not have urethral syndrome. On the ninth day of the acid-forming diet, he experienced burning pain in the urethra.

I encourage anyone experiencing urethral pain with no infection, to measure their urine pH with test paper. For me the relationship is direct and consistent – I only have pain when my urine pH is 6.0 or lower. I NEVER have pain when my urine pH is above 6.5.

If you measure your urine pH every time you pee for a few days, you will know whether acid urine is the cause of your pain. If it is, then you can absolutely eliminate the pain by taking mineral supplements as given below.

UPDATE NOV 1, 2015: Christine, a long-time sufferer of IC/urethral syndrome, has posted a potential cure on the Comments page of this website. In brief, she used a drug called Nystatin which kills candida yeast in the intestines. This gave her complete relief. Read her comment HERE .

I tried Nystatin myself.  I took Nystatin oral, 100000 U/ML PMS – 1 teaspoon (5 ml) three times daily for 21 days. From that I got a 100% cure, with no side effects at all. Nystatin is also available in pill form but I do not know the dosage. I continued to have symptoms occasionally while taking the Nystatin, even after 2 weeks of taking it, so I thought it was not working, but I continued taking it until the end, and never had a symptom again. Even when my urine is acid, I have no pain.

Based on this experience, I believe it is likely that urethral syndrome is caused by a yeast or fungal infection in the urethra, and that acid urine causes pain to the inflamed tissue in the same way that putting lemon juice on cut or scraped skin causes pain.

Therefore I recommend the use of an anti-fungal drug, such as Nystatin, for an extended period of time to cure the underlying cause of burning pain in the urethra. The minerals and alkaline diet can be used to control the pain but it is not a cure.



Foods that are alkalinizing to the body (and urine) include most fruits and vegetables, especially potatoes (white and sweet), spinach, bananas, and raisins.


The acid-forming substances in food include all proteins and the minerals chloride and phosphorous. Acid-forming foods include meats, grains, beans and cheese due to their high protein content.


Some foods do not significantly impact the acid-alkaline balance in the body. Sugar and oils and fats are neutral and milk, ice cream, yogurt and table salt are very close to neutral.

I cannot control my symptoms through food alone – I tried. I must take mineral supplements. My diet is not overly strict and with a small effort I am pain-free. I eat potatoes instead of pasta or rice, take smaller portions of protein foods, and snack on raisins, fruit and raw carrots – otherwise I eat whatever I want.

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